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What I Learned Essay Examples

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Lessons Learned by Scout and Jem in to Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
To Kill A Mockingbird is a novel of many lessons, by Harper Lee. Scout and Jem are the main characters about six and ten at the beginning. One of the lessons they learned was about judging people before you really know them. 42 A lesson Scout learned from Boo was about judging people. All the kids in the area thought Boo w...
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Reflection on English Class
The thing I liked most about this class was that we had a very good teacher to help us learn new things and some old ones Her name was Ms.Scanlin(AKA Jennifer Scanlin).The thing I didn’t like so much is writing this paper because I hate finals,But all and all this class was very entertaning as well as learning about commas...
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What is Romantic Love
A wise person once said that romantic love is an amazing thing. Even though this statement is true, it doesn’t define what romantic love is. As a woman who is romantically in love with a man, it is my responsibility to define what romantic love is by looking what romantic love is, what romantic love is not and showing the r...
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Freshman Year of College
I knew beginning college would be the start of a new life. Coming here to Alcorn is all that I expected it to be and more. Besides the parties and the many organizations, college life here at Alcorn has so much to offer. In college, I expected to acquire and deal with new things. Such as, becoming more independent, staying...
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My Incredible Progress in English 990
On my first English paragraph test was terrible I felt really sad,
and I almost stared to cry. I learned many skills in this class, which
is really great; I also improve as a writer. I write a little bit more
like a college student, not a high school student. At the beginning of
the class, and I didn't know how to brain sto...
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My Mother: My Source of Inspiration
No matter how hard life seemed for me and my family, I have always
looked on the positive end. When something went wrong, I would always
just look on with a smile. The reason behind it will always seem like a
mystery, but I believe that it is because of the strength that my mother
has taught me. It may seem very cliche to s...
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What I learned in High School
Is there anything in your past that you would like to change? How would you change it if you could? To begin with, I would go back and change my high school years. I slacked off and didn’t do my best. They would always talk to us about these zero level classes and of course, I was like, that will never happen to me. Unfort...
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Lessons from my Neighborhood
When I was 16 I moved to Roseville. It’s a long drive away from Ludington where I use to live. My family is much closer to our relative’s which is why we moved. Now my house is near the main roads. There are many amenities near my house; if I wanted to I could walk down to the store instead of driving my vehicle. In the sum...
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Responses to Bible Verses
Read John 6:22-71 very carefully. It is called ``The Bread of Life''
discourse by Scripture scholars. In this discourse, there are four
distinct groups of people that Jesus is dealing with: The Crowds, The
Jews, The Disciples, and the Twelve. Notice that in verse 22, St. John
is referring to the crowd, and Jesus deals w...
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What I Have Learned from my Travels
I have been lucky in my life. I grew up in the most caring family, from my parents to my third cousins, where I am treated as an equal and loved unconditionally. I have never struggled for food, shelter, or money. I do not take anything for granted and I know how blessed I am. People all around the world deserve what I have...
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