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The History Of Philosophy Essay Examples

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An Introduction to the History, Origins and the Definition of the Word Philosophy
When I was born, I did not know the difference between right and wrong. Now, I do. The word philosophy means the love of knowledge. One type of knowledge is propter quid, which ask the question why or how. In this paper, I will demonstrate how Socrates, Hume and Aristotle, three well known philosophers, would explain ho...
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An Introduction to the Analysis and the Definition of Philosophy
What is the value of Philosophy? The word “philosophy” is derived from two ancient Greek words, “philos” meaning ‘love of’ and “sophia” meaning ‘wisdom’. Philosophers are lovers of wisdom. They have had the time and resources to sit back and wonder about what things really are like when all the pieces are fitted into one f...
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History of Philosophy
“Why?” Many people believe that merely asking this question is all there is to philosophy. The New Oxford American Dictionary’s definition of philosophy is: “The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline”. So if one study’s the nature of knowle...
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The Different Philosophy of Man Towards Understanding The Aspects of Life
1748 AN ENQUIRY CONCERNING HUMAN UNDERSTANDING by David Hume Sect. I. Of the different Species of Philosophy 1. Moral philosophy, or the science of human nature, may be treated after two different manners; each of which has its peculiar merit, and may contribute to the en...
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How We Come about Philosophy and What It Means from the Different Cultural and Religious Societies
Philosophy: How do we come about it and what does it mean? Some peoples philosophy of life is based on their culture, religion, and their parents philosophy of life. I think that philosophy is something that you live your life by, one of mine being, live your life to its fullest. Even though we are all different in our own...
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Comparison of Chinese Philosophies Confucianism, Daoism and Legalism
Introduction China was one of the first civilizations to become an empire in history. Like Alexander the Great, Qin Shi Huangdi established the first empire in the East which makes him the first emperor of China. In Qin Shi Huangdi's reign, he laid down the law on stones in various parts of his empire on behalf of the in...
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Finding the Answer for Uncertainty,the Nature and Division of Philosophy
The Nature and Division of Philosophy To teach how to live with uncertainty, and yet without being paralyzed by hesitation, is perhaps the chief thing that philosophy in our age can still do for those who study it. This statement, given by Bertrand Russell, conveys the simple yet infinite nature of philosophy itself: th...
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The Role of Philosophy in Our Lives
Philosophy Role
Philosophy is an all-important aspect of our lives. It is philosophy that we
turn to when have the need to seek out a guiding principle for our lives.
Therefore, philosophy holds a prominent place in society and in the world.
Basically, everyone is a philosopher, but it takes the creative genius and
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A View of the Four Educational Philosophies Used in Schools
From the past, there have been many philosophers who have generated philosophies and theories that have been applied and worked in various aspects of our today’s society and mostly in our system of education. There philosophies have impacted a lot to the lives of every contemporary society. Some of the most remarkable philo...
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Understanding How Philosophy Comes About and What It Means
Philosophy: How do we come about it and what does it mean? Some people s philosophy of life is based on their culture, religion, and their parent s philosophy of life. I think that philosophy is something that you live your life by, one of mine being, live your life to its fullest. Even though we are all different in our ow...
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An Analysis of the Concept of the Absolute Truth in Philosophy
An elephant was brought to a group of blind men who had never encountered such an animal before. One felt a leg and reported that an elephant is a great living pillar. Another felt the trunk and reported that an elephant is a great snake. Another felt a tusk and reported that an elephant is like a sharp ploughshare. An...
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An Introduction to the Dualism in Greek Philosophy in Ancient Greece
Great Religions and Philosophies. : Greek Philosophy. In the 6th century B.C, there began a dualism in Greek Philosophy. The development of Greek Philosophy became a compromise between Greek monistic and oriental influences, in other words, a combination of intellectualism and mysticism. Thus began the pre-Socratic phi...
