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Volunteering Essay Examples

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Volunteering: A Spark in My Heart
Throughout my life, I have always loved making other people feel loved and happy. Little did I know after filling out a few pieces of paperwork, taking a safety quiz, and going to the doctor’s office for a checkup, I’d see so many smiling faces and make new friends every Saturday morning. From then on, my weekends always st...
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My Experiences as a Junior Volunteer at Fairview Ridges Hospita
Volunteering at Fairview Ridges Hospital is a wonderful experience. Providing aid to others I deeply care about and my surrounds is something I really enjoy doing. I have always wanted to volunteer at the hospital ever since I found out that about the program in 8th grade; Even though I wanted to apply early to volunteer at...
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My First Volunteer Journal
I volunteer at the Health Trust nonprofit organization and help at the Food Basket where I prepared meals for drivers to deliver to clients’ houses. I packed breads, milks, juices, fruits, hot meals, and frozen meals into a basket that based on the number for each driver, so they could recheck again when they came to get th...
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My Hobby of Volunteering at Care Centers
Hobby Essay Through out my school career, I strive to be a good student. The pressure in school is really harsh. Sleeping around 1 or 2 am is everyday thing, because I’ve been so dedicated to schoolwork. Stress has always been something I can get around, because my hobby makes me a relaxed person and at the same time see o...
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Why I Want to Become a Pharmacist
I was once told that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments that we are likely to start searching for better answers. As a first generation Arab-American girl, I was introduced early to the tensions between two very differ...
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Should Service Learning Be Mandatory in Higher Education Institutions?
Service learning in higher education is ``an experiential learning
pedagogy that balances the needs of student and community members
involved, links the service and learning through reflective processes,
and if skillfully managed leads to positive student personal, social or
citizenship, career, and intellectual development...
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How My Mum Has Impacted My Life
Ummah, Mae, Matka, Manman, Mutter, Madre. Say it in Korean, Portuguese,
Polish, Haitian, German, or Spanish, but in the end they all mean the
same thing: Mother. According to Merriam Webster's dictionary, the word
``Mother'' is defined as a female parent and ``parent'' is defined as a
person who brings up and cares for anot...
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Why I Want to Be a Veterinarian
It has been twenty two years of my life, and I never seem to be able to find what I like about myself. What I am sure about though, is that I want to be an animal doctor. A veterinarian, who is able to help the animals around the world, and this, is probably the only thing that I like about myself, the only thing I feel pos...
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What Inspired Me to Become a Doctor
A large crowd of spectators was gathering around the frail, almost
lifeless body of a man who had just collapsed and was lying on a gravel
driveway. I yelled for someone to call for help as I noticed that the
man was barely breathing. The gravity of the situation then hit me. I
began to administer CPR as my brain raced with...
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The Value of Volunteering
I started volunteering as a tutor for Danbury public schools on whim, but it has easily become one of the best choices I’ve made so far. Having three siblings that had to take English as a Second Language until third grade, I’m familiar with the struggle of not being able to speak or read the language that is spoken in scho...
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What Inspires Me and My Achievements
My father began working at the age of nine after his mother die of a simple appendicitis operation. He never had the opportunity to go to school or to get an education. He needed to earn money to eat and to help his brothers and sisters. Since I can remember I can hear my dad telling me how important is for him that I go to...
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My Trip to Pakistan: An Experience That Changed My Life
I really didn't want to go there. Peering out the airplane window, I
saw nothing but a few brightly lit buildings in the darkness. A voice on
the loudspeaker announced that we'd be arriving in just a few short
minutes. I'd been sitting in that seat for over fourteen hours and I
felt relieved that I'd be getting up soon. Wel...
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My Experience Working with Special Needs Adults
Over the summer, I had the opportunity to volunteer counsel at Sky Lake for four weeks. Over those four weeks, I had the chance to work with special needs adults with a range of ability levels as well as with elementary campers. When working with special needs adults, it takes a certain level of patience and understanding...
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What I Am Passionate About
I am passionate about many activities, one of which is helping others. I have had many opportunities to assist others. Over the summer I am able to spend a number of weeks at Sky Lake as a volunteer counselor. Through volunteer counseling, I provided elementary campers as well as special needs adults with a fun filled week...
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Volunteering to Help the Baby Boomers
On October 25, 2011, I attended the community service fair in the KCC. There were many tables set up with different opportunities to volunteer in the Bridgewater community. One of the organizations that caught my attention was the Bridgewater Retirement Community. Helping my community at home was something I took a large ro...
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A Life Time Experience
My parents have always stressed too me to be thankful for what I have.
They often tell me to be hardworking and not take the things I have for
granted. I have always agreed but never completely understood. I have
volunteered before to help less fortunate but have always done simple
things like gathering food or cloths for t...
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Reasons Why People Volunteer
People volunteer for many reasons, to meet new people, to help out their community, sometimes they volunteer, because they want be part of something. Others volunteer to share skill and knowledge, to keep them busy. When I was in Nashville TN, I volunteer for the September 11 attacks, I was in elementary school at time I...
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My Experience at Camp Marengo
I turn left onto the gravel road as my heart beats wildly with excitement as I see all the familiar faces of Camp Marengo. It will be my third year counseling. This year it’s for the 5th and 6th grade girls. Camp Marengo is probably one of the best places in the world, bringing everyone closer to God and each other. I ge...
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An Ordinary Day at a Daycare
Small hazel orbs scanned their surroundings as the young man took a deep breath. Volunteering to help at the daycare was indeed a big mistake, for the young man was never good with young children. However, the problem wasn’t just the kids, but his co-worker as well. Amongst the shrieking young children, there stood a boy. D...
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Additional Life Skills I Have Gained
Other than through classes in school, in what areas (non-academic or
academic) have you acquired knowledge or skills? How? During the summer I baby sat a two year old girl in my neighborhood.
Taking care of a child is not an easy task, it takes a lot of patience,
time, and what you can show to a child. I had to change...
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My Short and Long-Term Goals
Discuss your short and long-term goals. Are some of them related? Which
are priorities? One day, my mother and I decided to go ``deaf'' and managed across the
way with our small amount of sign. Our sign vocabulary only consisted
of the basics and the alphabet. At the end of the day, we were annoyed
and exhausted. It was...
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My Personal Profile
Question: Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you. When my mother was 13 years old, she religiously read every one of Judy Blume’s novels. As she finished each book, she carefully put them away in hopes that one day she would have a daugh...
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Article Analysis: The Importance of Volunteering
I chose to read this article because of all the great information I felt was inside. This government document was very lengthy, but had great detail. This document goes to tell that “service is a strong and powerful point of leverage for America.” What exactly does that mean, “point of leverage?” This means that the America...
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Discovering Myself at the Discovery Museum
The four months I volunteered at the Discovery Museum Space and Science Center were months where i got to develope as an individual and further expand my social interaction and communication skills. Volunteering alone helped me become more independent and open to the world around me. I was given an opportunity to interact w...
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Giving Back to the Community
Service learning is a way to help out others who are in need of resources, and it teaches students that being helpful towards a cause is a reward in itself. Books for Africa and the Warehouse of Hope have similar establishments that give to people in need, but in different ways. One organization ships out school textbooks...
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