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An Overview of the Scientific Protocols for Conducting Experiments in the Online Course Provided by the National Institute of Health
The online course provided by the National Institute of Health covered, generally speaking, the different aspects of safety procedures and protections that must be thoroughly planned out prior to conducting research on human subjects, the history of why these guidelines were put into place, and the ethical principles that h...
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The Negative Effects of Standardized Testing in America
Standardized tests have been a part of the American schooling system since about the mid-1800s, but their use didn’t skyrocket until the early 2000s. After No Child Left Behind (NCLB) passed in 2002, the United States quickly fell from 18th in the world for Math on the Program For International Students Assessment (PISA) to...
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The Importance of Proper Sexual Education among Adolescents
Intro Adolescence is a time for change in all facets in life, especially regarding sexual development. Bodily and hormonal changes in adolescence lead to the development of beliefs and attitudes toward sex. Many adolescents are unsure of what these new feelings are or how to manage them, and many teens begin to look for an...
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Teens Should Be Educated on Safe Sex
Unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections are affecting
teenagers and their families. In the United States, during the year 2010,
"The pregnancy rate among teenagers was 57.4 pregnancies per 1,000 women;
this means that about 6% of teens became pregnant in 2010" (U.S. Teen
Pregnancy). Most of the school syste...
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An Introduction to the Health Education in British Columbia
Abstract        Right now our health education curriculum is missing out on important aspects that shape how healthy we are, called the social determinants of health.  Understanding the social determinants of health is a big part of health literacy and will help students brainstorm ideas to becoming healthier citizens.  Ed...
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