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The Importance of Extracurricular Activities in a Student's Development
The numerous extracurricular activities that I have participated in throughout my High School and College careers have all impacted me in a variety of ways that have created the person I am today. Although the activities vary from piano practice, to an internship at a professional physics lab, to volunteering at a camp for...
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The Role of CA/CM in College
As the CA/CM is most likely the first person that many freshmen meet besides other freshmen, they can pose a lot of influence on incoming freshmen. As a CA/CM is the first non-freshmen many freshmen meet, they can inform the incoming freshmen on what to expect from college and can help prepare them for their first semeste...
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A Discussion on the Role of School Uniforms in Today's Society
Uniforms are distinct clothing worn by members of the same organization, body or by children attending schools. School uniforms in today’s society help schools stand out and be recognized by society. In our world today, uniforms are used as a tool to unify schools and make the schools different and unique from other school...
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An Evaluation of One of the Action Step Sections
Choose one of the “Action Step” sections. Evaluate the effectiveness of this in your home, school or community. How would you implement some of the civility, peaceful climate and de-escalation strategies? Students, parents and teachers each play an important role in preventing violence in schools. However, in my personal...
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In Favor of Teaching Creatively: Zombies for Education
Today during my English class, my teacher told us that for our next assignment, we would be doing rhetorical analysis on some essays and we were allowed to pick which essay we were to analyze. After she explained the assignment, I asked her if any of the essays were zombie related. My teacher smiled and answered no, all the...
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The Benefits of Introductory Sociology Courses
Introductory courses in sociology have been proven to enhance student’s awareness of social issues and encourage them to be active participants in society. Many introductory courses help shape students’ journeys and paths for the rest of their lives. They create stereotypes and a lasting impression on the different types of...
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Education in the Modern World: A Response to Dewey's, Buber's and Tillich's Views and Proposed Improvments
When observing our current global society, the kinds of people it produces, and the many positive and negative contributions that people give back to their communities, it becomes immediately clear that this society is not ideal and needs tremendous improvement. Although our society is constantly changing and expanding, it...
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The Worth of College for the Students of Baldwin Wallace
In the course English, a variety of topics were discussed during class. These topics spanned from traditional gender stereotypes to using social media responsibly as a job candidate or employee. English 131 taught students how to achieve credibility in an argument, gave students the tools to find quality sources, and provid...
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The Rhetorical Strategies and Arguments in Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Hiadt’s “The Coddling of the American Mind”
Abstract Lukianoff and Haidt argue that a new culture has arisen on college campuses that they call “vindictive protectiveness.” In this culture, students demand to be protected from distressing ideas or thoughts and pounce viciously on any behavior that could be considered offensive or insensitive. Through the use of well...
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A Discussion on Freshman Students Adjusting to the Free Time they Have When They Enter College
When young individuals set off to go to college some have trouble adjusting to their new, exciting, and strange environment and some struggle with making the right decision. Whether that be in school, in their social life, or with their family, making smart and responsible decisions is something that almost every freshman...
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