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Winning Novel Essay Examples

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The Importance of Winning in the American Lives Today
Winning has become one of the most important thing in American’s lives. Either it’s winning a little league game to beating the odds in Vegas, everybody wants to be a winner. But the real question is why is American obsessed with winning? Why, is losing so frowned upon? Why can you play so well but if you lose you’re per...
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Is Winning Important?
A well-known coach once said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” I disagree with this statement because winning isn’t the most important thing in an individual’s life. When an individual loses then they learn from it, play for the love of the game, and know what their life values are. One of the most importa...
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Basketball Game Won in the Last Seconds
Yes! Yes! Yes! We won! We won against the second best team in the league. Now we just have to beat the first place team. This team was the hardest to beat. At the beginning of the basketball competition we had versus them and we lost badly by 30 points. They had good players but didn’t have teamwork which was an advantage f...
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A Discussion on the Significance of Winning in Americans' Lives
Winning has become one of the most important thing in Americans lives. Either its winning a little league game to beating the odds in Vegas, everybody wants to be a winner. But the real question is why is American obsessed with winning? Why, is losing so frowned upon? Why can you play so well but if you lose youre perfor...
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An Introduction to the Issue of American Obsession with Winning
Winning has become one of the most important thing in American’s lives. Either it’s winning a little league game to beating the odds in Vegas, everybody wants to be a winner. But the real question is why is American obsessed with winning? Why, is losing so frowned upon? Why can you play so well but if you lose you’re per...
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Analysis of the 1994 Award-Winning Novel Snow Falling on Cedars by American Writer David Guterson
The book Snow Falling on Cedars is about a Japanese man Kabuo Miyanmoto who is on trial for murder. He is accused of murdering a white man, Carl Heine. Much of the story is told through the memories of various characters. It is set in the 1050's in Puget Sound on a fictional island called San Piedro. I think Snow Falling on...
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The Controversial Points of The Color Purple Should Be Discussed in the Classroom
Banned or Not? “Just say You gonna do what your mammy wouldn’t. First he put his thing up against my hip and sort of wiggle it around. Then he grab hold my titties. Then he push his thing inside my *censored*. When that hurt, I cry. He start to choke me, saying You better shut up and get used to it.” (Walker 1-2) If you...
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An Overview of the Plot and Setting of Harper Lee's Award Winning Novel "To Kill A Mockingbird"
To Kill a Mockingbird was written by Harper Lee and was published in 1960. To Kill a Mockingbird won many awards, they are; Pulitzer Prize, 1961, Alabama Library Association award, 1961, Brotherhood Award of National Conference of Christians and Jews, 1961, Bestsellers’ paperback of the year award, 1962. Harper Lee was born...
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Novels Should Be Read and Studied with Interest
As soon as a novel must be read or becomes part of a literary course, the joy of reading it is immediately lost due to the fact that the particular novel may not be interest to the student, the student may hurry to finish the novel and by the extent to which the novel is studied. The joy of reading a novel is lost when a n...
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Victory in a Debate Tournament
It was a bright, new Saturday morning. The weekend. My eyes crack open and glance at the clock, 7:20, they start to close to drift back into sleep. My mind processes the information. It’s 7:20! Heart pounding in my chest, I leap out of bed and book it to my closet to start dressing myself. I was supposed to have been awake...
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A Poem: Today, My Day
Yes, today is the day, Today is my day, I’m going to be me today. I’m off and away to starting my day. With sparrows are chirping, the sun is smiling, I know it’ll be a great day. With a cap on my head, pair of DC on my feet, I start roaming down the street. I’m all on my own and know what I need to know And decide...
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Horse Racing Against My Friend
Clapping, I sigh as she makes her trot circle after another perfect round. Does she ever make mistakes? I walk over to Katie and her horse, Manny, “Nice round, Kate,” I say, patting Manny’s neck. A few minutes later, the awards are announced and I can’t help but cringe, as my trainer whoops when Katie’s name is called fi...
