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College Campuses Should Not Turn a Blind Eye on Drug Use
“…because of their relative affluence, seclusion, access to legal counsel, and the policing by a university police rather than city police, when their illegal behavior is exposed, they almost never face the ire of drug war hawks” (Mohamed, 2006). The war on drugs ignores a significant segment of drug dealing and using Ame...
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A Discussion on the Use of Technology in the Classroom
Long past are the days when teachers delivered lessons employing just a piece of chalk, a blackboard and a book. Today, more than ever before, it is an undeniable fact that technology has become an essential part of people’s lives and especially, of younger learners who are growing up with technology as a natural and integr...
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A Report on the Jane Elliot Experiment and the Reactions of the Students
1. Why did Jane Elliot set up the experiment? After the shooting of Martin Luther King Jr., a teacher was wondering how to tell explain to their students what it might meant. Her children said to her that a king was shot and asked why said king was shot. Of course, she wasn't sure how to speak about discrimination and so s...
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A Report on the Analysis and Suitability of My Two Future Career Options
Introduction In this report I will consider the suitability of, and analyse, two future career options. Using a skills/self awareness audit (see appendice 1) (University of Ulster, 2015), I will compare my capabilities and qualities in relation to my chosen career, and will produce a gap analysis and action plan. Career o...
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A Report on the Difficulties and Limitations of Developing an Automated Computerized Information Technology System for the Office of the Graduate School
The management and organization of papers detailing the
information regarding the students' organization are cumbersome endeavors.
It becomes even more tiresome and time-consuming when it comes to tracking
the progress of the graduate student from the point of application to the
completion of their course. Additionally, all...
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The System of Year-Round School Should Be Abolished
“Now is an ideal time to consider a complete overhaul of the American educational system. Past reform efforts have tinkered with the system rather than changed it. “Major” reform efforts have not been major at all; having been designed to work within the confines of the present obsolete system (Allen 2).” This paper will ou...
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Greco-Roman Influences on Medieval Education
Medieval Education and it's Greco-Roman Influences Education in medieval Europe was largely restricted and scientific research
slowed down to a crawl immediately following the collapse of the Western
Roman Empire. This essay examines how Greco-Roman writings and ideas
affected medieval learning. To assist in my thesis, I w...
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The Importance of Finishing College to Have a Better Future
It is one the topics that has been discussed for years. But it is coming to the foreground for the first time in a while in politics; people want to attend college but can’t for many reasons. Whether it be finances or not having a good enough high school education to get accepted to an institution of higher education. We li...
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Helping a Design Teacher Solve Classroom Problems
Defining the problem: As a student of the Design Technology class, my teacher, Mr. Castleton, has many problems that needed to be fixed. One of those problems I have taken up to myself to try to help him out and the class. The problem: In the classroom there are computers on top of a small table. Each desk currently ha...
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An Analysis of the Math Suspension Case of Gordon Adams at Arizona State University
It has come to our attention that Gordon Adams, a student going to our school at Arizona State University, wishes to ‘suspend’ his required math courses because it is getting in the way of his goal of becoming a legal counsel for his Pawnee Tribe of Oklahoma. Although the math courses in this school are required for every...
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