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Robert Obrien Essay Examples

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The Theme of Isolation and the Struggle to Survive in After Effects of a Nuclear War in Z for Zachariah by Robert O'Brien
"Z for Zachariah" " Z for Zachariah" is the title of the science fiction novel that I have been studying. It was written by Robert O' Brien which was first published in 1973 and was written during the "Cold War", wrote it. The plot of the novel is basically about isolation and the struggle t...
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Extreme Characters of Z for Zachariah, an SF Novel by Robert O'Brienhas
Science fiction stories frequently have some kind of disaster andthen the reaction of human kind to that disaster. Robert O'Brienhas created two extreme characters: Ann Burden, a nurturing,kind and loving girl; and Mr Loomis a cold, distant and bitter man. The author has very cleverly made the names of the characters corres...
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Comparison between the Novels The Third Policeman by Tim O'Brien and On the Road by Jack Kerouac
The texts in question are in a way very alike; they are both extracts from fictional novels and they were both written in the mid-twentieth century. Text B is an extract from Flann O'Brien's novel "The Third Policeman", and it deals with an old country road and ponders the role of different kinds of roads and wher...
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Possessions of Characters in Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried
'The Things They Carried,' by Tim O'Brien, contains many references to 'possessions of character.' Many things Lt. Cross carries were carried by all, including: military equipment, stationery, photographs, diseases, food, the land of Vietnam itself, their lives, and even more. O'Brien highlights these along with special th...
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An Analysis of "Lake of the Woods" by Tim O'Brien
Ambiguity in In the Lake of the Woods We all perform vanishing tricks, effacing history, locking up our lives and slipping day by day into the shadows (301). Reality is relative to the observer; beings so, history is what one makes it. The main character in In the Lake of the Woods is a man named John Wade; the reader...
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An Analysis of Tim O'Brien's Novels
Tim O'Brien is a highly acclaimed Vietnam War novelist. His depictions of the war are both gruesome and disturbing. O'Brien achieves such reality in his books by drawing material for his novels from his own experience. He uses imagination and fiction to find meaning in those experiences. The passions and ideas in his novels...
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A Comparison of Tim O'Brian's Memoir If I Die in a Combat Zone and Francis Ford Coppola's Movie Apocalypse Now
Tim O'Brien's memoir, "If I Die in a Combat Zone", is an example of literary art depicting war. O'Brien's reluctance to fight in the war makes this a different kind of war art. The movie "Apocalypse Now", directed by Francis Ford Coppola, also depicts war in an extraordinary way. They are very much alike...
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An Analysis of Lies in the Things They Carried by Tim OBrien
Why Tim OBrien Lies All of us are guilty of lying at one time or another. Whether it was a little white lie like whether the toothfairy is real or not, or if it was something significant, such as if you committed a serious crime, we have all done it. Lying is definitely a part of society, and no one really likes it or a...
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The Dark and Jarring Experience of the Vietnam War Brought Tim O'Brien's Writing Prowess
Tim OBrien, a contemporary American novelist and short story writer of immense, imaginative power, freely admits that the Vietnam War was the dark, jarring experience that made him a writer. OBrien served in Vietnam with the Fifth Battalion, Forty-six infantry from January 1969 to March 1970. He patrolled some of the most a...
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A Comparison of the Green Berets by Robin Moores and If I Die in a Combat Zone by Tim O'brien
Indian Country Revisited When I was younger, I asked my teacher, all the time in fact, why do we have to learn this. Her response was always, youll need it when you grow up. Math, science, and English, I understood, but history was different. She said that we must learn our history so as not to repeat the errors of the...
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