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Professional Photography Essay Examples

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Kirstie Laird's Work Offers a Variety of Creative Ideas in Photography
Orange Girl I chose to critique and analyze the works of Kirstie Laird. I liked the variety of her works, and the bright, brilliant colors in most of them. I think the one that fascinated me most, however, was Marionette because it didnt have any of the orange colors or motifs prominent in her other works. This puzzled me...
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A History of the Photography
Photography is a technological invention that has become the most universal means of communication and artistic expression that the world has known. It overcomes the differences of language. It can be specific and realistic, where music and related media can only be abstracted or general. In the form of motion pictures it...
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Benefits of Outsoursing Photography
Pros, Cons, and Legal Issues Draft Ali Saab, Erin Taylor VCT/236 October 6, 2014 Ms. Duff Pros, Cons, and Legal Issues Draft Photography can be defined as the art of creating perpetual images typically with cameras. Photographers are creators or artists who venture into the world to capture high quality images as...
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Taking a Family Portrait Forms Stronger Bonds
Photographs do not simply serve as visual mementos of a family's past. Through its inherent conventions the camera and its by-products, the photographic image and the family album, help to construct and perpetuate the ideology of the family whilst simultaneously acting as an equalizing force in society. The function of the...
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An Analysis When Salaries Get to High to See in Professional Sports
When Salaries Get to High to See When people think of high salaries they turn to the world of professional sports, because that is where athletes are paid outrageous amounts to do the things they love. Although some would argue that the athletes deserve these wages, I fell that not all professional sports are paid adequate...
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An Analysis of Professional Athelte's Salaries and Are They Justified
Are professional athlete’s salaries well justified? Shoot a good game of hoops and grab a million bucks! Professional athletes play their favorite game and they are paid outrageous amounts of money. It seems almost unreal that people are paid anything at all to entertain the public by playing a game of golf or to running a...
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A Review of Photography: A Cultural History by Mary Warner Marien
Photography: A Cultural Historyby Mary Warner Marien, is a
informative overview of the growing medium of photography. She
examines main as well as unfamiliar figures over time, theories
which took place in the transition of its existence, as well as
prehistory of each movement in whichphotography had part on.
Through detail...
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An Epitome of Photography
Adam Elmakias is a music photographer based in San Diego. At the age of twenty-two he’s been shooting music photographs for seven years now. He travels the United States on Vans Warped Tour as well as touring with bands separately. His knack for photography was first discovered in high school yearbook class. Adam’s life i...
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Civil War Photography
When you think how common a photograph is today it is hard to even imagine a time when it would be rare, however, just such a unique time existed. Prior to photographs events would be shared through stories, drawings and paintings. The civil war will come to be one of the most major events remembered in photographs. These p...
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A History of Farm Security Administration and Magnum
The Farm Security Administration and Magnum are two most significant agencies in the development of documentary photography" In this essay I will discuss the importance of these two associations, I will try to cover the main reasons for their existence and try to understand what this existence has done for soc...
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