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The Rise of College Tuition and the Stable Actual Cost of Attendance in American Schools
From 1995 to 2015, private school tuition and fees rose 179 percent,
while the inflation rate increased by 55.1 percent in the same timeframe.
This data was based on the schools listed in the U.S. News Best Colleges.
Tuition and fees at public universities increased at an even higher rate.
In-state tuition and fees increase...
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A Discussion on the Relation Between a School's Ranking and One's Graduate's Success
It’s back to school season again, which means high school seniors are frantically trying to round up their college applications. They spend weeks crafting the perfect essay, and attempt to summarize their four years of high school into a few mere sentences. Parents watch from near and far, many even assisting, in hopes of a...
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The Issue of Financial Sinkhole in American Colleges and the Role of the Government
How it is possible that the college graduates of one of the wealthiest nations on earth- can’t pay their heating bill? It seems just plain wrong that those good little boys and girls that graduated from high school and went straight to college, as they had been told to do their entire young lives, pay for their groceries vi...
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The Key to Achieving Success
I admit, I have not given too much thought on what my philosophy is on education so I will start out with my approach. From what I have noticed about myself, I am very much into social inclusion. I am a firm believer that a student in secondary education grade levels can learn so much more from a person there own age than t...
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An Evaluation of the Children at Victory Elementary School on Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Today I had the opportunity to evaluate a group of children at Victory Elementary School. I decided beforehand that I was going to invest my time in a class of students on IEPs. An IEP is an Individualized Education Program. This is a specialized curriculum adjusted specifically to the needs of individual students. Students...
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High Educational Cost and Other Reasons for the Closing Down of Chester College
The standards of education have gone down and colleges such as Chester offering higher education that is not related to the work requirements should are being closed. According to Rob Bencini, the education content of most colleges does not meet the requirements that are required by many employees. He asserts that the growt...
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The Challenges with Repaying Student Loans
Education is important to anyone who wants to prosper career wise in this current generation. A lot of jobs need real competent workers and only academic qualifications and experience can ensure there is competence in a person. Students who study in institutions of higher learning are subject to payment of heavy tuition fee...
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College Loan Pricing Before and After Government Intervention
Prices for college have shot up in the last decade and while government has not taken unprecedented action to aid students and make college availability, it is actually because this action to help students that college has become less available. Some may think that by aiding students with their payments, by providing loans,...
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The Effectiveness of an Online Education and Its Similarities and Differences to the Traditional Campus/Classroom Education Model
Prompt 5: Old School v.s. New School Prompt 5: Increasing numbers of people are seeking online education options (from individual classes to entire degrees). Evaluate the value or effectiveness of an online education compare to the traditional campus/classroom education model. Throughout the entire school system, the ty...
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The Negative Impact of Student Debt to Our Economy
The Economic Harm Behind Student Debt In the years of 1970 and 1971, both public and private schools of higher education began raising the price of their tuition; a trend that has continually persisted since. Due to inflation, tuition at these universities had to triple the price of tuition of fees. Today, the average priv...
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GPA Should Not Be the Only Basis for College Admission
The Unfairness Factor One of the primary causes of stress during a potential college student’s senior year in high school is admission. Not all of us know the admissions process and how it varies between colleges and their competitiveness levels, but what we do know is how high the significance of the grade point average (...
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A Critique of the Inefficient Budget Cuts of the Public Universities in the United States
Are Colleges Turning Into A Business? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in October of 2014,
nearly 70% of high school graduates were enrolled in colleges or
universities. As universities become more necessary, tuition prices
skyrocket. Do universities want my money or do they want to educate me? In
The Nati...
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A Discussion on the Causes of High Tuition and the High Stakes That Come Along
High Tuition Causing High Stakes A student’s dream is to get accepted into the college of their choice, whether it is in state or out of state, a big concern of many college students and their families is the cost of college. A big portion of college costs are not just the text books, but the tuition. Colleges like Henders...
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An Analysis of the Gender Bias Still Present in the Educational System
Women have always been viewed differently than men, especially when focusing on education. In the early 1900s, those women who had the advantage of attending school were only allowed to do so because it was believed to “make women better mothers” (Andersen, 2016, pg. 175). Women were seen as only people who gave birth and t...
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An Argument in Favor of Free Tuition in America to Solve Unemployment
Paying the Price for Higher Education “Tuition rates were always low in Germany, but now the German government fully funds the education of its citizens -- and even of foreigners” (Noak). In other countries such as Germany you can attend college for no costs, while in the United States, college students are struggling to p...
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The Idea and Benefits of Low Cost College Education According to Brixby, Schramm, Stoetzer, and Sanders
“If our economy is to be strong, we need the best educated workforce in the world. [...] That will not happen if, every year, hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college, and if millions more leave school deeply in debt” (Brixby). Sanders has been discussing his “College for All Act” for almo...
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The History and Effects of Compulsory Schooling in America
Compulsory Schooling The history of compulsory schooling and its effects on students in the United States has been drawn out for far too long. Schools mirror more of a factory than an education system “Against School”. The children are shaped and fashioned in a way, not to increase and stimulate individuality, but to creat...
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The Implementation of the Legislation on Inclusive Education of Children with Disabilities
Over the course of many years, education has received lots of reform. Previously, students with disabilities were confined to their own classrooms or even schools, and the education they received was not adequate nor appropriate. Through acts like Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and The Education of All Handicap...
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The Benefits of the Federal Direct Student Loan Program
Essay on the Benefits of the FDSLP Current federal student loans total $864 billion and private student loans total $150 billion, equaling more than $1 trillion in current student debt. Clearly, this is an enormous issue the U.S. is facing, and the government has come up with a solution to simplify this student debt pr...
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American History and its Misrepresentations in Textbooks and in the American Educational System in James W. Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me
"It would be better not to know so many things than to know so many things
that are not so." James W. Loewen's Lies My Teacher Told Me discusses
American History, and the misrepresentations and absence present in
textbooks and the American educational system. It is an attempt to
illuminate many of the discrepancies between...
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The Unreasonable Price of College Textbooks
Broke and Hungry: The Unforgiving Cost of College Textbooks As I log on to check my bank account online, my heart sinks and my hands shake. After paying for three classes at $313 apiece and my rent, I know it is probably a very sad day for my waning checking account. As it loads, I hope for the best but expect the wor...
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The Similarities of Prisons and Schools in Foucault's Panopticism
Prisons Reflect Institutions such as Schools?        Throughout Foucault’s “Panopticism”, it is easily recognized that there are some parallels from the society that he refers to in his text to the society in which we live today. The idea that those in a society are strategically encompassed around a tower, where they are...
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Student Loan Crisis and Its Consequences to the Current and Future Generations
Something has been crippling society and it is often left unseen; the student loan crisis. The student loan crisis affects current and future generations, the economy and lucrative investments. Current students and alumni burdened with the financial pressures of student loans know that this crisis is very real.According to...
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An Argument in Favor of the Arguments of Ken Robinson and Paulo Freire That Powerpoint is Outdated and an Impractical Method of Education
The Powerpoint Method The essay "Changing Education Paradigms" by Ken Robinson and the book
Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire both touch on education in the
same manner while speaking on different points. While Robinson is more free
and easy-going with his words, Freire is academic and professional.
Robinson s...
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A Proposal to Create an Education System Fit for the American People
MODEST PROPOSAL For creating an education system fit for all people of america. Many countries around the world look at America and chortle at our sadly faulty education system. They see kids with continuously low scores, crippling amounts of work, and impossible standards. Everyone must reach the same level of educat...
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