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Higher Education at State Colleges and Universities Should Be Free for All American Citizens
Higher education at state colleges and universities should be free for all American citizens. American citizens who attend State Colleges and Universities at no cost, will not solved all of the nation’s problems that we face today, but maybe a good start. Supplying our citizens with free higher education is one of the be...
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The Problems Caused by the Electoral College in the United States
The Electoral College The Electoral College is a body of people representing the states of the US, who formally cast votes for the election of the president and vice president. It was created for two reasons. The first was to create a buffer between state populations and the selection of a President. The second reason was...
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The Effects of Consumerism in Colleges of America
Edmondson response The culture of consumerism is to American society, as the idea of the American dream is to American culture.“left liberal politics have collided with the ethos of consumerism. The consumer ethos is winning” (334, para 50) The American dream, as so eloquently presented in a quote from the movie Trainsp...
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A Report on the Job Outlook of High School History Teachers
History Teacher Teachers shape the future for children all over the world. This challenging feat is not easily accomplished though, as in order to become a teacher one must go through intensive training. History teachers must meet the tasks given to them, fit numerous qualifications, and take various college courses to be...
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A Discussion on the Shodentsrtcomings of Higher Education and How the Modern American Collegiate System Is Failing Many of Its Students
Popular American culture depicts two increasingly unreal expectations in three very important stages of someone’s life: family life before college, then the famed college experience, and family life after college. Gary Soto’s narrative “Looking for Work” provides excellent examples of the disparities between the model Ameri...
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The Benefits of Taking Online Classes for College Students
Whether or not to take an online class is something almost every college student has to decide at some point in their college career. Taking an online class has both advantages and disadvantages, and students differ on their opinions of online classes. Despite some disadvantages, the flexibility and convenience of online cl...
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The Importance of the University 101 Syllabus
Think of your first day of high school in comparison to your first day of college. All the new people and experiences, all the different rules and expectations; now think of the similarities between the two. The first time you attended a class in either college or high school there must have been some sort of guidelines. Wh...
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Education: The Issues Faced by Public Schools and Universities
Final Paper When registering for courses during orientation, I was put off at the idea of taking a transfer seminar. When I attended Montclair State, new student and transfer seminars were mostly classes that focused strictly on the process of entering and adjusting to the university. However, I discussed my concern wit...
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An Analysis of the Value of Pursuing Higher Education
Higher Education: Worth it or Worthless? In this day and age, it feels like pursuing higher education is a necessity for success. Go to any high school and you’d be hard-pressed to find students who aren’t following up with some sort of higher education (including vocational school, trade school, community colleges, et ce...
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A Study on the Problems with Campus Safety of Cyclists and Pedestrians and the Ways to Improve Conditions
Biking and walking are two of the largest modes of transportation on a college campus. Even though these two methods are so popular, it is becoming more and more dangerous to engage in these modes. Several researchers (Kang, Lei, 2012 and Rodgers, Gregory, 2000) have studied the safety of cyclists and pedestrians in the con...
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