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Texting And Driving Essay Examples

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The Dangers of Texting and Driving
Cell phones are considered such a necessity and the issue has ascended regarding the use of phones while driving. These days, phones have gotten even more complex and we use them as the means for communication by voice, text, sound, and video. Text messaging has revolutionized the way people interact with one another, but...
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Curbing Distracted Driving
No text message is worth the risk of endangering the life of you and the life of others while driving behind a two ton vehicle. Texting while driving has become a leading cause behind car accidents, and happens to be leading cause amongst young teenage drivers according to a study group at Center of Disease control. Therefo...
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The Silent Killer: Dangers of Texting and Driving
“LOL, OMG, W8” are just a few phrases that can cause an accident while driving. Being able to send a group of written words instead of picking up your phone and verbally communicating is the next big thing of the technological race. However, instead of helping the world, it actually furthered the dangers of human life to a...
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Should Texting While Driving Be Made Illegal?
PHOENIX, N.M. – The lion’s share of people who have drivers licenses think that trying to text with your hands while driving is too dangerous to be legal, according to a new national survey released this afternoon. The survey showed that 86 percent of U.S. drivers believe handheld texting while driving is “very dangerous...
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The Truth about Driving while Intoxicated
There is a serious problem with drinking and diving on our roadways. People are getting killed and maimed on our streets because of DWI related accidents. This is a problem that needs a serious solution as soon as possible. The laws that we have been passing just aren’t addressing the true problem. The states need to take a...
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The Negative Consequences of Texting and Driving
Approximately 80 percent of teenagers today have cell phones; this is a large amount of the driving population. A great deal of experts believes that teens text while driving because of their lack of responsibility compared to adults, but where did they learn these bad habits. Adults and parents should try to set a good exa...
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The Dangers of Texting While Driving
Texting while driving has become a major problem in the United States over the past few years. Though most people will argue that it does not impact them very much, texting and driving have very serious consequences that can change one’s life in just a split second. Over the years the problem has become more serious due to...
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Anti Drinking and Driving Activity
On Friday 9/16/11, I attended the S.W.A.T team’s alcohol awareness program called “Dying for a drink”. This even was just one of the many events that they had planned all week to educate students about college life and the responsibilities that come along with new gained freedom. The event centered around one of the hallma...
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Texting and Driving is a Huge Problem
“ THE TRAIN WON ” that’s what the news read on April 12th 2007, the day before I had got a phone call and it was my cousin Molly she wanted to talk to me about some problems that she was having. She wanted to come and get me and take me riding around, since she got her license early. I really didn’t want to go but my mom in...
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The Danger of Distracted Driving
Hello, my name is Claire and I am here to talk to you about distracted driving. Talking on the phone and texting while driving are huge problems we are facing today. The National Safety Council found, “Twenty eight percent of all vehicle crashes can be tied to talking on a cell phone or texting” (“Cell Phones”). As a teenag...
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The Dangers of Cell Phones to Drivers
Due to the fact that the roads are filled with more dangers than you could ever imagine. The moment you put your key in the ignition and begin to drive you are putting your life at risk. Since, the roads we drive on everyday are saturated with the ignorant use of cell phones. There too many dangers that are associated with...
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Dangers of Texting and Driving
Texting and driving is a big safety risk that can cause the driver and innocent bystanders to be killed or injured. Texting is very important and a big issue today, due to the number of deaths that has occurred. Having an innocent life taken away because a person couldn’t wait to text until after the car has stopped, is som...
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The Silent Drunk Driver: Dangers of Texting While Driving
On a bright sunny day in 2010, a first year college student was on her way to her first day of classes. She had been texting her friends and her mother back and forth while she was driving by the time she had finished reading the text message and looked up she had run into the back of a dump truck. The first year college st...
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Arguments Against Texting and Driving
The use of cell phones has increased on recent years, and they have given us the opportunity to talk to our loved ones whenever we want, no matter where they are, which a great thing is. But on the other side of the coin, cell phone usage has also robbed a lot family with their loved ones because they were taken too soon. W...
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Dangers of Sleep Texting
My opinion about the article is that I do agree on how sleep texting is the new sleep walking. I feel that sleep texting is a bad thing, because a person might text or say the wrong thing in a text message and might not even know. I think we people sleep text they do and text more things than when there are sleep walking. I...
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An Analysis of Drinking and Driving Infomercials and If They Really Work
Do Drinking and Driving Infomercials Really Work? There are always campaigns and commercials about not drinking and driving, but do these infomercials really pay off? As a teenager, I watch television quite often. I see these commercials about drinking and driving and never really thought twice about them. The biggest f...
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An Analysis of the Different Kinds of Drinking Offenses and Penalties in the United States
My essay is on "Drinking and Driving Offences". In my essay I will tell you the various kinds of drinking and driving offences, the penalties, and the defences you can make if you are caught drinking and driving. Let me tell you about the different offences. There are six offences in drinking and driving. They...
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An Analysis of the Consequences of Drunk Driving
Consequences Of Drunk Driving
Consequences of Drunk Driving Drinking and driving is an event that takes place everyday and everywhere. People chose to drink and drive for numerous reasons. Sometimes people feel that they must drink to have a good time but have no intention of driving. This is not always how it turns out. U...
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The Various Kinds of Drinking and Driving Offenses
My essay is on "Drinking and Driving Offences". In my essay I will tell you the various kinds of drinking and driving offences, the penalties, and the defences you can make if you are caught drinking and driving. Let me tell you about the different offences. There are six offences in drinking and driving. They are...
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A Discussion on Drinking and Driving Offences
Drinking And Driving Offences My essay is on "Drinking and Driving Offences". In my essay I will tell you the various kinds of drinking and driving offences, the penalties, and the defences you can make if you are caught drinking and driving. Let me tell you about the different offences. There are six offences in...
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Think Before You Drink: An Outline of a Speech on the Dangers of Drinking
General Purpose: The purpose of this speech is to deter people from making a horrible, preventable, and possibly deadly decision at the end of their night out. I hope to save a life and teach people how to drink more responsibly, so that they are aware of smarter options. Attention Step: The scary reality is that a great...
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Dangers of Drinking and Driving
Alcohol is a drug, a very popular drug. Alcohol has been around for a long time, and people have always enjoyed its effects. Many people have passions for alcohol, some people have refrigerators filled with beer, and many others are wine connoisseurs. Alcohol always seems to liven up the party. But no madder what your prefe...
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Drink and Drive If You'd Rather Die
Drinking and driving it has been proven to kill Every week of the year two jet airliners plunge from the sky and kill everyone on board. If this statement was completely true, than there would be a nationwide outrage led by the public, the government, and many other organizati...
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How Driving Patterns Differ in Both Men and Women
Perception of Driveing Men & Women I believe that driving patterns differ in both men and women because their thought patterns are contradictory. My sister recently bought a nineteen eighty-four Camaro, and was added to my parent's insurance, after having her first wreck. Her insurance is somehow significantly low...
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An Analysis of the Age Limit For Driving
The Age Limit for Driving The age limit for driving among teenagers and the elderly should be changed for various reasons and the problems that are endured by these age groups should be looked at closer. The law should changed so that a teenager cannot receive their drivers license until they reach the age of 18 and the e...
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