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A Study on Self Directed Learning Activities for Twelve Weeks on 80 Learners
One 12 week experimental study that was performed with 80 learners, 40 being Communication Art majors and the other 40 were Business Administration students. Every single student were taught through self directed learning activities for twelve weeks for the sake of this experiment. The test used in this experiment included...
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The Corruption of English Students as a Consequence of Using the Internet for Shirking Homework
Corruption of English Students by the Internet Now a days students shirk their responsibility of homework, and instead take an easier route. With the spread of the Internet, and easy access to it students have become able to access it to get around doing their homework. This has only become a problem in the latter half of...
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The Lack of Diversity in the Teaching Profession
All around the world, students are educated in an environment that includes a division between race, class and gender. Many of these factors may or may not affect the education of the students, factors that could potentially alter their point of views on global issues for the rest of their lives. The lack of diversity can b...
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The True Definition of Being Educated
Education is central in everyone’s world it’s what makes us, separates us from each other by the way we use it and view it. Education is a subjective thing that differs from person to person in their definition to be educated. It’s also a different quest for people to see what fits their view and scope of education on what...
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The Importance and Objective of Teaching Technology to Students
Throughout history, school reforms are engendered from diverse teaching philosophies influenced by societies’ objective to advance the populace, including schools, through innovation. Among vital school reforms is technology, non-existent in the classroom from the past, integrated into the curriculum and an eminent tool for...
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A Computer Savvy Lesson Plan: Incorporating Many Uses of Technology Into a Classroom
In this intriguing assignment, the objective is to engender or modify a lesson plan and incorporate the many uses of technology to enhance and engage the curriculum’s subject. During the process, criteria such as lesson’s description, objective, standards, procedure, and materials are elaborated and integrated with technolo...
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Benefits of Using WebQuests in Schools
In the assignment to evaluate a WebQuest, an online activity to develop further comprehension, satisfying multiple standards by only using online resources to score each assignment based on multiple categories for example, visual appeal, cognitive level, scaffolding, and quality, achieves the task of incorporating technolog...
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The Effectiveness of Constructivist and Sociocultural Theories in Teaching
At this stage in a pre-service teacher’s education, there are many theories that a successful teacher must be aware of for student’s success in education. Two theories that are proven effective in teachers are constructivist and sociocultural theories. A teacher that utilizes the concepts in each theory is more effective th...
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An Overview of Competitive Learning Through Various Research
Throughout the numerous improvements in education there is a present movement from teacher to student-centered pedagogy which yields as being the most effective method of instruction. One of the oldest instructional strategies to utilize in a teacher-centered teaching philosophy is competitive learning and resembles the typ...
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Art Education: My Ideas for Art Classes
Introduction Art is a catalyst for expanding learning in other classes. Children
will be able to have an aesthetic sensibilities and inventive capacities.
Art is a great way for kids to express and learn differently. Art stimulate
the minds of many young children. You would be surprised by what children
can design....
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