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Properties Of Gallium Essay Examples

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A Report on Gallium
Gallium was an element whose existence was predicted by Mendeleev in 1871. He predicted that the then unknown element gallium should resemble aluminum in its properties. He suggested that the name ekaaluminium. He predicted that the element would have an atomic mass of 68, its formula would be Ea2O3, the gravity would be 5....
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An Introduction to the Element Gallium
Gallium was an element whose existence was predicted by Mendeleev in 1871. He predicted that the then unknown element gallium should resemble aluminum in its properties. He suggested that the name ekaaluminium. He predicted that the element would have an atomic mass of 68, its formula would be Ea2O3, the gravity would be 5....
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A Description of Gallium in the Boron Group a Metal Discovered in 1875 by the French Chemist Paul-Emile Lecoq de Biosbaudran
GalliumGallium is in the boron group. It is a metal. It was discovered in 1875 by the French chemist, Paul - Emile Lecoq de Biosbaudran ( 1838 - 1912 ). He observed it while examining material separated fron zinc blende. He then isolated the metal in 1876 and examined it s properties. The newly found element s properties we...
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The Discovery of the Element Gallium
Gallium 1871 Dmitrii Ivanovich Mendelev predicts the existance and properties of the element after zinc in the periodic table. He Gives it the name "eka aluminium". 1875 Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran discovers gallium. Its properties closely match those predicted by Mendelev. Gallium, atomic number 31, is...
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Physical and Chemical Properties of Water
Water s presence in the Living World Water is essential in the living world, it is the main component in glacier, sea and present predominantly in living cells. Water is used for drinking, washing and irrigating crops and watering livestock. It also acts as a thermal regulator by smoothing out sudden and large temperature...
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The Unique Nature of Diamonds
The unique nature of diamond is heavily dependent upon its composition, crystal
structure, and mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic properties.1 Of those
dependencies, composition exacts the most influence over the characteristics.
Crystal structure is the repeating pattern of diamond's composition, and each
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The Struggles of Living in British Properties
Living in the British Properties is a pain! Is only one of three
reasons why I need a car. I need a car because I live at the top of the
British Properties, I'm getting a job, and I have friends in different
cities. Living in the British Properties is annoying when it comes to
transportation. My parents are hardly ever home...
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An Introduction to Carbon
CARBON Hi I am the element Carbon who has an atomic structure. I have 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. My atomic number is number 6 and my atomic mass is 12. I am in period two group three. My physical properties are I am a non-metal, the state of matter I am at room temperature is a solid. At real high like 900...
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A Look at the Qualitative and Quantitative Properties of Cars
The Qualitative and Quantitative Properties of Cars By: Jennifer, Mark and Jordan Development costs of a car can vary over a wide range, depending on many factors, such as cost of real estate. The approximate estimated cost of owning an average sized individual franchise is as follows: - Franchise Fee...
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Wood Structure and Properties
In this chapter, the wood behavior to the fluctuations of temperature
and relative humidity, as well as its structure and properties is
discussed in other to understand the behaviour of the intrinsic
materials that composes the Great Model. It is a common knowledge amongst professionals of conservation and
preservation t...
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Analysis of Castle Rackrent
Discuss the treatment of landlordism in two or more module texts. This essay will explain the treatment of landlordism in Maria
Edgeworth's novel's Castle Rackrent and also The Absentee. The essays
will look at how Maria Edgeworth depicts the landlords at the time of
the Rackrents and Colambres. It will also look at the ma...
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A History of Copper
Deuteronomy 8:9 ``a land wherein thou shall eat bread without
scarceness, thou shall not lack anything in it; a land whose stones are
iron, and out of whose hills thou mayest dig copper.'' This verse comes
from God when He reminds the Israelites of their wonderings in the
wilderness as a warning for them not to forget Him....
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Separation and Identification of Three Salts from a Crime Scene
Abstract: † Two samples from a crime scene in Santa Monica, the first containing two unknown salts, and the second containing the same two salts plus a third unknown salt were separated and analyzed using physical and chemical properties. The unknowns were found to be calcium carbonate, sodium iodide, and aluminum oxide;...
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An Experiment of the Properties of the Passive Elements and the Resonance
Objective The aim of the experiment is to understand the properties of the passive elements and the resonance. Apparatus 1. Unknown Box 2. Passive Elements: Resistors, Inductors and Capacitors 3. A.C. Power supply 4. Connecting Wires 5. Multimeter Introductory Theory Passive elements Passive elements are...
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An Essay on the Classification of Elements of the Periodic Table
Classification of Elements: The Periodic Table Arranging The Elements: The Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev uncovered evidence that consisted of a huge collection of facts about the 63 elements that had been discovered by the mid-1800's. His clues had to do with the physical and chemical properties of these elemen...
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An Experiment to Calculate the Coefficient of Linear Expression of a Metal
Introduction Most solid materials expand upon heating and contract when cooled because it undergoes a change in the energy state of its molecules or atoms. According to the atomic perspective, the average vibrational amplitude of an atom increases as the temperature rises. Each material has a property called coefficient of...
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The Application of Matrices in Today's Society
Matrices Used In Computer Graphics Every one of us uses matrices nearly everyday in our lives and probably unaware of it. Matrices are commonly used in computers for their 3D graphics. Most of the matrices that are used are either 3x3 or 4x4 matrices and are computed by either rotation matrices or translation matrices. The...
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Research About Properties of Same Sex Schools as Opposed to Co-Ed Schools
Same Sex Schools A young girl walks down the hall of her elementary school, smiling at all of the familiar faces. Her school is perfect, except for the fact that she is deprived the chance to smile at the face of one from the opposite sex. At the elementary and high school level, private single sex schools still exist. In...
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The Characteristics of Timber That Make It a Viable Building Material
Timber has been a building material since man first came out of his cave. The reasons for this are due to timber being a plentiful product and the properties it holds, being that timber is high in strength, light weight, and reasonably durable. Timber can be cut and shaped easily without the use of machines. Prehistoric man...
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An Analysis of Representative Gases and Their Properties
Representative Gases & Properties of Gases <i>1. State the five assumptions of the Kinetic-Molecular Theory of gases.</i> a) Gases consist of large numbers of tiny particles. These particles, usually molecules or atoms, typically occupy a volume about 1000 times larger than occupied by the same number of...
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What Is Language and How It Affects Our Everyday Lives
More than any other thing, the use of language sets humankind apart from the remainder of the animal kingdom. There is some debate as to where the actual boundary between language and communication should be drawn, however there seems to be no debate as to the nature of Language, which is to communicate, using abstract symb...
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The Unique Properties of Water Necessary for the Life to Exist on Earth
Water is the most familiar and abundant liquid on earth. In solid liquid form it covers about 70% of the earths surface. The unique properties of water make life possible on Earth. Water characteristics, such as adhesion and cohesion, surface tension, and high heat capacity affects the organism of the Earth. The hydrog...
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The Unique Properties of Water, the Most Important Substance in Our Evolution
Water is Essential for Life Water is the most important substance in our evolution and our daily lives. Without water, life as we know it would not have been possible. It's important to understand and examine the water molecule in order to ascertain how it brought about Earth's thriving ecosystem and how important it is fo...
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The Many Properties and Uses of the Inflammable Liquid, TCE
TCE is a nonflammable liquid it is colorless. It has a sweet odor and a sweet burning taste. TCE does not occur naturally in the environment. It is an artificial compound. It is produced synthetically from 1,2-dichloroethane. And stabilizers are added to the marketed product. It is used mainly as a solvent to remove gre...
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The Medicinal Properties of Marijuana
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