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An Experiment on the Difference Between Students and Inmates and the Works of Foucalt on Freedom
“Locks” on Freedom Michel Foucault is a writer who writes seemingly pessimistic works on freedom, surveillance on average citizens, and authority figures. Throughout his writing, Foucault portrays the governmental and authority figures of his written society to be overbearing and manipulative, controlling the every move of...
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The Educational System Should Adapt in the Changing Times
What Should be Taught in Schools? Education is the basic knowledge needed for our lives and our futures. From education, we can take away the skills we need to survive in our society. It is the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills, as for a profession. Throughout history, the main values...
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Teaching Abstinence, Protection, and the Possible Repercussion of Engaging in Sexual Activities Through Sex Education
Abstinencefrom sex, or performing self-restraint and self-denial from sex, is an age-old concept. Whether it be for personal, cultural, or religious reasons, many young people are taught to abstain from having sex for as long as possible, usually until marriage. They are taught this in hopes of preserving their purity, avoi...
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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional and Progressive Education
“The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” By Jean Piaget. During the last years we could see that education has been improved in many aspects all over the world. What most educational instituti...
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An Argument against the Implementation of Longer School Years
Why we Shouldn’t Have Longer School Years There is no need for longer school year, and a higher quantity of education would not be worth the stress it causes the student if it is not equal to the quality of the education, for, following common core standards, it would just push the US further towards the almost robotic min...
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A Comparison of the Differences of Traditional Schooling and Online Schooling
Lively Art of Writing – Touch of Irony: Traditionally Better For the student, the dreaded alarm clock sounds, blaring its obnoxious, unrelenting tone much unappreciated in the early morning. After rushing through his daily hygienic routine and getting dressed, the student frantically searches the kitchen for some sort rese...
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An Examination of the Factors Contributing to a Student's Gap in Achievements
In and Out of School Academics can certainly make a case for different reasons that result in inequality in achievement across different socioeconomic groups and races. There are a multitude of aspects of life in low-income areas that contribute to a gap in achievement. The fact that the gap exists, however, is not up f...
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The Steps in Creating an Effective Lesson Plan
My educational mottos are “never quit” when faced with adversity and “practice follow perfection.” The latter holds ground in my assignment as my colleagues and I for the second time attempt to engender a comprehensive lesson plan to fully expand on previously learned lesson planning techniques to maximize each fundamental...
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A Report on an Interview with a Teacher: The Art of Creating Possibly the Best Learning Environment for Students
During my comprehensive interview with an experienced influential educator, vital criterion such as passion, cultural sensitivity, classroom management, and subject mastery engender an exemplary learning environment for all types of students. The interviewee, White-European middle-class female, has over fifteen years of tea...
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An Analysis of the Education System in against School by John Gatto
Public schooling is nonetheless a place to receive a rock-solid education, or as so they say. Education and school are something that supposedly correlates together, yet many U.S. students that attend public school pass through with only a percentage of what they were taught and even less than students in other parts of the...
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