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Tourism Essay Examples

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The Importance of Tourism
Tourism is a noble industry in the enhancement of world economic standards in many forums. Current debates in various ongoing forums align towards the enhancement of planning and development initiatives. Recent developments have seen more effort incorporated from the private and public players in the tourism in...
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An Analysis of the Significance of the Tourism Industry in Canada
One of the largest industries in Canada is the tourism industry. It is made up of many thousands of small and large businesses and is in turn, one of Canada's major employers and as well a major contributor to our national wealth. The businesses that compose the tourism industry are hotels, restaurants, travel businesses, r...
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Disadvantages to Promoting Tourism
More countries try to develop tourism sphere that guarantees long-term profit. However, negative sides of this profitable leisure are reflected on other aspects and create new problems for the government. Nevertheless, the trend of attracting tourists increases and more affects on week points caused by tourism. Firstly, st...
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Ideas for Boosting Tourism in Egypt
Increasing volume of tourism in Egypt Let is be known that tourism usually represents a little over 50 % of direct investments by developing countries. In a variety of countries and regions (Egypt, Greece, the Caribbean, Polynesia), tourism is already the most important economic sector and provides the principal boost fo...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism
Tourism in LEDC's "Do the benefits of tourism outweigh the problems it brings in its wake? Discuss with reference to LEDC's." Less developed countries around the world, struggle to develop and keep up with more developed countries. In order to fast track their way through the development process, LEDC's see touris...
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The Facts About Globalization in Tourism
SECTION TWOThe Tourism and Travel DomainTask C: GlobalisationFacts about Globalisation in Tourism[Extract 12]• Tourism is an industry that is highly competitive, globalised and dominated by large international companies such as Hilton, TUI, Thomas Cook, First choice or My Travel. • The Phenomenon Globalisation is not ne...
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The History, Growth and Structure of New Zealand's Tourism
The following report provides an accurate and informative overview of the nature of tourism, its history and growth, the structure of the New Zealand industry and the impact of tourism from a New Zealand perspective. The report will draw a conclusion which Highlights area of consideration in tourism planning.
Conclusion and...
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The Importance of Tourism in the Economy of Third World Countries
INTRODUCTION AND DEFINITIONS 1.1 - INTRODUCTION International tourism is playing an increasingly important role in the world economy, and is progressively being adopted by many Third World countries striving for development. Faced with the severe restrictions of underdevelopment, the decision to encourage tourism is being m...
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An Analysis of Caribbean Tourism
Caribbean Tourism Analysis The tourism industry has both positive and negative effects on the Caribbean region. The economic benefits of tourism are obvious, as it creates jobs and attracts new investments into countries with previously very poor economies. Environmentally it can be viewed in positive and negative ligh...
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Tourism Destinations in the United States
Tourism means to travel for recreation, leisure or business purposes. According to world tourism organization tourism is people travelling and going outside their usual environment and stay there for not more than one year for recreation, leisure or business purposes. Tourism is important for all countries and in some cases...
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Contribution of Tourism in the Airline Industry: A Brief History
Tourism in all cases plays a big part in the Airline Industry. For numerous years tourism has been one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Positively there has also been an "impressive growth in air passenger and cargo traffic in the last decade in merit to tourism and business trips. The Airlin...
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The Concept and Effects of Tourism on the American Coastline
Tourism is one of the biggest issues that lie down upon us. People throughout the world find the beaches as one of the tourist cites. Modern employers believe tourism is a good thing, while families around that area, believe tourism is a bad thing. Every little detail differs for each person's position in society. The way t...
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The Concept and Effects of Tourism in Algonquin, a Provincial Park in Canada
The Issue of Tourism in Canada's Provincial ParkI. INTRODUCTION "The capacity to use leisure rightly is the basis of a man's whole life." This observation by Aristotle clearly proves the significance that it holds in our time. Previously, when the struggle for food and shelter took most of a man's time, the abil...
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The Ways to Help Create and Improve Sustainable Tourism in Homestead, Pennsylvania
Executive Summary This tourism plan will examine ways to help create and improve sustainable tourism in Homestead, Pennsylvania. This will be done through careful analysis of established theories in the field of tourism planning through a literature review. Then with the aid of primary research, including visual and writte...
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The Investigation of the Symbiotic Relationship Between Sports and Tourism in Sport Tourism by Joy Standeven and Paul DeKnop
Sport Tourism by Joy Standeven and Paul DeKnop investigates the symbiotic relationship between sports and tourism. During the twentieth century, sports tourism has greatly increased in popularity and the economical benefits it provides to a regional economy has elevated the interests in political elites to obtain such spect...
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An Analysis of the Issue of Sex Tourism in Thailand
Sex Tourism In Thailand Sex Tourism in Thailand As we enter a new millenium the post-colonial nations in the world are still searching for ways to compete in an increasingly globalized, consumption driven economic environment. Many developing countries have speculated that Tourism is an effective catalyst for develop...
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Main Tourist Attractions in New York
It is located on the Atlantic Coast on the United States of America. It was first settled in 1625, known as New Amsterdam by the Dutch. It is known as the city that never sleeps. New York City is probably one of the most interesting cities in the world. It has something to offer to everybody. From the moment you land in New...
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A Look at the Tourism Resources and Potential of Mexico
Quintana Roo, Mexico has become an internationally acclaimed tourist development area over the past six years. This may be a difficult concept to grasp considering the states economic condition at the end of the 20th, and the first decade of the 21st century. The current status of a tourism haven was not easily accomplished...
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A Description of Tourism as a Big Part of Revenue For Many Countries in the World Today
Tourism is a big part of revenue for many countries in the world today. But just what is it that brings tourist to a specific place? There are many different reasons including buildings, art, beaches, and even prostitution! There is one specific kind of tourism that is causing such an issue in Southeast Asia and other count...
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An Introduction to Tourism
Tourism has with time become an accepted leisure activity. Tourism could be described as an event that involves a lot of travelling. People travel to different places for a short period of time or even for a relatively longer time, although, not more than one year. Out of this travelling people derive pleasure...
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A Look at the Tourism Industry and Its Effect on Our Daily Lives
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The tourism industry is one sector of the economy whose workers and clients encounter face to face communication for efficie...
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An Analysis of Eco-Tourism in Alaska
In the Native community, we sort of feel the same way about eco-tourism. We walk that fine line of navigating between the ideals of development (which would lead one to advocate rural tourism), and the ideals of cultural tradition and integrity (which might lead one to reject rural tourism). We share this ambivalence, but r...
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A Look at Tourism in Egypt
David Middle East Prof. Schad 20 November 2000 Tourism in Egypt Egypt is a country that is extremely rich in its historical background. With such a background it is easy to see why tourism is a big component of its gross national product. The well being of the Egyptian economy is highly dependent on a good year of to...
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A Look at Tourism and Tourism Resources of a Nation
Tourism The French define tourism as “the art to satisfy the most diverse aspirations which invite man to move out of his daily universe.” The Webster’s dictionary defines tourism as “the guiding or managing of tourists; the promotion or encouragement of touring: the accommodation of tourists.” Both definitions are apt for...
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An Overview of the Child Sex Tourism Bill in Australia
Child Sex Tourism Bill in Australia On March 23rd 1994 the Child Sex Tourism bill was introduced into the House of Representatives. This act, which amended the Crimes Act of 1914, enabling the Australian government to prosecute Australian child sex offenders overseas. Before the introduction of this new legislation, i...
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