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The Benefits of Studying Classical Literature to High School Students
What makes someone an intellectual? Is it ‘book smarts’ or ‘streets smarts’? Gerald Graff introduces a compelling argument in his article “Hidden Intellectualism.” He disputes that although some students do not have an interest in academics, or book smarts, this does not mean that they are not intellectuals. He also explain...
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A Critique of a Journal of Computer Assisted Learning Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Rhetorical Analysis - Children’s Literacy and Texting Does using abbreviations while texting make children more literate? An age old question revisited by Kemp and Bushnell (Professors at the School of Psychology, University of Tasmania), during their study of children’s text messaging. The purpose of this argumentative pa...
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What I Expect from My Undergraduate Experience
In undergraduate colleges, professors in the aggregate tend to teach morals and principles that will guide their students to lead a meaningful life, while also preparing them for a career in the field of their choosing. To live a meaningful life is to fulfill every dream one person can desire, but one must go through trials...
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The Issues Surrounding Reading and Understanding Complex Texts
Reading and understanding complex texts can be a very difficult experience for some readers. These text are often from earlier time periods, and can contain language that is no longer common in day-to-day conversations, is structured using unfamiliar syntax, or alludes to works that are no longer well known. Reading these t...
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The Different Techniques Used to Assist in the Learning of a Second Language
Some of the specific ways in which a teacher can support student development with lower level skills include the use of the creation of an environment that fosters the development of the vocabularies of the students. Furthermore, different representations of objects may be installed in the classrooms that would enable stimu...
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The Variables Used on L2 Readers to Ensure Proper Learning
These variables include the literate actions, the different reading attitudes and he reading attitudes. The literate actions include the different strategies that the L2 reader is using to ensure that they comprehend the L2 language. The different attitudes that the L2 learner has determines the experience that they readers...
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The Application of Literature to Everyday Classrooms to Bridge the Gap Between the Rich and the Poor
To truly advance its nation’s people, America will need to take a look back at the literature of its past and apply those literatures to everyday classrooms. Mike Rose’s claim is that promoting these texts and putting them in the everyday classrooms of America will bridge the gap between the rich and poor and as Mike says...
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Educational Crisis and the Importance of a Reform in the Educational System in the United States
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela Introduction The above quote highlights the importance of education for every society and country around the world. Education is an investment in the youth that can either guarantee a better future for society as a whole or el...
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The Many Different Ways People Can Learn
I have had many relationships over the years. I have had some good friends, and some who were just acquaintances. I am the kind of person, who got nine to ten in the areas of logic, interpersonal on intelligence and learning style quiz. My scores for verbal, musical, intrapersonal, natural, verbal, and kinesthetic were a...
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Fighting Illiteracy in America
Fighting Illiteracy In America Illiteracy is a major problem in the United States, affecting more than 4% of the adult population. There are more than 40 million functionally illiterate adults in the U.S. That's 40 million adults who cannot fill out a job application, write checks on their own, read a magazine, follow wr...
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