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Staffordshire Terriers Essay Examples

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Summary on Pit Bulls
A international current event that concerns me is the myths about Pit
Bulls. Pit Bulls, a term often used to group different breeds (i.e.
American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT), American Staffordshire Terrier, and
Staffordshire Bull Terrier), is a breed that was rated as a number one
family dog in the beginning of the 20th centu...
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An Argument Against the Reputation of Aggressive Behavior of the American Staffordshire Terriers (Pit Bulls)
Their Rep is the 'PITS': But controversial breed makes great family pet The American Staffordshire Terrier (also known as Pit Bull) is believed to be a man-eating beast. But is this breed all it's made out to be? The Pit Bull started in the Unites States; it has been developed since the early 1800's as a result of cross...
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An Introduction to the Raku Ware and Staffordshire Pottery
Raku Ware and Staffordshire Pottery Essay submitted by Donovan Glass Raku Ware was originally from Japan in the town of Kyoto and was named after the Raku family during the 16th Century. At this time, the Emperor Hideyoshi had conquered Korea and the native potters immigrated to Japan bringing with them p...
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