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Subject Of A Poem Essay Examples

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How Poetry Constructs a Picture of Great Detail in Your Mind
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a poem is worth ten-thousand. Poetry constructs an image and illustrates underlying ideas that the writer wants to convey. A poem has many aspects that make it what it is, the subject - or what the poem talks about on the surface, the theme - the underlying message expressed, and the...
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Understanding Trainspotting
Trainspotting is a drop-dead look at a dead-end lifestyle. Set among the junkies
and thugs of Edinburgh's slums and made by (director Danny Boyle, writer John
Hodge, producer Andrew Macdonald) that created "Shallow Grave," "Trainspotting"
caused a sensation in Britain, where it took in more...
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The Use of Metaphor in the Poem Beowulf
The epic poem Beowulf, written in Old English by Christian monks around 750 AD, is a wonderful adventure story about a warrior who kills ferocious monsters. The use of description and imagery enlivens the story, making it possible for a reader to really see in his or her mind the characters and events. Metaphors, exagge...
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An Analysis of the Poem in the Form of Villanelle About the Universal Subject of Death
This poem, in the form of a villanelle, is about the universal subject of death. As line sixteen suggests, the speaker is not only talking about death to us, but to his father as well: “And you, my father, there on the sad height,” (l. 16) The speaker does not want his father to accept death passively. He wishes his fath...
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Poems about Fathers: Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night and Elegy for My Father, Who is Not Dead
Poems about Fathers: “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” and, “Elegy for My Father, Who is Not Dead” In both Thomas’ “Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night” and Hudgins’ “Elegy for My Father, Who is Not Dead”, the speakers are the children. Both speakers are dealing with their fathers preparing for death and the speak...
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Satan's Personality in Frederick Turner's Poem A Riddle
Frederick Turner's poem A Riddle depicts the superiority of how Satan's
personality truly is. As the poem progresses, it gives clear example as
to how Satan has already taken over, and has corrupted the world that
the human race lives in today. Near the middle of the poem in line six
it says, ``makes monsters of the human f...
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Comparing and Contrasting Van Gogh's Painting and Gerald Locklin's Poem
The artwork I will be discussing in my Paper is Vincent Van Gogh’s, Mulberry Tree the reason is because once I saw this masterful painting it made me think of a poem I once read, the Mulberry tree poem by Gerald Locklin. I will be comparing these two because they have so many striking similarities between them, that when yo...
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A Review of the Poem the Odyssey
Is the Odyssey a heroic or post-heroic poem? Does it celebrate the virtues of the warriors who conquered Troy, or does it raise the question of the adequacy to address the challenges of the postwar world? During the Trojan War in ancient Greece, heroic poetry depicted someone who valued honor and glory above that of his ow...
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An Analysis of The Song of Roland, a Heroic Poem
THE SONG OF ROLAND: SOME THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW Charles the Great invaded Spain in the year 778. He had been invited in by the governor of the strategic city of Zaragoza, who had promised to turn the city over to him. He entered through a pass in the western Pyrenees Mountains and marched through the lands of the Basq...
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An Analysis of An Excerpt of a Poem About John and Robert Wideman
Hai Pham 6/16/99 Criminology One child grows up to be somebody who just loves to learn. And the other child grows up to be somebody who just loves to burn (198) An excerpt of this poem paints a picture of two bro...
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An Analysis of the Poem of Seduction "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell
Coy Seduction. To His Coy Mistress is a poem of seduction written by Andrew Marvell in 1641. A more fitting title may have been To Coy His Mistress. The language used needs a bit of deciphering in this day and age, but the meaning is well focused. Marvell uses the concerns of time constantly to try and create a convinc...
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The Portrayal of Evil and Good in Beowulf, an Epic Poem
Although Grendel and Beowulf are used in Beowulf as symbolic opposition who represent good and evil, in reality, they contain similar ties leading the reader to question the storys black and white portrayal of good and evil. Its not a matter of being good or evil, in reality, it comes down to how you are viewed by ignorant...
