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An Explanation of the Reasons Behind the Over-Representation of Mathematics and Science Courses
Asian and Asian-Americans have great success stories in education. They are over-represented in math and science degrees and careers including engineering, medicine, and architecture in the prestigious universities in the US. They go a long way in achieving “the American dream” of getting a good education, excellent jobs, a...
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A Solution to the Lack of Math and Science Education in the United States
Educational Exceptionalism Among the many subjects American students encounter throughout their school careers, none are as important to the future of the nation as math and science. This does not go to say that other subjects such as English and the social sciences are inferior, but the relevance to economic progression...
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Methods,Tools and Techniques for Teaching Algebra
Throughout my thematic unit, the chosen universal subject is Algebra. Because many subjects in mathematics correlate and interconnect among each other, the choice to select Algebra was both for the numerous and diverse pragmatic applications to real life situations and my personal high proficiency and comfortability with th...
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Teaching Mathematics: Scope and Sequence and the Importance of Problem-Solving Based Learning
During my research in this scope and sequence assignment, the presence of the common core state standards (CCSS) was universal throughout the matrix. For example, the main concept of algebraic thinking and operations is clustered throughout grade levels K to 5 in the CCSS’s benchmarks (Education, 2010). Each grade level is...
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A Classroom Observation Report: Tools and Techniques Used During a Math Lesson
Background information on field experience school: Miami Coral Park Senior High School has 2,891 students of which 92% are Hispanic, 2% are Black, 4% White, and 2% Asian. 13% of the school’s students are ELL/LEP. The grades levels are 9-12 and the school has a title I status. The teacher, Mr. Shamdasani, is in charge of th...
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A Review of Math Assumptions by Jennifer Bay-Williams and Sherri Martinie
If you’ve completed third or fourth grade math education you know that the saying “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” isn’t really a letter of excusal, but an acronym for remembering the order of mathematical operations as they pertain to mixed operational math problems and equations. In their article titled, “Order of Opera...
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The Implementation of JUMP Math and Role in Education Improvement in the Curriculum of Native American Students
Native Americans have been undermined in the United States ever since Europeans ventured across the Atlantic Ocean and struck land. They have been constantly mistreated and neglected throughout history. In modern society, there is finally a push to recognize Native Americanstruggles and address them to the best of the gover...
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The Use of Textual Evidence in Classrooms
Literacy is not just reading a book; there are multiple ways of communicating information in the classroom, including audibly, visually, physically, or emotionally portraying it to your students. There is not just one simple media that can encompass all forms of information relevant to any given topic, in order to become a...
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A Description of the History Often Tracing Back To Primary Sources
In teaching, regardless of the subject or topic, history and the origins of the information being taught is critical. This history often traces back to primary sources, frequently ranging back centuries and “written in language that differs radically from our own. Original documents pose challenges that daunt our best reade...
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