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Rosaura Essay Examples

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An Analysis of the Stolen Party by Liliana Heker
Stolen Party The short story The Stolen Party, written by Liliana Heker, was a story about class differences between people viewed through the eyes of a young girl. The basic plot of the story is about a the maids daughter, Rosaura, who goes to a party were she is used as a servant rather than just being a friend of...
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An Overview of the Characters in the Short Story The Stolen Party by Liliana Heker
The characters in the short story, The Stolen Party demonstrate striking differences in their values and beliefs. Each character displays unique traits. It is these unique traits, which illustrate different aspects of society. Each character then, represents a portion of the values and beliefs of today s society. Rosaura...
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The Life of Rosaura in The Stolen Party by Lilian Heker
Lilian Heker s The Stolen Party is about a nine-year-old girl named Rosaura who goes to a rich girl s party. This takes place at a rich girl s house where her mother works as a maid. Rosaura thinks she is Luciana s friend but at the end finds out that they could never be friends because of social class difference. The monke...
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