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Taking Risks Essay Examples

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The Importance of Exercising Self Command and Taking Calculated Risks
Risk Taking In our lives, it is important to exercise self-command. However, we should not be so concerned with the future that we stifle the present. The question becomes what balance should we strike between self-command and risks? What kinds of risks are acceptable or unacceptable? In this essay, we will use two...
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A Business Risk Analysis of MBS Inc in the Venezuelan Market
The economies of Central and South America offer attractive business opportunities. However, these are accompanied by a set of risks, which businesses need to understand and manage effectively. In this paper we will discuss a business risk analysis of MBS Inc in the Venezuelan market. Taxation and Double Taxation Risks. T...
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Dealing with a Rape Case
If I heard Abby crying because she woke up with someone in her bed which she clearly don’t know, thinking she had sex and smelling of alcohol, I would immediately comfort her because I know she’s probably scared and then find somewhere that’s open and carry her there with all the evidence. With is evidence they can then com...
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How to Take Care of Your Automobile on a Regular Basis
Taking care of an automobile is very simple. Filling a car up with gasoline and changing the oil are the basics for maintaining a cars engine. Changing gasoline is easy. The cars gasoline tank gets low and all it requires is a one step fill up at the gas station. The process of an oil change is much more complex. Most cars...
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Learning About Stock Taking
I believe I picked papers that reveal my progress from the beginning of the year to present day. I chose one Taking Stock exercise to show my earlier writing so one may be able to see the changes I have made from the beginning of the school year to more recent works. The next paper I selected was the response to the Ways of...
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Risk-taking Behaviors
Both the reading and the listening are talking about people take risk. According to the reading there isa type of personality called Universal Taking-Risk.In Contrast, the reading casts doubt this idea by denying the concept of universal risk-taking. It says that there are natural taking-risk. Moreover, the reading points...
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Knowing Someone's Character
In an interesting conversation recently I told a friend, if you want to know something about one’s character watch them compete in a game. Are they competitive? How far are they willing to bend the rules to win? How much effort are they willing to apply before quitting, or do they ever quit? A simple game like duck-duck-goo...
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My First Day in College
It was inevitable that this day would come. But, it didn’t exactly come in the manner that most college kids would expect. I always pictured my mom driving me to college, helping me unpack, and then we would go our separate ways. This was different; I was dropping her off instead. Here we are over one thousand miles away f...
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Starting All Over Again
In the first picture, April is in the middle of another slow mind-numbing shift as a sales associate at Bloomingdales. She is wearing an all black uniform and appears to be goofing around with friends and not taking her job seriously. Over the next two years April began to take risks and make sacrifices to better herself...
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An Experience That Changed My Entire Life
I’m the type of person who is willing to take risks and experience things I never did throughout my life. Achieving the goals I set is essential to me. During my teen years, I had set some goals to achieve, and succeeded to undertake them. I also took a lot of risks, and experienced different things in different places arou...
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An Analysis of Sarah Dessen's Novel This Lullaby
Love is a difficult thing to comprehend, especially for young girls in
highschool. In the novel, This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen, the main
character Remy is struggling with love and what it means. After seeing
her mother fail many marriages, she proclaims that she doesn't believe
in love. Remy always knows when to give a guy...
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The Themes of Being Safe and Taking Risks in Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin
If we want to discuss about being safe and taking risks in the story of Sonnys Blues by James Baldwin, we should know what is the meaning of being safe and taking risks by itself. I think all people agree that if we are driving on a road, and we can see that there is a big hole not far away in the front of the road, we mu...
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Taking the Risks and Living It Up!
Living It Up! I am 35 years of age and life is good! I am married to the beautiful singer/actress/writer Solange Knowles (Beyonce's younger sister). We live a wonderful life with 6 adopted children. We know there are so many unfortunate children in this world, that's why we adopted so many and will continue to adopt more...
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Taking Risk and Living Your Life
When I was younger, I thought of myself as a coward. I was afraid to take risks, and for the most part went through life very passively, often regretting afterwards the chances I chose not to take. In the past few years, however, I have undergone various experiences, which have time and time again negated that feeling of co...
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How Man Takes Risks in Life and Moves On After Death of a Loved One
“Steel Magnolias” We all have problems in our life, but some how life goes on. If you were to lose your closest friend, family member, or a loved one would you have the strength to go on? Steel Magnolias is a great example of just that. Maline, is a mother in this movie that has to suffer the tragedy of losin...
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Study Shows Stress Increases Health Risks
WHAT IS STRESS? Stress is a combination of responses in the body. Stress can be short-term (acute) or chronic. Acute stress is the "fight or flight" response. If a car is careening toward you at a high rate of speed, you will (or should!) experience acute stress. It is when you experience so many common stresso...
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The Risks, Complications and Contraceptives in Pregnancy
PREGNANCY:RISKS, COMPLICATIONS AND CONTRACEPTIVES Part I. Risks and Complications to the woman and child during pregnancy a. Introduction There are many risks that a woman (and the child) undertake before, during andafter pregnancy. These are due to a varied number of effects such as exposure totemperature extremes (very ho...
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My Dream: Becoming a Veterinarian
I have been alive for twenty two years, and I never seem to be able to find what I like about myself. What I am sure about though, is that I want to be an animal doctor. A veterinarian, who is able to help animals around the world, and this is the only thing I feel positive about. It is questionable as to why I chose to b...
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My Experience and Research Interest
Epistemologists have long argued that knowledge is ‘situated” within particular social locations. In other words, what we know is shaped by those factors that have formed our identities. Differently said, it is through personal, lived experience that we each come to know the world and how it works. Understanding social lo...
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The Best Place I Ever Took a Picture From
It was a Saturday morning, like any other, I was trying to catch up on
the sleep I did not get that night from stay out late. I was hoping to
at least get to sleep in until about 9 or 10, but someone was not going
to let that happen. I started to hear a scratching sound right near my
face; it went on for a few minutes unti...
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Taking Photos Using a Nikon D-80
Ever think of photography as a job or hobby? Photography is a free for
all job or hobby. There are many utilities needed for photography, such
as a camera. In particular a Nikon D-80 has creativity, and different
camera utilities. The use of the Nikon D-80 is that with the removable
lens and high quality of camera, the imag...
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What I Would Do If I Were Leader of My School Service Club
What I would do if I was leader of my school service club well that's a
hard job and you will have to be very responsible to be able to keep at
it and make sure that the club is well organized. I would probably start
my first project about the neglected animals. Whenever I go to watch the
animal planet channel one of my f...
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Katniss and Peeta's Struggles to Survive throughout the Hunger Games
Many people go great ways to save their lives throughout all they do. For example they pray, fight themselves everyday, and have to go through day to day struggles many don’t have to face but, yet they are still more happy then anyone else in the world. They embrace what they have and are happy to be alive. A day-to-day s...
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My Experience Working in a Retirement Home
Back home, I work at a retirement home called the Commons on Marice as a
waitress in the dining room. The elderly never get old... figuratively at least. Once they've moved
past talking about their glaucoma, arthritis, and the weather about two
or three times, they will always have a new story to tell about their
glory da...
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Taking Charge of Your Life
We all know that life is unfair, but sometimes it is worth it to go
against the norm. I did this once. In fifth grade. After lunch, in one of the early
months of the school year, we were supposed to get recess. Instead of
getting recess, we got to go to class. Now, I know that in fifth grade,
you should start maturing fo...
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