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Uses Of Gallium Essay Examples

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A Report on Gallium
Gallium was an element whose existence was predicted by Mendeleev in 1871. He predicted that the then unknown element gallium should resemble aluminum in its properties. He suggested that the name ekaaluminium. He predicted that the element would have an atomic mass of 68, its formula would be Ea2O3, the gravity would be 5....
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An Introduction to the Element Gallium
Gallium was an element whose existence was predicted by Mendeleev in 1871. He predicted that the then unknown element gallium should resemble aluminum in its properties. He suggested that the name ekaaluminium. He predicted that the element would have an atomic mass of 68, its formula would be Ea2O3, the gravity would be 5....
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A Description of Gallium in the Boron Group a Metal Discovered in 1875 by the French Chemist Paul-Emile Lecoq de Biosbaudran
GalliumGallium is in the boron group. It is a metal. It was discovered in 1875 by the French chemist, Paul - Emile Lecoq de Biosbaudran ( 1838 - 1912 ). He observed it while examining material separated fron zinc blende. He then isolated the metal in 1876 and examined it s properties. The newly found element s properties we...
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The Discovery of the Element Gallium
Gallium 1871 Dmitrii Ivanovich Mendelev predicts the existance and properties of the element after zinc in the periodic table. He Gives it the name "eka aluminium". 1875 Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran discovers gallium. Its properties closely match those predicted by Mendelev. Gallium, atomic number 31, is...
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The Use of Knots and Lore in the Novel The Shipping News
The list for uses of knots and sailing lore seems endless; from the countless uses on the armed forces; to the boys scouts, knots have many uses. They are used for protection, in the event of an emergency; security, to keep sailors and others safe on sea; and they are always a symbol of trust, because they can be relayed...
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An Analysis of the Uses of Television in Modern Society and the Uses for Education
"TV is justly called `the boob tube'." I disagree, in my opinion,
television has many positive and informational uses. Television is now being
used more in school because it is proven that students remember and comprehend
better than from a regular class lecture. Television has always been good for spreading the...
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A Discussion of the Moral and Ethical Uses of Computers
Morality and Ethics and ComputersThere are many different sides to the discussion on moral and ethical uses ofcomputers. In many situations, the morality of a particular use of a computer is up to theindividual to decide. For this reason, absolute laws about ethical computer usage isalmost, but not entirely, impossible to d...
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An Analysis of the Most Profitable Plant in the World, Marijuana
Marijuana Marijuana is the most profitable and versatile plant in the world, yet it is illegal. Tobacco and alcohol have no medicinal values, but they are legal. Where as marijuana has thousands of positive uses and it is illegal. Marijuana should be made legal for its many positive therapeutic, environmental, and economi...
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The Commercial and Industrial Uses of Nylon Polymers
THE NYLON POLYMER WHO?, WHAT?, WHEN?, AND HOW? OF NYLON Nylon was one of the first commercial polymers ever developed. It was first invented by a team of chemists at the Du Pont de Nemours and Company research facility in the 1930 s. This team was led by Dr. Wallace Hume Carothers. The goal of nylon was to create a poly...
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The Reasons Why the Internet is Not a Waste of Time
The internet is not a waste of time. The internet contains lots of collected information that lots of people find useful in their everyday lifes. People use the internet for many many different areas of their lifes and personal lifes too. The internet can help find information for illnesses. The internet is not a waste of...
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Types of Articles and Their Usage
An article ( HYPERLINK
"" \o "List
of glossing abbreviations" abbreviated art) is a HYPERLINK
"" \o "Word" word that combines with
a HYPERLINK "" \o "Noun" noun to
indicate the type of refe...
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An Experiment to Determine the Behavior of Timber
Deformation(mm) Force(N) 0 10 0 20 2 30 2 40 2 50 2.5 60 4 70 6.5 80 90 Strain Stress 0 0.625 0 1.25 0.018519 1.875 0.018519 2.5 0.018519 3.125 0.023148 3.75 0.037037 4.375 0.060185 5 Mean failure= 22.5 Deformation(...
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Bigger, Faster, Stronger: A Documentary about Steroids
Scene: Nathan, Sam, Bobby and I having lunch discussing ``Bigger,
Stronger, Faster'' the day after viewing the documentary for the first
time. Bobby: Hey! How is everyone doing? I'm glad you could make it to lunch. Christa: Great! Thanks for having me; I can't wait to hear your
interpretations of the documentary bec...
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Uses of the Word Cute
Have you ever been called cute during a conversation? You know that you are wearing the same kind of outfit and hairstyle since the beginning of the school year, so why is that person calling you cute? If you listen closely to how the word is used then you can tell if they are telling you something nice or mean. In some sit...
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What Is an Idiom?
An idiom is a word of two or more, that means something different from
what the words means. People use idioms to express something that other
words do not express it clearly, some of them use the idiom to improve
their speeches, and Idioms are a way to make language more vivid and
descriptive. The idiom that I liked most i...
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The Importance of Technology
The world today has to do with technology. No matter where you look or go, there are some types of computers or tablets. This technology helps us with tasks that we have for school and work. There is always more upgrades made to make computers software better for the world’s use all the time. Technology is very important be...
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Internet Privacy
The internet has become one of the most persistent and useful technological tools available. Regardless of age or technological sense, many people use the internet daily for a number of purposes. It is used to communicate with friends and family, research information for work, school or for personal curiosity. It also ke...
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Robotic Engineering and Animatronics
There has always been one thing that the people of the world have advanced in. With perusing our imagination and expanding the reach of where we can’t go ourselves, but send robots to do our jobs. This is the world of the now, and the future. This is the world that you are living in. What is robotics? Robotics is an expans...
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The Uses of Power
Power is a quality, a tool, and a weapon utilized for a variety of reasons. It is in the form of a quality in which it gives the possessor, a sense of control. In the form of a weapon, power is possessed in order to produce a negative environment of hurt and punishment. But, in the form of a tool, power may be used in order...
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The Impacts of the Internet on Society
Everyone now knows what the internet is. The Internet is a big world. Now if you ask anyone about anything you want they will tell you, “Go to the internet to know everything about it”. There are more than a billion websites in the internet. The internet makes live very easy. There are some people who think that the interne...
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How Internet Is Impacting Our Lives
Today the internet is more popular than ever. You can see many people using the internet everywhere. You not only see teenagers adults using the internet, but also children. Many people use the internet for different purposes .They can use the internet for work, study, or entertainment. Like President Obama used...
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Impacts of Cell Phones on Society
When a cell phone goes off in a classroom or at the movie, everybody gets irritated; however, they are not in danger. Some cell phone users, however, are more than irritating: They put innocent people’s lives in danger. Many people have witnessed drivers distracted by texting and or talking on the phone and they can resembl...
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Effects of Development in Communication Technology
2. Discuss some issues of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you. Common Application (250-500 words) Tok. Tok. Tok. When the bell rings at 2:20 in the afternoon, students hurry to turn on their cell phones and then rush towards their lockers to get their books and binders. Some ce...
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Off-Label Drug Use
For thousands of years, drugs have been produced to cure diseases and ailments of all different types. Drugs are produced to relieve pain, kill microorganisms, regulate metabolic processes, alter the state of mind, and to sedate patients as needed in hospitals. For quite a long time, drugs were used entirely at the doctor’s...
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Should the Use of Marijuana as a Prescribed Drug Be Allowed?
Medical marijuana should be a medical option, because it helps individuals who suffer from illnesses that prescribed medications have failed to treat, it eliminates side effects, and it is less addictive than other medications that are prescribed to patients. Marijuana comes from the hemp plant and is known as “cannabis sat...
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