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Real Time Strategy Essay Examples

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The Application of Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Strategy Games
APPLICATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN RTS GAMES ABSTRACT Artificial intelligence (AI) is mostly used in games to get an opponent capable of acting and reacting to the flow of the game in an intelligent fashion. Real-time Strategy (RTS), a sub- genre of strategy games, is a genre where a player defeats the oppo...
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An Introduction to the Essay on the Topic of Real Estate Purchase
Real Estate Purchase     Like so many things in life, when it comes to buying Real Estate, proper
preparation is one of the keys to success. Don't want to find yourself in a
neighborhood you don't like? Don't want to be making mortgage payments on a
house in which you are uncomfortable? Don't want to waste your time fallin...
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The Creation and History of the Real Networks
Real Networks When was the last time you listened to an audio sample of your favorite music artist on your personal computer? If you answered any date at all you have Real Networks to thank. Real Networks was created by Rob Glaser in 1994 as Progressive Networks and was based out of Seattle. Since the introduction of Real...
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The Importance of Convenience in Real Estate
Convenient. It’s the word that consumers want to come before anything they do. Make it easy. Make it simple. This comes into play more so than ever when the consumer is buying a house. Real Estate companies are beginning to offer their customers convenience. Buying a house can be considered one of the most time consuming a...
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Causes and Consequences of the 'Southern Strategy'
The causes and consequences of the "Southern Strategy" as it relates to African-Americans and the American political system. Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" (or as the Nixon administration would call it "positive polarization") of the 1960s was a political platform that provided the fina...
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A Review of Shogun, a Video Game
Shogun can actually be played in several modes. The campaign game is the most involved and probably the most appealing, although there are also historical battle scenarios such as Nagashima and 4th Kawanakajima. There is also a "custom battle" game (available in multiplayer as well) in which forces can be selected from a po...
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The Great Mystery that is Time
Whatever else may be said about time, one thing is known for certain. Time goes beyond mere definition. Time is a matter that consists all around us and is great importance in the world, however it cannot be expressed in terms of other such things. The New Edition of The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary tells us that ti...
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Leisure Time in the US Twenty Years Ago and Today
Today, leisure time in our society is much different from the way it was twenty years ago. For many of Americans, leisure time doesnt exist at all. Magazine ads and TV commercials show how technology has affected the way people spend their past time. People are running either errands leaving no time at all to relax, or they...
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Time Management Techniques and Their Benefits
Abstract There are innumerable things that can complicate the time that people have. Family, work, and school are the leading bandits. By using a few easy steps, overcoming the roadblocks will seem effortless and it will be very beneficial in your life. Time Management Techniques Time management techniques are esse...
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The Value of Time in Our Lives
Why Can't We Buy Time? Time is passing. The Earth keeps on revolving until you will realized why is it a day passed so fast. Why we can't hold it on? Why there is only 24 hours in a day? Could we extend our time? I have many bestfriends and one of them is Czarina. She told me about what she asked to her father that...
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