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A Review of Learning in English, Learning in Spanish: A Head Start Program Changes Its Approach, an Article by Joan Joungquist and Barbara Martinez-Griego
Article Summary 5: Learning in English, Learning in Spanish Summary This article was written about the Skagit/Islands Head Start program in Washington State. Sixty percent of this particular Head Start’s enrolled families were Latino, with forty percent of these families speaking Spanish as their primary home language. Th...
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The Misconceptions about the Connection between Good Education and Speaking Standard English
The style of English spoken by well educated people is clearer, and better for understanding than other styles. The idea that well educated people speak better cannot be true because there will always be someone who is ‘more highly educated’ then you are. Being “Well Educated” Is a highly opinionated term in society. At...
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The Importance of the Process of Revision for a Good Academic Paper
Reflection Overall, the process of revision has given me a better understanding of what makes a strong academic paper. I previously thought that having a long and detailed paper was the most important thing. Many research studies I have read in the past are long and list many different ideas. After reading feedback on my l...
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A Comparison Between the Literal Definition of Literacy and Comprehension in Cultural Literacy by E.D. Hirsch
“Cultural Literacy” E.D. Hirsch’s “Cultural Literacy” differentiates between the literal definition of literacy- the skill of reading and writing and the comprehension of your particular culture beyond the written language. Hirsch argues that actual literacy is not enough to successfully participate in society, but that in...
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A Discussion on the Impact of Literary Analyzation on Civilization
Literacy and its correlation to critical thinking is often regarded as a mark of societal advancement. In his article “On the Importance of Literary Studies in Making Responsible Citizens”, Mark Boren discusses the impact literary analyzation has on a civilization. When we study books, articles, etc., we are not only learni...
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Education in the United States: The Importance of Art and Music Classes
For many years there has been an ongoing argument about whether or not art and music education programs are important for the fate of America’s youth. Numerous schools have already taken the “necessary” measures to cut art and music programs all-together. Many argue that the fine arts distract students from their basic co...
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The Benefits of Studying Classical Literature to High School Students
What makes someone an intellectual? Is it ‘book smarts’ or ‘streets smarts’? Gerald Graff introduces a compelling argument in his article “Hidden Intellectualism.” He disputes that although some students do not have an interest in academics, or book smarts, this does not mean that they are not intellectuals. He also explain...
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A Critique of a Journal of Computer Assisted Learning Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd
Rhetorical Analysis - Children’s Literacy and Texting Does using abbreviations while texting make children more literate? An age old question revisited by Kemp and Bushnell (Professors at the School of Psychology, University of Tasmania), during their study of children’s text messaging. The purpose of this argumentative pa...
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What I Expect from My Undergraduate Experience
In undergraduate colleges, professors in the aggregate tend to teach morals and principles that will guide their students to lead a meaningful life, while also preparing them for a career in the field of their choosing. To live a meaningful life is to fulfill every dream one person can desire, but one must go through trials...
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The Issues Surrounding Reading and Understanding Complex Texts
Reading and understanding complex texts can be a very difficult experience for some readers. These text are often from earlier time periods, and can contain language that is no longer common in day-to-day conversations, is structured using unfamiliar syntax, or alludes to works that are no longer well known. Reading these t...
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