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A Comparison between Two Articles on Educational Systems, Christie Bledsoe's The Best Education: A Review of Ripley's The Smartest Kids in the World, and Anu Partanen's Finland's School Success: What Americans Keep Ignoring
How do you think schools should be run? Think about it on different levels: from the staff to the lunches, and even the curriculum. The American educational system is a topic of much debate, yet many still don’t want to face the facts or talk about the real problems we face within it. The two articles that were required for...
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An Analysis of the Efficient Way for Memorization
All people learn differently, but what is the quickest and most efficient way for memorization? The answer seems simple, but many people do not know that effortful processing is the overall best way to learn and grow in our knowledge. What is effortful Processing? According to Cognitive Atlas, effortful processing is “learn...
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Dropping Quality of the Educational Systems in the United States
Do you think the education you have now is the best? According to the Programme for International Student, a test taken by half a million students around the world, it shows that the U.S. is falling behind. The purpose of this test is to gauge how students worldwide use the materials learned in school and to take a global s...
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A Proposal for a New Kind of College Entrance Exam
Abstract This paper focuses on introducing a new kind of college entrance exam that should be used in the 21st century. The SAT only measures one kind of intelligence. The 21st century is a new age that requires a holistic way of thinking, incorporating all three intelligences that psychologist Robert Sternberg’s has propo...
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Standardized Testing - Is It Effective?
Standardized Testing: Is It Effective? I nervously bounce my knee as I focus all of my energy on the Scantron form and test booklet laying on the desk in front of me. These next four hours could determine the rest of my life. I glance around the room at the thirty other students who are in the same position as I am. I real...
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An Argument against the Standardized Testing in the United States
Rhetorical Analysis of TED Talk In his TED Talk from December 4, 2012, entitled “None of the Above–Why Standardized Testing Fails”, Bob Sternberg argues against the use of standardized testing in our education, specifically the college admission process. In order to make an effective argument that standardized tests are an...
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An Argument against the SAT, ACT, PSAT Tests
Standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT cripple the
nation's youth with expectations that are not reasonable for everyone to
reach. Judging every student by the same test does little to recognize that
everyone is different and have their own talents. Some people are bad with
tests and simply do not test well under...
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The Impact of Teachers on a Student's Learning Experience
Attitudes Towards Education: The Impact of Teachers Education seems to be the foundation of American society these days because it is the catalyst for individuals to achieve success. It is extremely difficult to begin a lucrative career now without having at least graduated from high school, if not also having a college de...
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An Analysis of the Usefulness of the Vistas Introducción a la Lengua Española Textbook
Introduction "Vistas Introducción a la Lengua Española" 4th edition is a very well-organized textbook. Its table of contents is visually appealing and is easy to read. Anyone would be able to find which page to turn to for a certain concept in the lección. Each lección has five components: contextos, fotonovela, cultura, e...
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The Impact and Application of Technology in the Classroom
Introduction The way technology effects a college students can vary in many ways. Many studies have proved that using technology in college classrooms had a mostly positive outcome. One study found that 70 percent of students learn better when they have classes that are partially a physical class with a teacher verbally t...
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