The Consequences of Being Inexperienced and Underage in the Military

This is a story about an underage boy named Miguel who lied about his age and joined the military so that his old, sick father didn't need to. Miguel took a boat and marched with his troops with a rifle in his hand. He got assigned to an army battalion called Mantis. After Miguel reconnected with his long-time friend Miyagi, a shell hit their camp, and the barracks went up in flames. After the chaos had subsided, they found that the spotter had died. Miguel volunteered to replace him. Miguel sat in trenches while the group ventured into no-man land to spread mines. Unfortunately, Miguel didn't realize that the enemy spotter had spotted them, and they were attacked. An artillery shell landed next to Miguel, knocking him out. He awoke on a medical ship being yelled at by the colonial. He learned that he had an amputated leg, and his vocal cords were damaged. He also learned that he was the only one who survived, and the colonial felt that he was a coward who lied.
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