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Racing Essay Examples

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My Experience of the Wonderful World of Street/Drag Racing
Drag RacingSome people may think that staying up late at night and gambling on street races is a waste of time. Out of the people that think that, how many of them have actually witnessed a race? I can honestly say, even though I am a female, that watching races and participating in the whole drag racing scene is fun and ex...
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A Passion for Racing
I don't know what it is about racing, but I really enjoy going to the track. The combination of all the cars racing, the smell of the smoking tires in the burn out lane, and the adrenaline that flows through your body as the cars line up just does it for me. Watching the cars going down the quarter mile of black pavement...
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A personal Recount about Surviving a Racing Accident
Bright lights flash simultaneously across the big screen message board. The crowd goes wild and roars with excitement as the pit crew rush in towards the car to congratulate the winning driver. I remember sitting in front of the television set and watching the driver step out of the car and be boosted up on top of shoulders...
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Overview of Racing Industry
At 130 mph, even the slightest mistake ends in smoke, flames, and
twisted metal. It is already dangerous enough to travel at such speeds
but when you are sharing a half-mile track with 35 other drivers, there
is no room for error. The Grundy County Speedway attracts drivers and
fans alike from all over the Chicagoland area....
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Implementing Safety Measures in Indy Car Racing
    Due to the recent racing incident at Las Vegas Raceway involving 15 cars, and killing two-time Indianapolis 500 champion Dan Wheldon the future of Indy Car racing is being put under the microscope. After reviewing the incident, officials and drivers both see the dangers in racing. The future of racing depends on how soo...
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A Paper on Street Racing in the United States
CHARGER WARS The street-racing scene in the United States has grown to an all-time high and is still growing towards an unknown paramount. Car enthusiasts put in vast amounts of time, labor, and money to modify their cars. Their goal is to dominate the streets by having the fastest and most powerful car, so they can have t...
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How to Design a Fast and Efficient Car?
The average driver doesnt think about what keeps their car moving or what keeps them on the road, but thats because they dont have to. The average driver doesnt have to worry about having enough downforce to keep them on the road or if they will reach the adhesive limit of their cars tires around a turn. These are the thing...
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Automobile Racing
Racing, Feeling Life In The Fast Lane Automobile Racing is considered a sport, but to me, it has ten times more excitement, unpredictability, and amazement than any activity that I have participated in.This passion originates when drivers race specially designed automobiles over tracks or courses of differing lengths, d...
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An Analysis of Southeast Reacing Parts Company
1.0 Executive Summary Southeast Racing Parts (SRP) is a small, North Carolina-based automobile racing parts brick and mortar and mail order organization. SRP will remain small in order to offer unprecedented customer attention. Southeast Racing Parts will become the premier destination for entry level and novice racing p...
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Richard Sklar Admitted to Fixing More Than a Thousand Horse Races
As most people know, horse racing is a contest of speed between two or more horses. Usually thoroughbred. To most people it would seem that horse-racing was the purest sport imaginable. With tracks monitored by overlapping cameras and gates controlled by computers, it seems like the honest man's game. Horse-racing is a 15...
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Off-Road Racing - an Exciting, but Risky Sport
Mud, Rain, Dirt, Cliffs, Hills and Rocks are just a few of the obstacles off-road racers face. There are many different types of tracks and this is what makes off-road racing such an exciting sport. According to McMenamin, one of the best off-road destinations in the U.S. is Death Valley National Park. He also states that o...
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A Description of the Death Returns To Formula One Racing
Death Returns to Formula One Racing My first hint that something was wrong came Sunday afternoon when I logged on to the BBS (bulletin board service, a central computer acting as a host for other users to exchange messages) for auto racing. Someone posted a short but gripping note, "I think I just witnessed the death...
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A History of NASCAR
The NASCAR name is permanently implanted in the sands of Daytona Beach Florida. About 50 year's ago the racing world was in its infancy. The Big War was over and thousands of men returning to the U.S. from the battlegrounds of the world were eager to begin life anew. They wanted a bigger, better, faster and more exciting wo...
