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Thermopylae Essay Examples

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Comparing and Contrasting the Battle of Thermopylae and the Battle of Gaugamela
The Battle of Thermopylae was an attack on Greece that arose as a result of Athens involvement in the Ionian revolt. In 499 B.C. King Cyrus II tamed the Persian tribes and conquered Lydia and parts of Ionia but the Ionians made up of Greek tyrants rebelled against Persia which led to its invasion (Warren Hollister, 103). In...
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Employing Tactics Ensured Greeks Victory over the Persian Forces
The vast differences between the size and nature of the Greek and Persian forces led to the adoption of opposing strategies. The Persians attempted to utilize their numbers to quickly overwhelm the Greek resistance, whilst the Greeks had to devise more cunning approaches to offset their deficit in number. Despite Herodotus'...
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A Study of Thermopylae
Thermopylae The main ideas from Thermopylae are that Thermopylae was a pass the Hellenes tried to defend from the Persians also known as the Peloponnesians, which were led by Xerxes. The Hellenes started to become afraid and started to talk about a retreat but Lakedaimonian Leonidas, their king, became angry and sent for...
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