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The Decline in the System of Aprenticeship and Trade Schools
A master and apprentice, a combination that has been beneficial to society for thousands of years, so what changed? The tradition of a master accepting apprentices has been a long standing one where there is a need of a trade so one would pass their knowledge onto a student who would then work in that field and eventually d...
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A Summary of Articles on Education, Extracurricular Activities and Student Achievement
Brown, Roy Bradley. "An Examination of the Relationship between Participation in School-Sponsored Extracurricular Activities and Student Achievement." Order No. 3313703 The University of Alabama, 2007. Ann Arbor: ProQuest. Web. 2 Mar. 2016. An Examination of the Relationship between Participation in School-Sponsored Extrac...
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An Argument Proposing to Pay High School Students for Doing Their Work
Argument 1 Money. It is an object that everyone strives to get in order to live and survive in this society. It is something essential to live our daily lives and also something that we cannot live without. It is also something that can control someone to do bad deeds or achieve greatness. It can also be used as a brib...
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The Effects of Money on the Educational Opportunities of Childrens
Regardless of political affiliation, socioeconomic class, race, gender, or other classification, most people would argue that they support what is fair. Very few people make statements about the state of the world, the direction of the country economy, and what they believe they deserve while still acknowledging that their...
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Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Education
“An education isn’t how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It’s being able to differentiate between what you know and what you don’t.” ~ Anatole France Introduction Many would agree that education is one of the most important pillars of our society, since it is the main form of training up th...
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The Rising Cost of College Tuition in America
Literary Speech: College Tuitions are Too High Today, a great issue lies ahead of us; a great issue that we will face in the near future. Our journey into college begins in a few years and the problem that we see in the distance affects some people more than others. The tuition prices of colleges have risen greatly over...
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The Issue of High University Tuition Prices and Student Debts
In How to Raise a University’s Profile: Pricing and Packaging by Kevin Carey, we get a glimpse into the ascent— or descent depending on your point of view— of American Universities. Carey interviewed many students in one of these institutions, George Washington University. Some thought their future and aspirations end up ju...
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An Argument against Free Education in America
Many people view college as the first step to a bright future. However, college tuitions are expensive, and students are doing everything possible to pay for it. They are applying for scholarships, working part time, and taking out loans if necessary. Many people are demanding free college tuition. This means that the gover...
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Student Loans: The Bad Decisions in Our College Lives
Student loans are one of the main causes of debt in America, and are very harmful to college students’ futures. Did you know that the total estimated loan debt is more than 1 trillion dollars? Getting a student loan is a terrible choice because even after college, it follows you into your personal life and makes it much har...
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A History of the Rising Cost of Tuition in February 1970 in the United States
The story of the rising cost of tuition break in the USA in February
1970. According to the reluctant consensus raised the cost of attending the
most esteemed institution shoot to $2600 from $200 in 1971. This was the
highest witnessed since the establishment of most institutions including
the Harvard University which got c...
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