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Vernacular Essay Examples

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A Discussion of Vernacular Dialects in the U.S. Schools
What I know about dialects is that everyone has one. Dialects differ in different parts of the country. There are even minor differences in dialects in different parts of the same state. Dialects differ depending on cultures. People sometimes make assumptions (stereotype) you because of your dialect. People in the North and...
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Ebonics Should Not Be Taught in American Schools
EBONICS IS NOT THE ANSWER Over the pass few months, a controversial subject regarding the education of African American students in the Oakland School District has made its way to the top of discussions across America. “Ebonics” or African American Vernacular English (AAVE), or Vernacular Black English (VBE) has been erron...
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Leadership, Honesty, and Teamwork on a Sports Team
Bump, set, spike is three words volleyball players know very well. Free throw, rebound, and dead ball are three concepts basketball players understand. Corner kick, goal, and offside’s are three terms that soccer players grasp very fast. Every sport has different ideals for everything, but there are some ethics that are the...
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An Analysis of the Distinguishing Features of Medieval Drama and Its Christian Content
The distinguishing features of medieval drama are its Christian content and its didactic purpose. Vernacular plays typically dramatized the lives of the saints, stories from the Bible, or moral allegories. The biblical cycle plays, sometimes called mystery plays, were originally performed under church auspices, but by th...
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An Introduction to the Comparison of Richard Rodriguez and Keith Gilyard
The similarity of Richard Rodriguez' and Keith Gilyard's is about the language barrier that each one had experienced in life. Both suffered inferiority complex because they speak their "mother's tongue" They both experienced how it was to be left behind or considered inferior for not speaking the correct English l...
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