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A Discussion on the Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Learning
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning. The 21st Century is characterized mostly by the evolution of the world of technology. In light of this, the debate regarding the implementation of e-learning becomes subject of interest since e-learning has its own good and bad side. It is to be noted that e-learning...
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Researching the Theme of Reception for a Group Project
Field Site Assessment The theme of my group’s project is reception, which fits nicely with the experiences that I had at West Kearns Elementary in Ms. Dickson’s fifth grade classroom. What my group is doing with the reception theme, is taking what we saw at our field sites, and deciding what were good examples of reception...
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An Argument Against the Concept of Making Art and Music Classes a Standard Course
What if you had one slot left for a class to pick, but two choices. The class you really want and any art or music class. You had your heart set on this class since last year. But before you can choose, you learn that those art and music classes are now a standard class, which means you have no choice to take it. Certain pe...
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The Influence of Street Culture in The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace and the Solutions to Prevent Students from Getting Involved with Bad Company
Street Culture at School: How It Works and Proposed Solutions Jeff Hobbs’ The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace illustrates the unhappy story of a promising youth who winds up tied down to the street culture of his neighborhood and dies during his involvement in illegal drug trade around that area. The young man, Rober...
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The Benefits of a Year-Round Schooling Concept
Year-Round Schooling Year-round schooling is a fairly new concept. Instead of going to school for 10 months and having 2 months off, students would go to school throughout the entire year with small breaks in between. This type of schooling will help students to have a greater enjoyment of school and will help them retain...
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A Cross Tabulation Analysis of the Variables of Property Crime and Student Enrollment in Various Higher Learning Institutions
Quantitative research comprises of the analysis of relationships between different variables. To this end, such analysis, be it regression analysis, ANOVA among others, is key towards the extended comprehension of the quantitative data at hand. Cross tabulation of quantitative data refers to a means of analysis which unveil...
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An Analysis of an Article About How First-Year University Students Rely Too Much on Wikipedia and Don't Put Much Effort in Their Studies
"Profs blast lazy first-year students" Essay "Profs blast lazy first-year students" is an article from the Toronto
Star about how the current generation of first-year university students are
less mature, relies too much on Wikipedia, and expects success without much
effort. The generation mentioned in the article is...
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An Argument Against Eliminating the Humanities from Educational Systems in Favor of STEM Education
The age old expression “there are always two sides to a story” is a very important adage when applied to education. Liberal Arts colleges have changed and adapted this saying to fit their style of education. The institutions of higher learning often have students take courses that talk about a similar concept, but from di...
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An Argument in Favor of Equally Promoting Liberal Arts Education and STEM Education
In many modern societies, there has been a push in schools to emphasize the STEM fields (Science, technology, engineering and math). While there are many societal benefits such as to this educational trend, such as new technologies and scientific advancements. However, there are just as many flaws. While test scores in t...
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The Practical and Exciting Uses of Technology in Classrooms
We as human beings have invented many things during our existence on Earth. We have invented cars, to help us get from point A to point B faster than walking or horseback riding. We have also invented the telegraph, to allow us to communicate with each other from long distances. These inventions or technologies so to speak,...
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A Recommendation of Communication Strategies to Improve Intercommunication Among Teams and the School for the Middle School (MMS)
Part 1 The Middle School’s (MMS) qualities and capabilities for learning are, like most organizations, built around Gavin’s (2008) building blocks of the learning organization. Each of the three building blocks have components that my organization has, and components that my organization does not have. When considering b...
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An Intervention Plan for Students with the Use of Oettingen's and Gollwitzer's Strategies of Setting and Implementing Goals
In “Strategies of Setting and Implementing Goals” Oettingen and Gollwitzer perform research in self-regulating one’s goal pursuits. They find that successful goals pursuit depends on both goal setting and goal implementation. For successful goal setting, individuals ought to set goals that (1) promote positive outcomes rath...
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The Three Forms of Sex Education in the United States
When it comes to education in the United States, we excel in a lot of places, such as mathematics, science, and English are just a few to name. However, health class seems to be one of those classes that students do not really pay attention in. Even worse, when the subject of Sexual Education comes up that one week or one s...
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The Different Kinds of Sex Education and the Issues with Abstinence
Education is a must have in schools in our country and world today; it literally defines where our country sits in the world when it comes to how intelligent and well rounded our students are. However, one subjects that seems to get the least attention and is seen as the least important is health. Health is the generalized...
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The Overlooked Sex Education in the Education System in America
Education is a must have in schools in our country and world today; it literally defines where our country sits in the world when it comes to how intelligent and well rounded our students are. However, one subjects that seems to get the least attention and is seen as the least important in the United States is health. Healt...
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The Importance of Further Education and Development as a Human Resources Professional
Human Resources Professionals have a constant need for further growth and development. This profession is ever changing in several aspects, and due to such change, requires the professional to always maintain a plan of development and continued growth. The Human Resources field changes as new methods to dealing with emplo...
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A Comprehension in English Versus Spanish as an English Tutor
Article Usage: Comprehension in English Versus Spanish I work as an English tutor, and I often run into non-native English speakers, otherwise known as students who grew up using a language other than English. In a session last week, a student came in with a concern for his grammar usage in an English paper because his fir...
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A Comparison of Articles on Educational Systems, Christie Bledsoe's The Best Education and Anu Partanen's Finland's School Success: What Americans Keep Ignoring
How do you think schools should be run? Think about it on different levels: from the staff to the lunches, and even the curriculum. The American educational system is a topic of much debate, yet many still don’t want to face the facts or talk about the real problems we face within it. The two articles that were required for...
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An Analysis of the Efficient Way for Memorization
All people learn differently, but what is the quickest and most efficient way for memorization? The answer seems simple, but many people do not know that effortful processing is the overall best way to learn and grow in our knowledge. What is effortful Processing? According to Cognitive Atlas, effortful processing is “learn...
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Dropping Quality of the Educational Systems in the United States
Do you think the education you have now is the best? According to the Programme for International Student, a test taken by half a million students around the world, it shows that the U.S. is falling behind. The purpose of this test is to gauge how students worldwide use the materials learned in school and to take a global s...
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A Career to Help Foster the Growth of Young Children
My professional background is in helping to create a supportive learning environment for young children. I have visited many different homes of teen moms that have children between the ages of 4 weeks and 3 years old. My experience is in a wide range of different topics related to education. In some cases, I would work with...
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Standardized Testing: Is It Effective?
Standardized Testing: Is It Effective? I nervously bounce my knee as I focus all of my energy on the Scantron form and test booklet laying on the desk in front of me. These next four hours could determine the rest of my life. I glance around the room at the thirty other students who are in the same position as I am. I real...
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Alternative Viewpoints on Standardized Testing
Alternative Viewpoints on Standardized Testing The debate over the use of standardized testing is a highly controversial issue with several different viewpoints, the most common being that it must be stopped because the negatives outweigh the positives and those believing that the use of testing should continue. One partic...
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An Argument against the Standardized Testing in the United States
Rhetorical Analysis of TED Talk In his TED Talk from December 4, 2012, entitled “None of the Above–Why Standardized Testing Fails”, Bob Sternberg argues against the use of standardized testing in our education, specifically the college admission process. In order to make an effective argument that standardized tests are an...
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An Argument against the SAT, ACT, PSAT Tests
Standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, and ACT cripple the
nation's youth with expectations that are not reasonable for everyone to
reach. Judging every student by the same test does little to recognize that
everyone is different and have their own talents. Some people are bad with
tests and simply do not test well under...
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