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An Overview of a National Park and Its Benefits to Humans and Animals
National Parks A national park is like a special box filled with truly unique and precious treasures. When you see a national park on a postcard, television or in a movie, the first thing that probably springs to your mind is, "Wow! That is really beautiful!" But actually being at a national park and seeing it in person...
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Protective Policies Should Be in Place to Secure the Channel Islands
Channel Islands National Park Roughly five million years ago, a chain of islands off of the modern California coast emerged from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, born out of tectonic activity in the area. Along the coast of Mexico, a fault line between two massive tectonic plates became the home of a number of unique rid...
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The Negative and Positive Effects of the Forest; Arboretum Experience
An overturned stump and a snapped log. This is all that's left of what used to be a 100 foot tall, 3 ton organism. Nature had built this fantastic creation, and nature destroyed it just as easily. It is mind-boggling thoughts like this that draw me to the Sehome Arboretum, an oasis of nature right outside the campus of West...
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Preserving the Natural Beauty of the Island of Guam
I believe that we should preserve the natural beauty of the island of Guam because it is important for our tourist industry. There’s no place like Guam, when we protect our natural beauty of Guam it gives us more of a reason to come to paradise and connect with our local community. This is a God-given beautiful island that...
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An Introduction to the Geography and Culture of Catskills
About 100 miles north-northwest of the famous New York City, and approximately 40 miles southwest of Albany lies a beautiful and more often than not an underestimated southeastern portion of New York called the Catskills. This beautiful area is about 15,259 square kilometers, or in other terms, the size of Connecticut. It i...
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