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The Cat Essay Examples

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A Fable about the Two Cats Bringing Gifts to Their Owner
There once was a girl who had two cats. These two cats were very different from each other. One cat was young and sleek. He had far-reaching whiskers and a long, lush coat. He was known throughout the neighborhood for his beautiful coat and his prowess as a hunter. The other cat was rather old. She was not quite as beautifu...
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Understanding How Cat-Scratch Disease Originates
Cat-Scratch Disease (CSD) Cat-scratch disease can also be known as cat-scratch fever or CSD. It's incubation period is between 1 and 2 weeks. Symptoms of the classic CSD range from mild to severe. In 50 percent to 90 percent of cases, a 0.5 to 1-cm brownish papule or pustule forms at the site of the scratch or bite from...
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The Comparison of the Movie and Book Version of the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe
The Black Cat: A Comparison Between The Movie and The Book There are major differences between the film we saw in class and The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe. The film had added effects to get the viewer's attention. The film also let out important parts that were in the short story. The short story gave the reader a be...
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An Introduction to the Benefits of Spaying Your Cat - Reducing the Cat Population
REDUCE THE STRAY CAT POPULATION BY SPAYING YOUR CAT 1. Did you know that every un-spayed female cat and her offspring might produce up to 420,000 kittens over a seven-year period? 2. Today, you will realize the effect un-spayed cats can have on increasing the number of the stray feline population. 3. Almost everyone has...
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Analysis of a Short Story The Black Cat
SUBJECT: Paper 1 Analysis of a Short Story DATE: 10/05/1999 THE BLACK CAT What can the color black symbolize? Does it symbolize the death, the devil or alcohol? I think the black cat symbolizes all of these things. The black cat symbolizes the death because the second cat's white part was changing by the tim...
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Choosing a Pet - Cat vs. Dog - Pros and Cons of Each Choice
The Cat Versus The Dog There comes a time in most everyones life when he or she decides to buy a pet. Some people go for the unusual and choose a bird, snake, or rodent. Most people, however, decide on the more common four-legged creatures like a dog or cat. Dogs and cats are very different animals and they have differen...
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An Introduction to the Nature of a Cat
Cat, Domestic, small, mainly carnivorous animal, Felis catus, member of the family Felidae, popular as a household pet, and valuable for killing mice and rats. Like other members of the cat family, the domestic cat has retractile claws; keen hearing and smell; remarkable night vision; and a compact, muscular, and highly sup...
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An Analysis of the Egyptian Mau Cat
The Egyptian Mau is a fascinating cat, not only because of its past history, but because of its delightful personality and striking appearance. The Mau (mau is the Egyptian word for cat) has been clearly identified in the artwork of the ancient Egyptians, leaving no question in the minds of many experts that the Egyptian...
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A List of Attractive Features That a Cat Has
"A dog is a man's best friend." That common saying may contain some truth, but dogs are not the only animal friend whose companionship people enjoy. For many people, a cat is their best friend. Despite what dog lovers may believe, cats make excellent housepets.
In the first place, people enjoy the companionship of...
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An Examination of the Story, Circus Cat Alley Cat
Critical Analysis of “Circus Cat Alley Cat” Critical analysis of “Circus Cat Alley Cat” The story “Circus Cat Alley Cat” is a vivid character sketch and description of Anna, the protagonist of the story. Comparisons between the “nanny” and a circus cat or an alley cat are noticeable throughout the story...
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An Introduction to the Various Ways of Dealing with Cat's Paws
Give your cat a manicure, it’s best to start when it’s a kitten. Take your cat to a proffesional groomer or do it yourself. Get your cat accustomed to having you touch its paws. You will need to have a good source of light and you will want to be able to gently, but firmly, control your cat. Only trim the very tip of the ca...
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A Look at Cats as Carnivorous Predators
Cats as Carnivorous Predators Throughout the course of evolution the cat’s ability to survive in the wild has become extremely dependent upon its hunting ability. In order for feral, or undomesticated, cats to survive on their own in the wild they have developed hereditary traits and instincts from their ancestors through...
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A Literary Analysis of the Symbols of Madness in the Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe
Symbols of Madness Like all of Poe’s short stories, single effect was the most important characteristic in “The Black Cat.” Poe tried to achieve the effect of appaling madness. In this first person narrative the narrator takes you through the tranformation from sanity to madness, all because of an obsession with two bl...
