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Soda Essay Examples

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An Argument in Favor of Taxing Soda in the United States
Should Soda Be Taxed? Many people believe that one of the causes of obesity in United States is due to the fact that many people drink soda, and eat junk food. Even though this is not the main cause, soda and junk food is one of the causes and because of that soda should be tax to help decrease obesity. Obesity is a pro...
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Taxing Soda Will Affect Employment Rate and Overhead Cost for Companies
Throughout the nation taxing soda is becoming an idea that the cities have been considering. The first city to actually go through with the idea of taxing soda is Berkley in California. Many cities may believe that they are initiating a tax for soda for a good cause but it is still not right. Although this idea of taxing so...
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The Horrible Effects of Drinking Soda
Sam Ohlund 2/27/13 5[th] hour Soda - Great Taste, Horrible Effects There are many issues facing America today; smoking, debt, unemployment, guns, alcohol consumption, obesity, etc. There are multiple reasons that contribute to America's obesity problem. Even though people should be free to make their own choices,...
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An Introduction to the Reasons for Banning Soda in the United States
Soda Ban: Is it Ethical? A child is supposed to be doing his homework but is playing one of his many videogames. The mother decides to take away one of his games to get him to do his work. Naturally, the child pops in another game and continues playing. Obviously, this strategy of taking away only one part of the problem...
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An Examination of Regular and Diet Soda
Which is Better for you? Regular or Diet Soda? (Final Draft) This question has been around for several years, which is better for you? Regular or diet Soda?? Some people might ask what’s the difference? Diet soda is made with artificial sweeteners which have aspartame in it. What is aspartame? Aspartame is a syntheti...
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Soda Pull Tab
“PFFFFT! POP! TIK TIK TIK HAAA!” Who do you know that hasn't
opened a soda can? Most of today's population can identify the
sound heard from opening a can. However, only a narrow fraction
of those people probably know the history behind the tab that
creates the sound. I didn't know. My roommates didn't know.
Your pitbull, B...
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Why America Should Ban Soda
Dear Mrs. Obama, As a concerned citizen I believe that this great nation needs to utilize a concept like Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban. Bloomberg’s ban, bans movie theaters, restaurants, mobile food carts, and sports arenas from selling regular soda in cups over sixteen ounces. Bloomberg’s ban fails to impact fruit juices, m...
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The Music Career of Duke Ellington
One of Dukes earliest compositions was the Soda Fountain Rag, which he played so many different ways, it was thought that it was several compositions (Gammond, 69). In retrospect, Duke Ellingtons formal music career could be split up into three distinct,masterful periods, when the fruition of his work was most evident. The...
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A Comparison of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Foreign Marketing
Coca-Cola, which sold 10 billion cases of soft-drinks in 1992, and Pepsi now find themselves asking, "Where will sales of the next 10 billion cases come from?" The answer lies overseas, where income levels and appetites for Western products are at an all time high. Often, the company that gets into a foreign ma...
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A Study of Baking Powder and How It Works
Baking powder is a fine white powder used for making cakes, biscuits, and it is also used in toothpaste (World Book, 1968). Baking powder is normally made up of three different parts: an acid, a base and a filler of some sort. The uses of baking powder are numerous. The key to baking powder is its release of carbon dioxide...
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