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An Overview of Community College as a Smart Choice for College Students
Community College Students “Community college is like the thirteenth grade.” This is a common phrase used by individuals who have never actually attended community college. People constantly say how they feel sorry for someone that went to community college instead of attending a four year university. Those people are ofte...
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The Effect of Phoneaholism in a Student's Life
“Glue in Hand” “Have you been seriously jiggling your food for an hour?” I said. I was already late for class and waiting for my friend Monika to finish her lunch in the cafeteria. Looking at her, glued to her phone for an hour instead of finishing up, I was irritated. These days, it would be astonishing if we didn’t see a...
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The Effect of the Teacher's Dressing Style on the Student's Learning Process
How far does the dressing style of teachers affect students? The relationship between teachers and students has been subject of discussion since long. It has been argued that methods that teachers employ in the classroom shapes the image of the teacher in the eyes of students. However, whether the way the teacher dresses a...
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A Proposal for the Implementation of an Outdoor Education Programs in Colleges
The project that I would like to propose to the Macoskey Center is an educational tour of the center and trails. I think that having outdoor education programs should be brought to the Macoskey center. There are so many cool trails and features of the center but they don’t have a guided walk or information posted throughout...
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Community College Students and the Obstacles to Success
Community college students are facing many barriers on their way to success and one of them is the lack of guidance throughout their academic and career plan. Without a suitable plan that can leads to a future career, students can have meet a lot of difficulties on their way to graduating. To have a greater chance of gradua...
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The Confusion Caused by English and Language Arts on Students
"I Don't Know" In many high schools across America, the classes are too basic:
english or language arts, math (or a fancy term for the type of math being
taught), history or social studies, and science (or a fancy term for the
type of science being studied). But is english really language arts and
history really "soci...
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The Difference between Majoring in Music and Business
Universities always offer a lot of majors for students to choose from. What is interesting about majors is the fact that sometimes they are interrelated and sometimesthey are not. The second case is that of Music and Businessfor they involve different types of language, skills, ways of thinking, and can lead to very differe...
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The Difficulty of Utilizing Group Study Rooms in College
Group Study Rooms and their Current Lack of Helpfulness Finals Week. Two dreaded words in a college student’s vocabulary. The onslaught of finals brings about a flurry of panic and a renewed willingness to study for long hours of the day. WIth this renewed willingness to study also comes the need for a place to study, espe...
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Grades Should Not Be a Measure of Student's Intelligence
Some people say that college is a true test of your intelligence; however, this is not true.How often does this actually show the students ability to actually apply this information that has been taught? John Taylor Gatto once said “Grades don’t measure anything other than your relevant obedience to a manager.” In many case...
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An Examination of the Arguments of Abbott on the Three Conventional Reasons for Getting an Education and Their Irrelevance to the UChicago Students
Abbott starts off boldly: “There is no particular necessity for you to study anything for the next four years” (4). But without studying, many would cry, how do we acquire money, jobs, or intelligence? In his speech, Abbott argues that these three conventional reasons for getting an education do not apply to UChicago studen...
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