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The Economic and Cultural View of Etno-Tourism and Its Importance
Ethno-tourism and its importance: The Economic and cultural View Introduction to Ethno-Tourism Ethno-tourism is a specific type of the cultural tourism which focuses on the visiting the works of man instead of focusing on the beauty of nature. The main emphasis is on cultures, societies, lifestyles and behaviour of the lo...
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A Research on Tourism Between Czech Republic and Cambodia
Evaluation: Mini Research Assignment on the Czech Republic My main research question was practically written out for me before I started the project; since we had 3 main topics to choose from (Promoting tourism, developing trade relations, and forging political alliances), and one country. In my case, I chose promoting tou...
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The Importance of Travelling to Another Place
Importance of travelling Travelling means to shift from place to another foreign place by private transport or by planes. Travelling involves time and money and it has become an important activity in everyone’s routine life nowadays. The importance of travelling will be discussed in this essay. Travelling can be done for...
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A Rich Cultural Experience in Inaka, a Rural Area in Japan
Inaka (田舎/いなか): a rural area or the countryside. When thinking of the infamous Japan, often we think about odd fashion fads, fancy technology, and historical warriors such as samurai and ninjas. There is more than that, however, in the Land of the Rising Sun. With over 93% of Japan’s population occupying urban areas, the th...
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An Analysis of the Beneficial Effects of International Travel on an Individual
Have you ever think that you can see one of seven wonders in real instead of books or Televisions? Most of people travel aboard because they want to satisfy the passion of discovery and adventure. However, they do not realize that from those trips they have learned a lot of interesting things. An international travel on a...
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A Discussion on Building Close Social Trails in National Parks
The National Park Service (NPS) has a difficult and paradoxical mandate. It must “conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects” for the enjoyment of the American people, while also ensuring they are “unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations” of Americans. Social trails are the embodiment of people’s e...
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An Analysis of Chris McCandless a Young Adventurer
Ambitions and goals drive people to live through their daily lives. Goals include a desire for a job promotion or something as simple as a small child’s dream to become an astronaut. These objectives exist as obstacles for people to overcome and motivate them to struggle through life. When those dreams run dry, however, a p...
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Papuan Black Bass and Its Potential to Create Sportfishing Locations in Papua New Guinea
The purpose of this article is to inform readers about the Papuan Black Bass and its potential to create new sportfishing locations in Papua New Guinea. Currently, nearly nothing is known about these fish, but the article explains that commercializing these locations and encouraging sportfishing could help scientists discov...
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An Analysis of Tourism Industry in New Zealand
Examine how tourism has had social and economic impacts on one country Tourism is the travelling away from one’s home for at least one night for the purpose of leisure. Tourism can be further divided into both domestic (Tourism within the country of residency) and international tourism (Tourism outside the country of r...
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An Analysis of Tourism in American National Parks
Tourism in National Parks Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world today. Tourism allows individuals to escape from reality and enjoy different scenery, something they do not see everyday. Though tourism is a big part of the world, it tremendously affects the preserved areas like national parks. Tourists love...
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