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Stanford University Essay Examples

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The Ethics of the Stanford Prison Experiment
Discuss the ethics of the Stanford Prison Experiment. In your answer, be sure to touch on the parts of the experiment that may be considered unethical, why the study was conducted the way it was and what was done to protect the subjects, and whether you feel that under the current ethical guidelines this study could be cond...
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An Analysis of the Stanford Prison Experiment
It seems almost surreal that a six-day experiment that took place more than forty years ago at Stanford University still frightens people’s minds and provokes much controversy. It is true though; the experiment that was designed to investigate possible causes of conflict between the guards and the prisoners turned into a ni...
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The Difficult Choice Between a Public University Like Dominguez Hills and a Private University Like Stanford
Regretting the school you choose to attend to after High School can be a terrible encounter. Deciding whether you want to attend a university just like Dominguez Hills or a private university such as Stanford can sometimes turn into a problematic situation. Some students do not feel as comfortable paying more money when the...
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An Overview of the Concept of Stanford College Possibilities for the Future Student
Essay for Stanford     As the beast ran rampant through the streets, I couldn't help but wonder if my work had been for naught. Trying to salvage any remains, I chased my dog from the room and stared at the havoc left in his wake. The city lay in ruins; the buildings were razed. The prospect of beginning from scratch was p...
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Harvard Research on Increasing Life Longevity
How can we live longer? According to some professors from Stanford University, changes in your physical activity and other lifeway patterns can increase your longevity. By collecting data from physical examination records based on Harvard alumni, these professors were able to research if certain habits or characteristics du...
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My Parents Unwanted Inclination to Stanford University
The author began by discussing the relationship between her and her parents and their attitudes toward her attending Stanford University. As she made the transition from high school to college, Hooks parental support was present but minimal: a fact made clear when Hooks stated, It is difficult for me to talk about my parent...
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An Analysis of the Sun Microsystem Company
With an employee workforce of four, Sun Microsystems was incorporated in 1982 by Andreas Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosla, Bill Joy, and Scott McNealy. Originally began for Stanford University Network, Sun Microsystems has been a global leader in innovating products, services and support solutions for constructing and maintaining...
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A Study on Exploitation of College Athletes
Exploitation of College Athletes John Paye was a star quarterback at Stanford University in the 1980s. In his senior season at Stanford, the football team had a record of eight wins and three losses. The year after Paye graduated, the Cardinal s record fell to four wins and seven losses. Economist Roger Noll of Stanford Un...
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A Paper on Reactions on Kent University Shootings
Reactions of the May 4,1970! For my research paper I have decided to examine the reactions of the people towards the Kent State University shootings, the university shut down, and mostly the reactions to the Federal Grand Jury. I choose my topic because there were a lot of unanswered questions for me regarding the reactio...
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A Letter of Application for UNIVERSITYX
Your reasons and objectives of attending UNIVERSITYX? My objective in attending UNIVERSITYX is to pursue an education in computer science that will allow me to build a career based on technical innovation and bringing positive change to my community and my profession. I am particularly interested in exploring how technol...
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A Student Essay for Application to the Rowan University
January 2, 2001 Rowan University Office of Admissions 201 Mullica Hill Road Glassboro, NJ 08028-1701 Dear Admissions Committee: My Name is :o), and I am writing to introduce myself as a potential student for your University. I am very excited about embarking upon this new aspect of my life, but like most other y...
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A Personal Plan of Attending Columbia University
At Columbia I am hoping to learn the necessary skills to become an advertising designer. I want to know what the advertising industry is looking for in a designer, so that I can get a good job after college. I have always been interested in photography, and I want to try and incorporate some photography skills into my care...
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An Analysis of the Origins, Relations with Town and Authority, Students and Curriculum of the University of Oxford
The University Of Oxford
The University of Oxford
The University of Oxford in Oxford, England is a very old and distinguished institution. Oxford University has been in existence for around nine centuries (Brief 1). It is the oldest English speaking university in the world (History 1). There is no exact date when the Univer...
