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Supporting Music Education for Young Students by Voting in School Levies
Music education is a vital part of education for young students. However, the amount of music education in schools has been declining for years, affecting thousands of students all over the United States. The benefits that music can give students, ages 4-18, are incredibly valuable and can also help students in other acad...
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The Importance of Music and Arts in the School Curriculum
In times of economic hardship, many school officials are looking to
cut unneeded programs from the budget. Their heads turn not toward
football, basketball, cheerleading, or other athletic-related events, but
toward the arts programs. Academically, socially, and developmentally, this
is absolutely the wrong decision. Music...
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The Significance of the Student Lounge in the Newman Center for the Students of Lamont School of Music
The student lounge in the Newman Center for Performing arts is where many students of the Lamont School of Music spend most of their time. Music students are continually walking in and out of the lounge to make lunch, get an instrument from their locker, study for a test, or just talk to friends. The lounge creates a consis...
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The Sole Purpose and Goal of a Music Educator
When my future students look back on me after thirty years, I don’t want them to remember how miserable they might have been in my classroom. I don’t want them to remember that one off-day they were having, or that one child who was picking on them. While we all may have these memories, this is not how I want my students to...
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A Personal Philosophy for Teaching Music
So far, my musical journey has taken me many wonderful places. I remember when I picked up my first string bass. Just the feeling of holding this instrument at first was too much for me to handle, but would end up taking me many wonderful places over the next ten years! The first eighteen years of my life was an exposure to...
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How Music Education Has Changed in the Last Sixty Years and What Has Made It Change
Music education has changed a lot in the last sixty years. One can look back at the reform starting in the 1950s and trace the evolution of music education into current times. Major factors that changed in music education such as professional development for teachers and a shift from performance only based lessons have made...
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The Importance of Music in School
March 25, 2015 Importance of Music in School As of lately, schools have been going through major budget cuts in every area as you may have heard anywhere on the news. Here in Arizona most of these cuts have been to their music programs. In some districts this has caused music programs to be ceased all together because t...
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