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The Role of Educators to Connect and Influence Students to Do More Than Their Virtual World
Preventing the Pressure It is quite evident by today’s youth that many have become extremely accustomed to the improvements of the Internet as a source of entertainment. Instead of adhering to an individual’s academics, it has influenced a majority of the younger generation to look at their phones in attempts to fulfill...
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''Food and Nutrition'' Should Be Removed from the School Curriculum
If you could remove one subject from your school curriculum, what would it be and why? The school curriculum is a program designed to improve the skills of students in specific domains by introducing them to specific subjects. Of course, not all subjects will be loved by students. If I could remove one subject from the sch...
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A Report on How Social Media is Useful, Educational, and Effective in Education
While researching for social media in education a few websites and articles about social media has been taking teachers and students to realize how useful social media can be in education. Through this research there were many facts that could help teachers and students understand better about social media and how it can h...
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A History of Urban Universities
The creation of urban universities begins in 1754 with the founding of Columbia University, then Kings College. The other institutions we now designate as urban universities began opening around the early 1800s. University of Louisville, the next oldest urban college, opened in 1798 followed by the University of Cincinnati...
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The Effects of Diversity on the Social Structure of a University
‘Remember the Racist Cupcakes’ Diversity has become something of a trend nowadays because everywhere you go you see people of different kinds. Everyone needs equal opportunity and diversity plays an important role in that aspect. From a government level to corporate to even colleges and high school, diversity has become an...
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An Examination of the Effects of Closing Schools on the Performance of Students
Economic stress and budget constraints, under enrollment, low academic performance. These are all reasons and justifications that result in municipalities choosing to shut down certain schools within their districts. School closings are typically administered with the intent of improvement. The thought is that closing one...
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Transformative Effects of Liberal Art Institutions
The Trans-formative Each Liberal Arts Institution Holds After high school there are many routes a student can take; one of
them being the route of higher education. This path branches, and has
endless options. One that many choose, is the path of pursuing a liberal
arts education (not to be confused with a liberal ar...
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The History and Unique Facts About the California State University of Sacramento
The Hornet's Hive State universities in Northern California had their own uniqueness that makes them outstand from others. Whether it’s universities offer students the major programs to pursue their careers in society, join student clubs, or fraternities. After all, it’s common knowledge that higher education is a key to s...
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How Public Schools Are Failing America
How Public Schools Are Failing America Society is always changing, and the world has to change with it or else it falls behind. So why have public schools been an exception? The basics of the current public school system have remained unchanged for many decades. At the time that the system was created, it worked perfectly...
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The Definition of Education in Our Modern Society
Education has come a long way in recent times. The Industrial Revolution spurred mass education in a way no society had ever been exposed to before. The downside to such a drastic change in such a small period of time is that the change was not well thought out. The Industrial Revolution demanded skilled and educated worker...
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A Summary of Benjamin Mueller's Article on Immigrants in Schooling System
In Requirements Keep Young Immigrants Out of Long Island Classrooms by Benjamin Mueller, Mueller discusses a flaw with our schooling system. Or rather, a flaw with merely applying to our flawed schooling system. In the well-to-do suburbs of Long Island, legal Immigrants from Mexico reside, along with their children. One chi...
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An Analysis of Sex and Relationship Education in Schools
Should sex and relationship education be taught in schools? Introduction Sex and relationship education (SRE) involves learning about ‘physical, moral and emotional development’ (Department for Education, 2000:5). It consists of teaching children about sex, sexuality and sexual health, as well as the importance of marri...
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Community Service in High School Should Not Be Mandatory
Community Service Going into high school I believed that I was going to become more involved through school spirit and helping the community by joining multiple clubs; however, this wasn’t the case when I participated in multiple extracurriculars and Advance Placement courses. Although I have been absent in regards to par...
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Parrhestiates and the Liberal Beliefs of the Students at Chapman University
Free speech is often synonymous with parrhesia, "and the parrhesiastes is the one who uses parrhesia, i.e., the one who speaks the truth" (Foucault 11). As an American child, from an early age we are indoctrinated with our right to free speech, and thus parrhesia. To be considered a parrhesiastes, one has to speak out again...
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Rhode Island School District Will Not Appeal Prayer Banner
Rhode Island School District Will not Appeal Prayer Banner Case On February 16, 2012 an article written by the Associated Press was published on the website of the New York Times about the result of high school junior Jessica Ahlquist’s demands that her public high school remove a banner suggesting religious themes. Cran...
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The Advantages of E-Learning and Online College Courses Over the Traditional Classroom Learning
As technology has gotten increasingly cheaper and Internet access in homes became a standard necessity, E-learning and online college courses have become more and more common. They offer many benefits over traditional classroom learning, although there are some drawbacks as well. For example, online courses can be accessed...
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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Pursuing Online AP Courses
Taking classes online has always been a controversial subject of discussion. Today it’s not just college students who have the option to enroll in these courses but now high-school students can choose to join online AP courses in order to improve their position in enrollment into higher education institutions. There are app...
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Understanding the Goals of the Internet Movement of President Barrack Obama
President Barrack Obama’s internet movement aims to supply as many Americans as possible with quality access to the world wide web. Internet connection, the president states, is no longer sufficient; a high-speed connection is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. However, the data from Mapping the Digital Divide reflects an...
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The Importance of Electronic Devices in Our Society
Personal Devices Electronic technology has found its place in almost all facets of life: cooking, cleaning, moving from point A to point B, and interacting. In particular, the Internet allows anybody with access easy entry into a world of open information and gateways useful for essentially all areas of work. In comparison...
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The Usage of Technology in Schools
The Usage of Technology in Schools Technology is everywhere. It is impossible to get away from it. It is used to provide entertainment, pay bills, purchase commodities, and do work for a job. Most schools today use some form of technology in the classroom, whether it be showing videos on YouTube, letting students use lapto...
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The Benefits of the Use of Technology in the Classroom
The technology being used in Mrs. J’s classroom is the smart-board. The smart-board is very essential when it comes to the learning of the students. Mrs. J uses the smart-board in order to access the Go Math website which consists of the same questions in the student’s Go Math workbook. The smart-board allows her to click o...
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An Argument Against Online Classes
Students would not benefit from being able to attend classes from home. Attending classes from home would cut off the student-teacher connection that classrooms allow students to have. Online classes reduce social interaction between students; this makes it harder for students to find ways to express themselves. Having clas...
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The Importance of Electronic and Print Media in Learning and Development
Visual Literacy Electronic and print media have dominated the world in all spheres
(Abilock, 2008). The sense of reality in an individual continues to be
structured by the contents of narratives. Imagery, documentaries and
feature films tell a story about people and the world. Images used in a
narrative are a form of...
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An Overview of the Role of a Teacher
As a teacher, grading papers is inevitable, and the grading will always have a subjective value to it. As teachers, we must aim to lesson the subjectivity of grading and set clear guidelines for what we expect from our students, and how they can supply us with what we’re asking for. Lisa Lucas uses a strategy called the Fiv...
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An Introduction to the Importance of Sexual Education
Sexual Education Parents learn about sexual education in public schools and why they are hesitating to let the school to teach their children about sex education. Should we let our children be taught about sexual education in school? Or would we parents teach our own children about sexual education? Sexual education can t...
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