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The Creeks Essay Examples

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A Biography of Andrew Jackson and America's Westward Expansion
Andrew Jackson assisted in the near genocide of what he thought was an inferior culture in order to ensure the continuation of America's westward expansion. The Creek Indians met their demise when they faced up against the aggressive and influential general Jackson. A remarkable chief named Red Eagle led the Red Sticks (4),...
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A History of the Battle of New Orleans
The Battle of New Orleans was one of the last remarkable conflicts in history. The last major land battle of the war was the war of 1812. The battle of New Orleans was fought after the treaty of peace ending the hostilities, was signed. The United states declared war on Great Britain in June of 1812. The war did not threate...
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An Introduction to the Life of Davy Crockett
Davy was born in 1786 in Greene County, Tennessee. He went to school at 13
years old. But he didn't like school. He ran away to the woods for 2 1/2 years
to avoid being punished for missing days. Davy Crockett's father was from Ireland and he married Rebecca Crockett.
They had three boys and two girls. Davy liked hunting...
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