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Unsafe Essay Examples

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Identifying the Individual the Individual Victims of Unsafe Products
Introduction 1. Identifying the Individual victims of unsafe products a) Big Tobacco ยท On November 6, 2000 in the first smokers class-action suit to go to trial nationally, Judge Robert Kaye uphold the $145 billion damage award to three sick smokers, representing 300,000 to 700,000 sick Florida smokers or their familie...
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Why Bottled Water is Bad
Bottled water is not good. It doesn't matter who how when it negatively
affects everybody. It affects the communities where water is bottled,
affects the consumers, and the economy. The consumers over pay for their
water. The communities don't get paid a penny for the water that is
taken form them and sold for massive profi...
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Better Safe than Sorry
In 2011, the US had more than 340,000 births among teen girls between the age of 15 and 19. One of the leading causes of teen pregnancy is the practice of unsafe sex. About 30% of female and 20% of male teenagers do not use any method of contraception the first time they have sex. A reason for this problem is that in some s...
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Legalizing Abortion in United States of America and Other Countries
Purpose Statement: I am writing this essay because I want to prove that legal abortion is a beneficial and a safety practice with medical experts for pregnant woman because pregnant woman have risk and lost their life during illegal and unsafe abortions. Thesis Statement: Legal abortion is a beneficial and safety practice...
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A Discussion on the Factors That Cause Injuries on the Playground
Unsafe Playgrounds One of the major concerns in elementary physical education today that you may not even think about is playground safety. A recent survey found that almost every two-and-a-half minutes in the United States a child receives emergency medical care for a playground related injury. This alone should let...
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A Complaint of the Dance Team of the State University Dance Force Concerning the Treatment to the Members
As a member of the State University Dance Force (the dance team), I am outraged at the way the university treats us. They wont let us practice anywhere but a place that is unsafe for dancing. As for scholarships or credit hours, which other sports teams receive, they are nonexistent if you are on the dance team. They also w...
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An Analysis of the Issues of Senior People Driving Cars in the Untied States
A. Introduction One day, not long ago...I came out of my house to leave for work. On the way to my car I noticed the little old lady across the street walking to here car with what appeared to be a phone book. To my surprise she laid the phone book down onto the seat and proceeded to climb in...I then decided to watc...
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The Protection of Consumers from Unsafe Foods with the Help of ANZFA (the Food Standards Australia New Zeland)
The government and food producers do aim to provide safe food supply to the customers and the community but they cannot always guarantee a safe food supply. They do work to protect the consumers from unsafe foods by passing laws that make it illegal to supply unsafe food. The government also works to reduce the incidence of...
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An Analysis of the Objectives and Impact of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S.
For the past 30 years, scientists have collected a considerable amount of convincing information demonstrating that air pollutants can be deposited on land and water, sometimes at great distances from their original sources, and can be an important contributor to declining water quality. These air pollutants can have unde...
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The Statistics of AIDS Infection in the World and the Need to Think Smart to Curb the Disease
Aids was first identified in the usa in 1981. Since than it has been steadily growing and by the end of 2004, there were estimated to be just over, 1 million people living with HIV and proximally 415,000 people living with aids in the usa. Aids is also thought to have killed over haft a million americans nearly ten times th...
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