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The Importance of Teaching Sex Education in High School
When it comes to most middle school and high school education, you always have the obvious courses that are taught, history, science, mathematics, and english. These are obviously what are considered “required” subjects in the education fields, individual curriculum courses are guided by the U.S. Department of Education, an...
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An Argument Against Using E-Books in Classrooms and School Libraries
The New Age “Okay class get out your iPads”. These few words are becoming used more with each passing school year. One of the many new things that is being introduced into schools are e-books in one-to-one classrooms and school libraries. I believe e-books are not beneficial to the education of all students. There are man...
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A Contrast between the Panoptic Structure and a Chemistry Class
In a civilization comprised of millions of human beings, how do we maintain law and order? Yes, there are laws, rules, and regulations that are written for society to follow, but the question that stands out in my mind is, "who makes the rules and what makes us obey them?" The main concern here is power. Where does it co...
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An Analysis of Regular Classroom and Alternative Education: Which is the Best Method of Education for Me?
My audience for this paper is The Superintendent, The Principal, The Vice Principal, The School Board, Teachers, Staff, Parents, Peers, my English teacher and my English class. My primary purpose for this topic is to show which method of education works best to teach me, regular classroom or alternative education. Childre...
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The Importance of Elementary School as a Foundation of Knowledge
Elementary School is the foundation of knowledge. If a student doesn’t learn the basics then, then odds are that they will be behind for the rest of their academic and perhaps professional career. Arguably, one of the most important skills children learn from a young age is Number Operations in Base Ten. Learning this is th...
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When Should Children Start School?
Every child has to start Kindergarten at some point or another and a problem that is very prevalent with parents is when their children should start school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics the only regulation set by most states for enrolling a child in Kindergarten is whether or not the child’s fi...
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A Review of the Analysis of John Dewey on the Benefits and Disadvantages of Each Schooling Environment in the Book Experience and Education
Analysis of John Dewey When faced with two radically different types of schooling it is hard to say which will succeed and which will fail. In the first two chapters of Experience and Education, John Dewey analyzes the benefits and the disadvantages of each schooling environment. There is not a school that is completely s...
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An Examination of the Practice of Code Switching in the Classroom
Code Switching in the Classroom Most of us adjust the way we speak for the person or people we are speaking to. This can be as subtle as speaking slowly for a child or as obvious as switching to another language entirely. Depending on our situation or surroundings, we may change the way we express ourselves. The term for...
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Why Music Education is Vital for Human and Cultural Development
Over the past decade, policymakers and institutions of education have begun to reprioritize certain programs, determining music education to be of lesser importance than more academically-centered types of education. Many argue that it is of little importance to children who will not become musicians on the professional lev...
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The Non-Academic Factors That Influence the Rise of High School Drop Outs in the United States
Abstract This paper aims to assess some of the non-academic factors that
influence why high school students in the United States drop out of high
school. It will review various policies and plans that have either been
proposed or implemented in an attempt to battle this ongoing problem.
Additionally, this paper will h...
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