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A Look at the Procedures For Transferring to a University in United States
Procedures for Transferring to a University in the United States There are several steps that a prospective international student should follow in order to transfer to study at a university in the United States. These steps that are outlined below will normally take about one year to complete, particularly if application...
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The Views of Behaviorists and Psychoanalysts on Conscious Behaviors and Observable, Overt Behaviors
Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and its functions. During the twentieth century, the main question was whether psychology should base its research and practice on conscious experience, or should it only study observable, overt behavior? Behaviorism studied behavior directly. Behaviorists used non-human animal...
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Statement of Purpose of a Chinese Student for Stanford MBA
Essay 2: What do you want to do—REALLY—and why Stanford? (450 words) China is facing an unprecedented challenge as its people struggle with a myriad of social problems arising from the incredible economic growth in the past decade. I aspire to meet the challenge and effect positive social changes by leveraging my bi-cultu...
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Gasoline Then and Now: Stanford Oil
During the early days of Stanford Oil (1910), gasoline did not have much of a demand. It was a cheap product that was used as a remedy for those who had lice, and used as a solvent for removing stains of clothes. As a result, gas was relatively inexpensive (price inelastic) and many of the oil companies would disperse them...
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Was the Stanford Prison Experiment Ethical?
Abstract This paper is about the Stanford prison experiment. If it was ethical or not considering the things that were done to these male college students? This paper focuses on background information on the Stanford Prison experiment. It also covers my options on if it was ethical and it was compared to the Stanley Mai...
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Relating Obedience to Authority in The Lottery and The Stanford Prison Experiment
To what degree does maintaining obedience to authority lead to aggressive or violent behavior? After reading The Lottery and The Stanford Prison Experiment, I believe that I can answer this question, as both passages helped me develop analogies on this subject by comparing their concepts with real life situations. While the...
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An Analysis of Personal Admissions Essay for Stanford
My Admissions Essay for Stanford Essay for Stanford As the beast ran rampant through the streets, I couldn't help but wonder if my work had been for naught. Trying to salvage any remains, I chased my dog from the room and stared at the havoc left in his wake. The city lay in ruins; the buildings wer...
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An Introduction to the Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo Philip
It is surprising that average people quickly change their behavior to fit the social role of either prisoner. The slide shows of the Stanford Prison Experiment by Zimbardo Philip highlight how good people suddenly change to bad people depending on the context. Sound and upright people surprisingly took their roles seriously...
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An Introduction to the History of Palo Alto Police in 1971
In some circles, the events surrounding the Stanford prison experiment were a reflection of heroism while in others the issues of ethics were cited as a pointer to the unacceptable nature of the participating subjects. Specifically, Maslach was seen as a hero for stopping the experiments (Haney, Banks & Zimbardo, 1973)....
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An Examination of the Stanford Prison Experiment
Stanford Prison Experiment
Summary and Critique of The Stanford Prison Experiment
The Stanford Prison Experiment of 1973 raises troubling questions about the ability of individuals to exist repressive or obedient roles, if the social setting requires these roles. Philip K. Zimbardo, professor of Psychology at Stanford Unive...
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A Biography of Stanford White, Shakespeare's Scholar Born in New York City
Stanford White     Stanford White, the son of Richard Grant White a noted writer, editor, music critic, and Shakespearean scholar, was born in New York City on November 9, 1853. As a boy, he showed a talent and interest in drawing and the arts, which was greatly encouraged by his family. Although he had no formal training...
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A Comparison of the Emotional Quotient and the Intelligence Quotient for Measuring Human Intelligence
EQ Versus IQ You are four years old and are seated by yourself at the kitchen table. Your mom places one piece of your favorite candy in front of you. She explains that you can eat it right now, but if you wait while she leaves the room to do a quick chore, you can have two pieces of candy when she returns. She leaves the...
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