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A Review of Helping Students Use Textual Sources Persuasively, an Essay by Margaret Kantz
“The task of writing researched papers that express original arguments presents many difficulties” (70). Have you ever had difficulty writing any type of paper because you didn’t know what the teacher wanted? That is how I always feel at the beginning of the semester, and how I felt when I wrote the first paper for this cl...
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The Separation of Universities and Athletes
Sure, sports are great. According to Gumbrecht, sports “can help us recuperate a positive feeling for the physicality of our existence in a physical universe” and develop “the athletic drive to go further, to go where no body has ever gone before” (B10; 72). But do athletics programs have to piggyback off university funds?...
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Teaching Sign Language in American Classrooms
Sign Language in American Classrooms
 Imagine someone walking down the street with friends, and seeing two people having a conversation with their hands. This person probably has the idea that these two people are communicating via sign language, however not many people are able to tell what words are being signed back and...
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The Benefits of Including Arts in Education
Delicious aromas filling the air, an elegant ambience, and a starving stomach are all the components of a great buffet restaurant. But the primary reason to visit is the different varieties of foods. When visiting a buffet one should already expect to choose small servings of everything appealing to their watering taste bud...
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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Giving the Perks of Tenure to Teachers
A recent controversial topic that has popped up in our society is whether or not teachers should receive tenure with their jobs. One side of the argument agrees that they should, for teachers are susceptible to much scrutiny and controversy that could make it easier to lose their positions than another type of career. How...
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The Flaws in the Standardized Testing System
Standardized Spending Anyone who has survived the twelve years of education leading up to college, has experienced the mess of a test system that supposedly measures our educational success; standardized testing. The tests aren’t new, they’ve been part of the American education system since the mid 1800’s as an “objective...
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A Study on the Usefulness of Facebook as a Communication Tool in Universities
In the following paragraphs, I intend to provide information on how Facebook is used as a communication tool for universities. Specifically, the Midlands State University. I will then evaluate the article an explain how it is useful when learning about communication. I chose this specific article because Facebook is a huge...
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Technology Should Only Be Used to Educate inside the Classroom
Classroom Technology The use of electronic technology should not necessarily be required in a college classroom because it takes away from the one-on-one classroom teaching experience. Electronics are being made as to where a person only has the need to type something in and they will have it right at their fingertips, but...
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College Campuses Should Not Turn a Blind Eye on Drug Use
“…because of their relative affluence, seclusion, access to legal counsel, and the policing by a university police rather than city police, when their illegal behavior is exposed, they almost never face the ire of drug war hawks” (Mohamed, 2006). The war on drugs ignores a significant segment of drug dealing and using Ame...
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An Attempt to Gain Insight into the Japanese High School Atmosphere
Okayama Minami High School is a local prefectural school in Okayama specializing in specialty training in preparation for the workforce and university curriculum. Minami High School teaches English to Japanese students and promotes polite and unencumbered communication between native Japanese speakers and foreign exchange s...
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