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Theater Essay Examples

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The History of Greek Theater
The History of Greek Theater Twenty-five hundred years ago, 2 thousand years before Shakespeare, theater was born in Athens, Greece. The ancient Athenians created a theater culture between 600 and 200 BC. They created plays that are still considered among the greatest works of art in theater. The earliest days of western th...
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The Origin and Importance of Elizabethan Theater
Elizabethan Theater Elizabethan times in the 1600s was a progression for the world of the theater. A period named after Queen Elizabeth I of England, it is from this period that modern day society has its foundation for the entertainment industry. From the violence that was prevalent because of the Black Death, people t...
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The Dramatic Styles of Greek Theater in Many Parts of Athens
Greek Theater Although theaters developed in many parts of Greece, it was in Athens, where the most dramatic styles the world has known was formed. Ancient Greek theaters were built in natural open air sites on conveniently shaped hills. This allowed a great mass of people to enjoy a show at one time(The Ephesus could hold...
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An Introduction to the Origins and History of the Greek Theater
The Greek Theater: "The arts of the western world have been largely dominated by the artistic standards established by the Greeks of the classical period" (Spreloosel 86). It is from the Greek word theatron, meaning a place for sitting, that we get our word theater. According to James Butler, "The Greeks wer...
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An Overview of Ancient Greek Theater and Drama
Ancient Greek Theater and Drama Ancient Greek Theater and Drama Jennifer Mills Theater has been an integral part of almost every society for thousands of years. Starting in the last Sixth century B.C. Theater has been evolving into the glitzy, whirlwind productions of today. But in the beginning, theater was a simple affa...
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What I Learned From the Theater Class
Ok, so the only reason I joined theater class was because I needed an easy A. A blow-off class of some sort, to balance out the rest of my schedule. I got much more than that. I am taking with me a sense of self-worth, and confidence. I acquired the ability to think on my feet, and the motivation to get up and do something...
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Review of Play Bugboy
Recently, I have attended the first production of the play Bogboy on September 7th, 2011, at 8PM located at the Irish Arts Center. The cast and crew involved were Steve Blount, Noelle Brown, Sorcha Fox, and Emmet Kirwan. The playwright Deirdre Kinahan has done a phenomenal job with the play Bogboy. She develops a successful...
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Analysis of The Glass Menagerie and Oedipus
Both Tom in “A Glass Menagerie” and the chorus in “Oedipus the King” play a pivotal role in leading the stories through suggestive influences. The Chorus is a subtle feature grounded in the back while Tom is seen taking an active and passive part in the play. The Chorus plays a leading role in “Oedipus the King” and portra...
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Dispelling Stereotypes about High School Theater Classes
A quiz on claims that in High School if you have no athletic ability, are not crazy smart, have no musical ability, artistic talent, or acting ability, then you will just be stuck in theater class. This opinion is generally the basis of what the general public thinks High School Theater is. They think it is just...
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An Essay on Theater Architecture through History
DECEMBER 7, 1994 The designs of theatres during the last five-hundred centuries b.c. varied in many ways of construction and design. The technical advances in acoustics and construction were enormous. The placement of the seating and construction of the stage and even sizes of the theatres varied from theatre to theat...
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