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The Field Of Nursing Essay Examples

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The Goals of Nursing Through Two Important Aspects of the Nursing Profession
Abstract My paper discusses the goals of nursing by taking a look at two important aspects which make up the nursing profession, science and art. It talks about the importance of nursing science and knowledge, and the significant role they have for the future development of the nursing profession. This paper also takes a l...
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Memoir: My Nursing Assistant-Clinical Day
On a cold November morning, I walked into the nursing home dressed in my clinical scrubs at 7:00am. I was very nervous, but ready to begin my nursing assistant-clinical day. My instructor assigned me to a specific part of the hallway and told me that all the residents needed to be up and ready for the day by 8:30am. I beg...
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The Career of Nursing
Nursing is and always will be a very important career to society.
It is often called the oldest of arts and the youngest of professions.
The history of nursing is synonymous with the history of women, because
they were considered ``born nurses''. I have always been fascinated with
the art of nursing. The satisfaction of hel...
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Enhancing Effective Nursing Communication and Quality Patient Safety
Nursing is based on the effectiveness of communication and the quality of patient safety. Nursing communication is the way health care team members communicate the patients’ needs by maintaining accuracy of patient-centered decisions and patient safety by minimizing harm (Potter,2013). This essay will focus on a case of in...
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History of Nursing and Changes in the Profession throughout the Ages
It is obvious from any study concerning the nursing profession that it is, as a whole, drastically different than 50 years ago and one can only imagine what it will have evolved to in another 50 years. Through the centuries, nursing has taken on a variety of themes and definitions. Included in these are the thoughts that nu...
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Personal Observations of Nursing Skills
The aims and objectives of this assignment are to identify a nursing skill observed by myself whilst I was on my practice placement. The skill which I will be focussing on is the first phase of the nursing process in the form of the initial assessment interview. The client had been referred to the mental health services b...
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A Look at the Practice of Nursing in the Medical Profession
The practice of nursing by a registered nurse is defined as the process of diagnosing human responses to actual or potential health problems, providing supportive and restorative care, health counseling and teaching, case finding and referral, collaborating the implementation of the total health care regimen and executing t...
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A Description of Nursing Homes Which are Charged With Providing Quality Care To All of Their Residents
Nursing Homes are charged with providing quality care to all of their residents. They are monitored by the state and federal agencies for the type of care they are giving to patients. Nursing Home standards have been raised and a tool which identifies quality indicators was developed by HCFA to monitor nursing home resident...
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An Introduction to the Analysis of Nursing in the Hospital
The nursing field extends many opportunities to be a very important part of the health care team. Nursing involves direct patient contact and varied skills and abilities. A nurse has a unique opportunity to ensure that they care for a patient's comforts and needs, and can make a difference in every patient's life. Various c...
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Understanding the Nursing Field of Study and Career
Nursing: Think in Practical way Nursing is an exciting and challenging field to study. Nursing uses a scientific process to plan care for people in acute illnesses and teach them how to stay healthy or cope with their illness. Nurses basically the helper of the doctors. They assist the doctors by giving medicine, treat...
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