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The History and Effects of Compulsory Schooling in America
Compulsory Schooling The history of compulsory schooling and its effects on students in the United States has been drawn out for far too long. Schools mirror more of a factory than an education system “Against School”. The children are shaped and fashioned in a way, not to increase and stimulate individuality, but to creat...
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The Implementation of the Legislation on Inclusive Education of Children with Disabilities
Over the course of many years, education has received lots of reform. Previously, students with disabilities were confined to their own classrooms or even schools, and the education they received was not adequate nor appropriate. Through acts like Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and The Education of All Handicap...
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The Benefits of the Federal Direct Student Loan Program
Essay on the Benefits of the FDSLP Current federal student loans total $864 billion and private student loans total $150 billion, equaling more than $1 trillion in current student debt. Clearly, this is an enormous issue the U.S. is facing, and the government has come up with a solution to simplify this student debt pr...
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An Analysis of American History and the Misrepresentations and Absence Present in Textbooks, and the American Educational System in James W. Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me
"It would be better not to know so many things than to know so many things
that are not so." James W. Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me discusses
American History, and the misrepresentations and absence present in
textbooks and the American educational system. It is an attempt to
illuminate many of the discrepancies between...
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The Unreasonable Price of College Textbooks
Broke and Hungry: The Unforgiving Cost of College Textbooks As I log on to check my bank account online, my heart sinks and my hands shake. After paying for three classes at $313 apiece and my rent, I know it is probably a very sad day for my waning checking account. As it loads, I hope for the best but expect the wor...
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The Similarities of Prisons and Schools in Foucault's Panopticism
Prisons Reflect Institutions such as Schools?        Throughout Foucault’s “Panopticism”, it is easily recognized that there are some parallels from the society that he refers to in his text to the society in which we live today. The idea that those in a society are strategically encompassed around a tower, where they are...
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Student Loan Crisis and Its Consequences to the Current and Future Generations
Something has been crippling society and it is often left unseen; the student loan crisis. The student loan crisis affects current and future generations, the economy and lucrative investments. Current students and alumni burdened with the financial pressures of student loans know that this crisis is very real.According to...
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An Argument in Favor of the Arguments of Ken Robinson and Paulo Freire That Powerpoint is Outdated and an Impractical Method of Education
The Powerpoint Method The essay "Changing Education Paradigms" by Ken Robinson and the book
Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire both touch on education in the
same manner while speaking on different points. While Robinson is more free
and easy-going with his words, Freire is academic and professional.
Robinson s...
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A Proposal to Create an Education System Fit for the American People
MODEST PROPOSAL For creating an education system fit for all people of america. Many countries around the world look at America and chortle at our sadly faulty education system. They see kids with continuously low scores, crippling amounts of work, and impossible standards. Everyone must reach the same level of educat...
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The Decline in the System of Aprenticeship and Trade Schools
A master and apprentice, a combination that has been beneficial to society for thousands of years, so what changed? The tradition of a master accepting apprentices has been a long standing one where there is a need of a trade so one would pass their knowledge onto a student who would then work in that field and eventually d...
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