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A Comparison of Socrates's, Plato's and Aristotle's Philosophies
Philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle The philosophies of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle had different points of-view but they were also similar in some ways. For example, all three philosophers had their own thoughts on the subject of justice and government. Socrates belief on this matter was that democracy w...
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An Analysis in the Connection of Philosophy and Death
Philosophy is a vast field. It examines and probes many different fields. Virtue, morality, immortality, death, and the difference between the psyche (soul) and the soma (body) are just a few of the many different topics which can be covered under the umbrella of philosophy. Philosophers are supposed to be experts on all th...
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An Introduction to Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Philosophy
Ancient, Medieval Modern and Contemporary Philosophy HUM-3551-01 Karim Saliba Instructor: Dr. Robert L. Shearer The duality of Existence and Essence through St Augustine and St Thomas Submitted: 11/8/2000 We have been studying in the course of the class the evolution of thought in the Western Civilization. This stu...
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An Analysis of a Few Social Issues in Light of Philosophy
Throughout the semester, I have studied many social issues in light of philosophy. One of these highly controversial social issues deals with the subject of capital punishment. It is unfortunate, but our society has evolved to the point where capital punishment has become a necessary function of modern society. Simply...
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The History of the Hebrews and Greek Philosophy
The Hebrews started out enslaved by the Egyptians until they were freed by Moses around 1250 BC. Then the Exodus began from Egypt to the promised land. Moses led the Hebrews to Mt. Sinai to await the word of the lord. Moses dies and his successor Joshua, son of Nun, comes to bring his people to attack east of the Jordan riv...
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The Understanding and Development of Philosophy with Characteristics of Moderns and the Ancients Throughout History
Ancient's such as the Egyptians, Persians, and the Mesopotamians lack freedom of thought as the Greeks once did. The world in which we live in has surprising similarities to the way of life brought forth by the Greeks. Characteristics of both the moderns and the ancients are pertinent to our understanding of philosophy and...
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An Analysis of Fundamental Question in the Field of Philosophy
Philosophy originated from the Greek language. It is made up of two words: "philein"
which means to love and "sophia" which means wisdom. There are three fundamental
questions in the field of philosophy which are referred to as the Existential Concerns. "What can I know?", "What ought I t...
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Hsun Tzu Philosophy of Human Nature
Human nature refers to individual characteristics, including ways of thinking, feeling and acting. Those are characteristics which humans are born with and come naturally. When humans are born they do no automatically become good, they are educated and leaded by parents, teachers, or elders. Hsun Tzu argues that humans are...
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Notes on Euclid
a) Give three specific examples that the work does not meet modern standards of rigor Euclid made many tacit assumptions in this work that by today’s standards would not e sufficient to prove the things he proved. 3 of those assumptions are: The existence of points, lines, etc. The uniqueness of a line between two points...
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Opinions On Love and Hate
In life, there are certain emotions that a human goes through. These two emotions are some of the strongest emotions that a human may ever experience. They are love and hate. These two emotions can make a person do crazy things, and are one of the biggest opposites in this world. Love uplifts the spirit and mind of a human...
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The Influence of the Folk Religion on Taiwan Protestants
Chinese Christians often consider the Gospel of John as the most unique book of the Bible not only for its theological strength but also, most notably, the resemblance of its opening passage to the core of Chinese cosmological concept, Dao. Citing from The Chinese Union Version, the most common Chinese Bible translation,...
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What Is Considered Important about a Philosophy? The Assumptions or the Explanations Given
When we start to study the works of the great philosophers, the immediate question we ask is are these men just voicing their opinions/ assumptions or are their thoughts based on already existing facts effectively creating an explanation from an assumption. This allows us to consider the question that what is considered...
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In Search for the Good: A Comparison of Plato's and Aristotle's Philosophies
Plato is primarily concerned with knowing the good. In the Republic, Plato intends to define justice and describes an elaborate city-state setup with the goal of being a just city. A guardian class of philosophers rules in Plato's city, because these are the only people who can know the good. Everyone else's role in the cit...
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