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Discriminatory Practices That Take Place in School Settings That Affect Children
Addressing the concern of behaviors that affect young children in school settings is assisted with separate clauses and side notes. Discriminatory practices take place in a multitude of ways: and while racism is the ‘poster child’ of the word ‘discrimination’ it is not the sole way that prejudice is expressed. While prejudi...
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The Qualities of an Ideal Student: Good Listening Skills, Ambition, Curiosity, and Hard Work
What are the qualities an ideal student should possess? Although they are very young, the responsibility of securing their future has been given solely to students. They receive guidance from parents and teachers but most of the work must be done by them. Therefore, to be able to fulfil their responsibility, there are a lo...
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A Summary with a Response of Grant Penrod's Essay Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids
Summary with a Response Focusing on Audience and Context In his essay “Anti-Intellectualism: Why We Hate the Smart Kids,” Grant Penrod, Arizona State University student and second-place winner of the Devil Contest, argues that the intellectuals of our society are overshadowed, disregarded, and even hated by the people of...
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A Study of the Impact of Stress and Anxiety on College Students
Abstract In this research essay I have chosen to write about how stress and anxiety impacts the average college student on a day to day basis. Based on the research that I found and analyzed, some of this information had to do not just with the educational standpoint but also the different ethnicities, social and economic...
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A Study on National Survey of College Students
This proposed study over a national survey of college students includes measures of depression and mount of exercise that a student gets is a quantitative research in which the goal is ultimately to determine one or more causal relationship. In this study referring to the relationship between the measure of depression and t...
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The Good Qualities of a Teacher
What are the characteristics of a good teacher? Teaching is a noble profession which involves imparting knowledge to students. Knowledge should not be limited only to academic knowledge but can also englobe the basics of life, that is, how to be disciplined, the importance of respect and so on. The role of imparting such k...
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The Progression of Education in America
Prepared for the Future? Success in our country’s culture today is often measured by whether a person made it out of high school, attended a prestigious college, and landed a lucrative career. Solomon Oritz, the former U.S. Representative for Texas’ 27th congressional district, once said that “education is the key to succe...
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The Views of Ben Tillman and Ida B. Wells on the Issues of Education and Racial Violence
During the Post-Civil War era, the South experienced immense problems
that dealt heavily in the areas of education and racial violence. With the
emergence of radical leaders like Ben Tillman and Ida B. Wells, our country
experienced battles between figures with polar opposite ideals. With Ben
Tillman as an advocate of White...
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The Dangers of Adderall Abuse among College Students
Adderall Addiction as a Growing Issue With the overwhelming increase in the abuse of Adderall and other Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) medications among college students in recent years, online blogs and forums as well as elite academic journals have been storming with discussion and debate over possible sol...
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Prison Inmates Should Not Be Allowed to Take College Courses
I think prison inmates should not be allowed to take college courses because they don't deserve it, they would have college courses handed to them on the silver platter, and the prison inmates would not have to pay for it, the department or the taxpayers would. The first reason they should not be allowed is because they...
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