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A Description of the Cat Family 'Felidae' Order 'Carnivora'
All cats, from jungle cats to house cats, belong to the cat family, Felidae, order Carnivora. The cat family, Felidae, order Carnivora, contains about 36 species that are usually grouped into two to four genera, depending on the classification system used. According to one common system, four genera exist: Panthera (j...
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The Cat: A Short Story
“Bye Aunt Sarah! I’m gonna walk home after school today and stop by Starbucks.” called Liyae as she ran through the penthouse apartment that the two shared in New York City. “Liyae, slow down! I don’t care if you are late for school, you don’t run inside.” laughed Sarah. “Sorry! I just want school to be done and over wit...
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Lessons Learnt from My Father on Catching the Catfish
I’m sitting on a muddy bank on the side of Lake Quachita just outside of Hot Springs, Arkansas. It is the middle of December, 54 degrees outside, and close to 9 o’clock at night. While lounging in my camping chair trying to stay warm, I catch the movement out of my peripheral vision. Without a moment’s hesitation I’m quick...
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An Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe's Work
Edgar Allan Poe can only be remembered for one main thing, and that’s the horror he brought into all of his stories. He was a very sick, confused, and tormented man with many illnesses. These illnesses are betrayed in these three stories “The Cask of Amontillado, The Black Cat, and The Tell-Tale Heart”; they are betrayed in...
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How the Movie the Pit and the Pendulum Is Similar to Edgar Allen Poe's Stories
Even though the movie “The Pit and the Pendulum” bore little resemblance to the story by Edgar Allen Poe, it still had many of the same elements as his work. “The Pit and the Pendulum” was so similar to Poe’s stories, that I almost mistook it to be a work of Poe. Poe’s stories shared many of the same elements with “The Pit...
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Cat in the Hat
October 29th, 2011 was supposed to be the greatest day of my life because of one person, Amy Taylor. Amy Taylor was the piping hot chick with blonde hair and a rack on her so enormous it would make a deer jealous. She was the head cheerleader of my high school and up for re-election for class president. Any guy would love...
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My Childhood Memories
The sun was splendid, the yellow rays were going straight thorough my face, I felt the warmth of my eyelids that were closed covering my eyes. My cat lucky was sitting in my lap. When i try to brush her back. Lucky was standing crossed other side of the street. I was confused. I started to go after her but I could not reach...
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The CAT Scan Tech and the MRI Tech
In Radiology there are different kinds of techs. The two that I’m most interested in are CAT scan tech and MRI tech. A CAT scan is a computerized axial tomography that X-ray slices to form a 3-D computer model of a patience insides. I first receive orders from the patient’s doctor of what part of the body they want scanned....
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Mousefire: My Pretty Pet
Scurry,scurry,tap,tap,scurry....Mousewhiskers paws made slight noises as he moved along in search for herbs. He was tired,his paws ached,he stopped by the river,why was he so close to the border? His thoughts were racing as he constantly looked around,he was doing so many things wrong,he almost stepped over Cat-mint,he pass...
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Annotated Bibliography of Cat in the Rain by Hemingway
Adair, William. "Hemingway's 'Cat In The Rain': George's Winter Death-Bed." The Hemingway Review 12.1 (1992): 73-76. MLA International Bibliography. Web. 14 Oct. 2013. In “Hemingway’s ‘Cat In The Rain’: George’s Winter Death-Bed, “Adair Williams examines the comments in Hemingway’s “Cat In The Rain” that Ge...
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Adopting a Pet
Bloomington, Ind. - In recognition of national Adopt-A-Dog Month, the Shelter is offering dog adoptions discount with a fall theme. “We are facing a dogs’ overpopulation problem”. Said by Laurie Ringquist, the director of the Bloomington animal shelter, “ We are spreading the ‘Fall in love’ program to attract local people...
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Themes in the Short story Cat's Eye
Theme 1: In the short story “Cat’s Eye” the woman’s eyes are significant because they represent the Black Panther that lives within her. “The doctor then scans your retinas, and discovers a black panther in the depths of your eyes,” (Valenzuela, 508). Her eye’s “shine like a wild animal” (Valenzuela, 508), which installs f...
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