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The Goals of Getting Education and Attending School Throughout History
It’s to most people’s understanding that their experiences are one of a kind. Unbeknownst to them, the experiences they have can easily compare to their fellow peers as well as date back to ancient times. Dating all the way back to 252 BC, students such as Horace were being sent off to school in search of bettering themselv...
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Quality Teaching and Learning Experience in Science Through Play
Teaching for Quality Learning in Science through Play Introduction Play is a critical factor in early learning. Play has been linked with
development of intellectual skills and good understanding of natural
phenomenon in children. From a young age, children have a huge desire to
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A Reflection on Science Teachers' Analogical Reasoning, an Article by N. B. Mozzer and R. Justi
Scientific Journal Article Essay Article: Mozzer, N. B. & Justi, R. (2013) Science Teachers' Analogical
Reasoning. Research in Science Education, 43, 1689-1713. Synopsis The use of analogy to explain the unfamiliar is commonplace in
science teaching. Metallic bonding is described as a "sea of electrons",
double di...
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An Analysis of Practical Work in School Science: Which Way Now by J. J. Wellington
On Osborne's Criticism of Labs In a chapter from J.J. Wellington's Practical work in school science:
which way now? (1998) titled, Science education without a laboratory?,
Jonathan Osborne intrepidly argues that educators are overemphasizing
practical work in the science classroom. At first glance, the notion of
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