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A Discussion on the Impact of Variety in the Society and the Country of Australia
Australia has many different cultures and is a great place to meet people from around the world. Australia is a “backpacker nation” meaning many people of different cultures travel and explore places in Australia because it has many different scenes and beautiful landscape to see. In Australia you will find six different st...
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A Study on Great Britain's Tourism and VisitBritain's Strategy
Great Britain: Delivering A Golden Legacy … From the USA Great Britain has always been a country of high inbound tourism. From the sights to the sports, Great Britain has so much to offer. With that being said, the country holds tradition with many other countries being heavy influences in their inbound tourism numbers. On...
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A Discussion on the Benefits of Starting a Hotel in Costa Rica
In line with our company’s vision of achieving an exponential growth in our operations, identifying and acquiring market gaps in all parts of the world is inevitable. In Costa Rica, concerted effort between the government and the private sector have seen rapid growth in tourists visiting the county. The country has setup In...
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A Tour at the Taps from Scratch
After a long day planning an event at Stardust Video & Coffee, I walked over to the local Winter Park brewery Taps From Scratch to take a tour. The building is one story tall and looks like it was formerly in a strip mall. From the outside the brewery screams local because it is incredibly hidden. They do not have any al...
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The Use of Social Media in the Promotion of Tourism
Tourism Information Technology Unlike other media, social media allows a two-way communication between the participants. For instance, when social media is used to market a product, it allows interaction between the target individuals and the company that is marketing the product. Also, social media engages in a transpar...
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A Critical Look at the Concept of Gender in Tourism
Introduction Tourism plays a very vital role in nation building especially economic growth and development. It is actually the backbone of most states all across the world based on the returns from the industry of tourism. Basically, the sector of tourism offers great opportunities for individuals and the society at large...
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