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A Race to the End
Racing for the Finish And we're celebrate another year of academic achievement and community involvement at the 78[th] Annual Beta Club Convention. This year, the National Beta Club will be held in Greensboro, North Caroline; home of the North Carolina Drag Racing Hall of Fame. Many of you may not see the enorm...
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A History of Car Racing in the World
International competitiveness, testing the capabilities of specially designed automobiles and the skill of their drivers, over tracks and courses of differing lengths and construction, this is automobile racing. The first car race considered is the one held in France in July 1894, in which the winner averaged 24 kilomete...
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The Fight Against Animal Cruelty and the Killing of Greyhounds
ATTENTION GETTER: Fifty Thousand Greyhounds are put to death every year in this country for failing to profit from the sport built upon their talents. That is fifty thousand dogs dead each and every year, and that figure is on the rise. You may be thinking to yourself how is this possible or even legal in the United States....
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An Overview of the Formula One Racing or F1
Formula One Racing Formula One racing, or F1, is known to be the most prestigious type of auto racing in the world. Unfortunately, in the United States F1 racing is not nearly as popular as other motorsports such as Nascar. On a typical Sunday afternoon if one were to flip channels on the television, Nascar would...
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Stock Car Racing: Rules for Safety
Before a driver is able to go out and race at a particular track, he must follow a certain set of rules that the track displays to each driver for his safety and the safety of others. Firstly, each driver is required to have a safety helmet, Snell 85 minimum, on at all times when on the track. Also drivers must have a d...
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The Growing Cultural Tradition of Camel Racing in the Gulf Arab Societies
This paper offers a description of camel racing as a growing traditional cultural heritage sport in Gulf Arab societies. An integrated approach is used in describing and analyzing the multiple aspects and functions of the races as an evolving cultural revival within the broad contexts of oil wealth, the building of modern n...
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An Introduction to the History of Formula 1
Formula 1 Racing General Information Racing Strategies Chassis Aerodynamics Construction Brakes Wheels and Tires Safety Safety Features of the Car Safety Devices of the Drivers Powertrain Engine Technology Materials Transmission: Technology Cockpit Instruments Switches: Displays and lights: Steering wheel and pedals: Co...
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Sailboat Racing Offers Unmatched Competitive Challenge
I was recently reading an article in a sailing magazine that had asked its readers to write in with the number one reason they go sailboat racing. The results, supplied by a few hundred people, were not surprising to me. The overwhelming reason people named was the stimulating mental challenge racing provides. Other reasons...
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Adrenaline Rush Fixed by a Round of Racing Cars
Igor Galibov Comp#110 6/13/00 Analogy Have you ever wondered what could be as satisfying and pleasuring as an excellent night of passionate and unforgettable sex? Did you ever think that drag racing could be just as pleasing and gratifying as sex? While the two may seem worlds apart in their maneuvers, sex and drag raci...
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An Overview of the International Competitiveness and the Automobile Racing
International competitiveness, testing the capabilities of specially designed automobiles and the skill of their drivers, over tracks and courses of differing lengths and construction, this is automobile racing. The first car race considered is the one held in France in July 1894, in which the winner averaged 24 kilomete...
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An Overview of Formula 1 Air Racing
An Overview of Formula 1 Air Racing Formula 1 air racing is what I think the most exciting form of air racing . Formerly called midgets the Formula 1 aircraft of today weigh about five-hundred pounds have a Continental O-200 engine. They usually reach speeds of 250 knots. Before I get into the high tech machines of today...
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The Tragedy That Befell the Jerks Racing Team on November 14, 1999
The Jerks from NK November 14, 1999: What must have been the worst day in racing history, an entire cross country team was lost and found dead 21 miles off course by the Pacific Ocean. Here is the story of what was once thought to have been the best X-Country team ever. NK Runner: (Heading to police car) "I swear I d...
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