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Winterlude: Making Out the Most Out of the Extreme Weather
A 10-day long event takes place every year during the winter. It draws thousands of visitors every year and brings in millions of dollars for the city of Ottawa. Canada is well known for it’s freezing temperatures therefore it makes sense to have one of the world’s best winter festivals. Food, music, sculpture making contes...
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The Different Ways of Travelling around New York City
After spending a summer in Washington D.C., I have learned a lot about the intricacies and challenges of public transportation. Undoubtedly, there are both positive and negatives to the East Coast metro phenomenon. It can often be crowded and uncomfortable; however, mostly it is reliable. I imagine New York will not be much...
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A Report on Three Vacation Destinations - Orlando, Panama and St. Augustine
Abstract Our following report will be about destinations for anyone who is going to go on vacation for spring break. The three locations that we have decided to focus on are Orlando, Panama City, and St. Augustine which are all located in Florida. There is some similarity within the three locations but each has its own u...
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A Description of the Dubai Mall, a Popular Shopping Attraction
Dubai mall is one of most immense malls around the world. Inside it, everything and anything anyone needs or wants is available. Since Dubai mall is known by the rich and wealthy customers and the expensive and chic boutiques, the anchor shops of the mall are the luxurious shops such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior...
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A Brief Examination of Historical Aberration in the New Orleans Tourism Industry
Exit Through the Gift Shop A Brief Examination of Historical Aberration in the New Orleans Tourism Industry Mardi Gras is a peculiar event. The laws of the land, as well as the laws of common decency, seem to vanish into thin air. Firsthand experience has affirmed that virtually anything short of complete nudity is all of...
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A Narrative of Spending Time at the Beautiful Sope Creek Trail in Atlanta
In the span of three short months I had developed a lifelong bond with the most beautiful place the world had to offer. The words gorgeous and graceful don’t suffice in a description of such an extraordinary place. Often serving as a getaway from my eventful juvenile days the time I’ve spent dwelling here cannot be measured...
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A Look at the History of New Orleans
"Place" Essay-New Orleans Dixieland Jazz, Bourbon Street, and The Saints brings what city comes to mind? No answer yet? How about Hurricane Katrina, Ray Nagin, and Mardi Gras? Yes, it is Bayou, the city flowing with a magical essence. Crayfish and Po-boys. Annual Mardi Gras celebrations. The Annual New Orleans Jazz Festiva...
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A Tour of the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey by Robert Smithson
One of the main themes that I have been picking up on this week (or
maybe just one of the main themes that I will continue to pick up on in the
class) is the dichotomy of the natural and the unnatural - of nature and
the city, of construction versus deconstruction. Land artists like Robert
Smithson and Michael Heizer were i...
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A Narrative of My Memorable Trip to Washington D.C.
Tourists come to the city streets named after the 50 states anticipating an educational experience. The monuments of Washington D.C. draw millions of visitors each year because it is the place where the country’s presence is felt as you pose next to a 19 foot tall Abraham Lincoln, gaze up at the Washington monument and visi...
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Traveling To Fort Lauderdale, Florida Opened My Mind to New Experiences
“Where are we going?!” is what I kept shouting as my parents prepared the suitcases to my first trip. Being a very hyper child, I could not stop asking questions about the vacation that my parents kept talking about. At four years old, I had been on many airplanes and travelled to three continents and eight countries, but...
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A Personal Narrative About Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth
“The Happiest Place on Earth” I could name a million gifts that have been incredibly significant to me: an electronic device given by my parents, a book given by my friends, or even a pair of old ballet shoes from my good cousin. However, the gift that has had the most resonance to me and on my childhood memories was my...
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Unknown Cities that Are Worth Visiting in Italy
The Drive Through Cities They are the cities that people drive by on the highway or pass through because they made the wrong turn somewhere along the way. The cities that no foreigner is supposed to find and the cities that leaves the biggest mark on your heart. Italy is a country that means so much to me and has many citi...
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Visiting Long Island NY, A Speech
How many of you have ever been to NY? How many of you have ever been to Long Island? Well I'm glad I'm giving this speech, because I’m going to inform you guys all about long island and why it's so great. “Long Island has an estimated population of 7.8 million in 2013, It is the most populated island in U.S. and the 17th mo...
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