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International Students Need More Than Proficient Vocabulary and Grammar to Be Successful in a British University
International students need more than proficient vocabulary and grammar to be successful in a British university. Vocabulary and Grammar is central to English language because without sufficient vocabulary and proper grammar, one cannot understand others or express their own ideas. Grammar lays the groundwork for effecti...
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The Impact of Stress on Students During the Time of Boarding Exams
The crunch time for students all over the country is to prepare themselves for the board exams. During the board exams millions of students are gearing up for it. This is undoubtedly a hectic schedule for all the students. The examinees work hard and prepare themselves throughout the year; it is the time to test not only th...
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The Road to an Academic Future
I had never seen my parents happier than they were on that day – the day when the JEE results were declared and it came to everyone’s knowledge that I had secured a descent enough rank and earned a spot in the prestigious IITs. It was a matter of pride for my parents since I was on the right path to be the family’s first en...
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The Effects of Extra Curriculum Activities on Universities
Pricing strategies are actions aimed at attaining products maximum price. These include consumer demand, marketing objectives, competitors actions, and economic and market proceedings. The results of a complex set of evaluation, analysis, understanding and risk involvement ability to put a value on a product or a service ar...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Privatization of High School Sports
Privatization of high school sports is a debate that has existed
amongst stakeholders. Privatizing the sector has its own pros and cons and
for this reason, some stakeholders support it while others abhor it. There a number of advantages of privatizing high school sports.
Privatizing means that school administrations...
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Why I Believe College is of Great Value For One's Future
Value of College Every year people all around the world are graduating from high school. After graduating from high school the normal process would be going to college, but some people are starting to question the need for people to go to college for reasons such as why should someone pay that much money for a degree. Even...
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How to Avoid the "Freshman 15" at the University of Alabama
How to Avoid the “Freshman 15” at the University of Alabama We all have heard of the “Freshman 15”. Many kids gain about ten to fifteen pounds during their freshman year in college. With the large variety of fattening foods around most campuses and, frankly, the abundance of alcohol, many kids come home for Thanksgiving...
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A Research on the Mental Health Provision on College Campuses
In previous sections, this work has considered the ‘intersection’ between mental health provision on college campuses and the capacity of students to take advantage of mental health services at their disposal, in the event that they present with mental health disorders common to the college experience, particularly stress-r...
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The Issue of Black Students and Higher Education
BLACK STUDENTS AND HIGHER EDUCATION Since the end of slavery, there has been unrest among black people because of the way society is built around racism and inequality. Among these inequalities is the ability of blacks to get the same level of higher education as white students. The only higher education offered to blacks...
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A Critique of the Use of Economic Theory in Order to Manipulate Financial Aid Packages in the American Higher Education
American higher education is currently going through an ethical re-evaluation in how it admits and educates its students. One dilemma is whether or not to use yield predictions to direct money from financial aid packages towards other good purposes such as increasing faculty salaries. I argue that utilizing economic theory...
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A Research on the Method of Data Gathering in Academic Institutions
To understand how to apply evaluation techniques properly, we must analyze each of the stages to use a proper strategy. Such a strategy would be used to gain the appropriate type of input from everyone involved. The feedback must then be thoroughly examined and reacted to appropriately. By doing this, people be able to find...
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The History of Brigham Young University: A School True to the Gospel and Spirit of God
Brigham Young is famous for his quote, “This is the right place.” He is also famous for the founding of Brigham Young University. This is a school that combines LDS religion and college education. The founding of this school was an important event in Utah’s rich pioneer history. Brigham Young University was established by...
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The Benefits of a Vocational Major in Universities
College students are focusing on courses that will aid them for jobs after they have earned their degree. There have been many disagreements between professors on wither or not vocational training in colleges is necessary. Derek Bok, a former professor at Harvard, trembles on the idea of a Vocational major, in universities,...
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The Dangers of the Initiation Process of Greek Organizations
In our modern society, the dangers and consequences that today’s collegiate sororities and fraternities impose upon their members during the initiation process and beyond are increasingly dire. For many high school students the idea of becoming a brother or sister in these century-old greek organizations appears to be the p...
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An Examination of the Potential Significant Associations Between Academic Dishonesty in Writing with Certain Student Characteristics
Does academic dishonesty in writing differ among various student demographic categories at Emory? The purpose of this study was to examine potential significant associations between certain student characteristics (college year, gender, GPA, credit hours, hours spent on academics and pressure felt to succeed) and thei...
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The Different Issues Concerning Counselling
Counselors have certain ways about doing things. But most don’t know how strict their guidelines really are. The findings of these guidelines and how some counselors treat them, is quite astonishing. When counselors take their degree, they take an oath, but what happens if the issues they must counsel go against their prefe...
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The Challenges Facing College Graduates and Employers
In today’s society and business, getting good grades in classes or being part of the honors program in a college is not enough to land a graduate at their dream job, or even, an average job in their area of interest. With so many graduates applying to the same industries, the competition for a great job can be really hard....
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The Need for America to Focus on Education to Improve Job Security
Free College For a long time I considered studying in a foreign country, and recently I started looking into a lot of schools in Canada. At the University of Saskatchewan, tuition for Canadian citizens pay a tuition starting at approximately $5,000 per year. International students pay approximately 15,000. College is not...
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A Study of the Benefits of College Education
Literature Review It is thought in American society that a college degree is necessary to pursue a prestige high-paying career. More students are taking the path of higher education causing a growth in student and national debt. Rising debt in a fragile economy, horror stories of students drowning in debt, and schools goin...
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A Research on the Relationship Between Happiness and Success of Students
The aim of this research is to take a look at the relationship between happiness and success of students. In this research happiness level of 50 students were measured using the Oxford questionnaire, and it was related to academic success of students using regression analysis of Data Analysis tool in MS Excel. The results i...
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A Study on the Expensive Price of College Textbooks
Research conducted by the Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research
Groups) found that since 2006, the price of college textbooks has risen by
73%, which is four times the rate of inflation. College textbooks are
generally chosen by the professor or instructor of the class and rarely is
the price of the book taken into consid...
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The Controversial Issue of Substantial Credit Card Debt Among College Students
In recent years, college students have begun to face more hardships and challenges than ever before. These issues include rising student loan debt, increasing textbook costs, and the lack of suitable parking. However, one major issue confronting college students today is the increasing amount of students weighed down by sub...
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A Personal Experience of the Pros and Cons of Dorm Life During the College Years
At many other universities, it is required for first years to stay in on-campus housing. Here at COLLEGE, we don’t have such a rule as this which is rather lucky since we are given an option; however, dorm life has had such a positive impact on me that I encourage all first years to live in a dorm for their first year here...
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A Critique of Mark Kingwell's Argument on the Value of College Education
In North America, many young men and women have the opportunity to attend a form of higher education, like a university. However, some students may find it difficult to decide what to study. The social norm appears to push students towards degrees that are considered “useful” or lead to financial gains after university, lik...
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The Flaws of the Current Educational System
Attending college has long been hailed as the next great step towards adulthood, paving the way to finding a job and becoming truly independent. Even so, the assumption that getting a college degree will guarantee employment is a common, albeit overplayed, misconception regarding this stage of liberal education, which alien...
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