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An Analysis of a Poem
The narrator of this poem, which is written in two quatrains, describes a corner of the farmyard in which tall nettles cover old farm implements and suggests that he likes it because it is a reminder of mutability (liability to change) and the transience of life. The first stanza tells us that the nettles tower over the...
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An Analysis of the Role of Geraldine in Coleridges Christabel
A Defense of Geraldine The role of Geraldine, in Coleridges Christabel, is often viewed as the wicked seductress who corrupts and shatters the life of a young innocent maiden. However, after close examination of the poem, we cannot regard this to be her sole purpose. The role of Geraldine is quite complex and can be bett...
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An Analysis of the Epic Poem Beowulf
The Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf is the most important work of Old English literature, and is well deserved of the distinction. The epic tells the story of a hero, a Scandinavian prince named Beowulf, who rids the Danes of the monster Grendel, a descendent of Cain, and of his exploits fighting Grendel's mother and a Dragon....
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The Story of a Woman's Loss of Identity in the Poem "Marge Piercy"
In this poem Marge Piercys speaker evokes a concrete vision of a woman who has lost her personal identity to her job. Her bold and descriptive use of metaphors allow the reader to envision a woman who is living her life vicariously through her career. Ms. Piercy successfully uses paradox, personification, and the pun to bri...
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The Traits of the Hero Beowulf
Different cultures around the world admire and appreciate certain traits or characteristics of a person to make them ideal. In the story of Beowulf, which narrates the heroics of a Scandinavian warrior, we grasp some traits that where appreciated by the Scandinavian culture. As a youth, he achieved his popularity in foreign...
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The Role of Government and the Political Ethics in the Poem Beowulf
In his 1970 monograph, On the medieval Origins of the Modern State, Joseph Strayer remarked, In an age of violence most men sought, above everything else, peace and security. There were pressures at all levels to strengthen weak governments so hat they could perform their minimum duties of defense against internal and exter...
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Analysis of the Poem Eldorado by Edgar Allan Poe
In the poem Eldorado, the poet conveys the romantic attitude of following ones passions to the very end, even throughout all circumstances. From a realists point of view, when times become challenging or success is unlikely, it is wiser to give up and stop wasting time. A romantic, however, views the pursuit of passions and...
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An Interpretation of Ethics by Linda Pastans
Ethics In Linda Pastans poem "Ethics," the speaker recounts a moral dilemma that her teacher would ask every fall, which has been haunting her for a long time. The question was "if there were a fire in a museum / which would you save, a Rembrandt painting / or an old woman who hadnt many / years left anyhow?...
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An Analysis of Dudley Randall's Poem Ballad of Birmingham
Explication: Ballad of Birmingham In the poem Ballad of Birmingham, by Dudley Randall, many different things can be analyzed. The difference in the two translations; one being a literal translation, telling the true meaning of the poem, and the other being a thematic translation, which tells the authors theme and symbolis...
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Hidden Meanings in the Poem Times Music
For my second essay I chose, Times Music. The poem to me gives strong positive feelings. It gives a strong sense of fall. That time passes; even the smallest living parts sense the time. As in line, The click of little time pieces. Also, Insects in August field seem to register the background noise of space and amplify the...
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A Comparison of Daddy and Happy Father's Day by Patrick Middleton and Sylvia Plath's Daddy
Although these three poems are written by two very different authors, they both share a similarity in one aspect: they both confess to how the speakers truly look at their fathers. The first and second poems, "Daddy" and "Happy Father's Day," by Patrick Middleton, confess to feelings of regret, self-hatr...
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An Analysis of the Epic of Gilgamesh, a Sumerian Epic Poem
Gilgamesh wept over the death of his friend Enkidu. He thought that he was also going to die like his brother. So he went to see Utnapishtim who has everlasting life. So he went out looking for it and came to a great mountain named Mashu. At the front of the moutain stood two men-scorpion. they saw courage and strength i...
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The Creative Writing, Long Poem
Long Poem
I think
I say
I cry
For we can't see
Or realize
Our fate
Not shown yet casted in slate
The grown
Don't even hesitate
to ignore
and wait to late
They see it as a chore
too broad a subject to explore
too set
our ways
too closed our doors
to many days
have come and gone
not correcting what is wrong
yet still...
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