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The Moral Dilemmas Posed by Steven D. Levit and Stephen J. Dubner's Freakonomics
The book Freakonomics is an intriguing hodgepodge of articles teeming with information derived from data analyzed by one of the most well-regarded economists, Steven D. Levit, who sees the world through a unique perspective not even matched by his fellow economists. He doesn’t proclaim to be a man of numbers in fact, at one...
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Winning the Football Game
The old motor to the old activity bus rumbled, all the way to Garner. The ten mile trip seemed to take forever. Whoosh, Whoosh was the only sound that could be heard as the wheels ran through the new puddles that were created earlier that day. It was dead silent you could have heard a pin drop. We all knew what was at stake...
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My Passion: A Short Story
The start of the end; my final year. Last time being a part of something so amazing. Last time stepping foot on this freshly cut green grass. The last time I would feel free, doing what I love. Soccer has been my passion for over thirteen years. I started as just a little girl kicking a ball in her backyard. Breaking gutter...
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Confidence and Support is the Road to Winning
Sweat, mascara, and tears engulfed every player’s face. Everyone’s head was spinning from trying to search for an answer. We had just lost our third conference volleyball game, making our record 0-3. As my team and I proceeded to take a seat on the locker room bench, Ms. Tulip, our coach, broke the silence by asking the que...
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The American Love for Bingo
One of America’s favorite past times is bingo; we all know how to play. Most of us learned in grammar school, but the elderly love it, and one Thursday night I was able to experience the beloved game itself. Not only is the game a great way to kill a monotonous evening, but a bingo parlor can have bustling activates to vita...
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If I Won the Lottery
If I was to win 2 million dollars, but there is a catch. If the catch was in order for me to get one million dollars, I would have to donate the other one million dollars to an organization. I would donate it to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and ALSAC. This hospital is an amazing place to go to. The founder of this...
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The Correlation between Lottery-Winning and Suicides
In the UK, the National Lottery can result in an individual winning millions of pounds. But the question is whether it can also encourage someone to commit suicide or at least make them consider taking our own lives. However there are various sociological variables and factors that must be taken into account such as the soc...
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An Analysis of 'Lord of the Flies'
Title: Lord of the Flies Author:Wiliam Golding Genre: Adventure Characters: Protagonists: Ralph: Twelve years old. Tries to organize the children on the island into a group that works together so all children are fed and have shelter, and most importantly, work to keep a signal fire lit so they make be rescued of...
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A Comparison of the Religion Christianity and Football
Any mans finest hour- his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear- is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle, victorious.(Vince Lobardi.) This saying rings true for every man, woman, race, culture, and religion. In some way, life always has been and always wi...
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The Story About Cobi a Great Championship Winning Sailor
"Ahh, there's no wind today," sighed Cobi as he tacked his sail around and headed for the shore. Cobi was a sailor. Cobi wasn't a typical sailor, Cobi was a National Championship winning sailor. A sailor who thrived on high winds and rough seas, who has accomplished everything there is to accomplish in Canadian...
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The Steps to Take in Order to Win an Argument
How to Win an Argument To win an argument one must keep in mind the following factors: Is the argument worth fighting? Do you have the proper background to win the argument? Who is your opponent? And finally, do I have the proper argumentative behavior. Before getting involved in an argument, you must decide whether...
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A Brief Summary of the Life of A. C. Green and His Religious Beliefs
A.C Green by A.C Green . Green tells about his life and how he made it to the NBA .He also tells how he got closer to God and accepted him as his savior . He also explains , that Christ is more important than cars and money Green was born in Portland , Oregon were he was loved by both of his parents . When Green...
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A History of the Gallipoli Campaign; A Heroic Disaster, Possibly a War-Winning Scheme
The Gallipoli Campaign is recorded in British history and through popular memory as a heroic disaster: a possibly war-winning scheme that ended in complete disarray. The horror of the First World War was encapsulated in this microcosm of the wider conflict. It shared much with the Western Front in terms of the discomfort...
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