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A Feeling of Being Frozen in Time Inside the Homestretch Pub
New York has always been a city of layers. History, change and innovation placed upon one another to create a marveling palimpsest of hidden secrets. Like an aged wine, with each glance and taste of the town, it keeps surprising you. I have lived in New York twice, the first time when I moved from Belarus as a child; and a...
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The Reasons Why America is the Greatest Country in the World
America is an amazing country, unlike any other. We have our flaws as other countries do; but we amend our flaws. We strive to run the most successful government and we are always looking to improve. In a general life in America, some may have a greater chance than others but everyone has a chance to succeed. America is the...
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The Positive Effects of Travelling the World
As Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” Travelling the world has many positive effects. While setting out on a journey around the world, stress from work and life will be relieved. Also, one can learn more from dealing with all sorts of people on the travels. Last...
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The Expectations in Visiting Another Country
If I were to be departing for Paris, France next week, many issues
would arise whether they will be good or bad. While visiting a new and
foreign country, the culture and atmosphere is unfamiliar to me and if I am
open to new perspectives, it can make my visit a better experience. As
with companies, they also face challeng...
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A Wonderful Experience of Vacation in Goa, India
Everyone enjoys vacation, either they are rich or poor, either young or old, either man or woman. I mean... Who doesn’t want to have fun? For me, an ideal vacation has always been in summer. Vacation relieves stress and helps you to take a break out of your normal and sometimes boring routine. Without going on a vacation it...
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A Comparison of Qualities between Costa Rica and Jamaica
It would take a lifetime to describe the stunning touristic places Costa Rica and Jamaica both have to offer. When comparing Costa Rica to Jamaica, these two places have distinct cultures, different types of living, and popular sayings. It seems to be nice to imagine to live in their cultures they have for a week or two,...
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A Personal Account of a Trip to New York City Which Went Better Than Expected
Before arriving in New York City, I was nervous about many aspects of this trip. I personally, do not feel very comfortable in cities because of the crowds, expenses, and homeless population that occupy cities. I also feel culture shocked any time I am in a city instead of my usual suburban locations. Surprisingly, once we...
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A Proposal to Establish Leogane as a Charter City
We are writing to you in hope that you will hear our cause and help us achieve our goals, while increasing the economy throughout the world. We have a plan to establish a Charter city in Léogâne, Haiti. This Charter city, stationed near Haiti’s populated capital on the rich agricultural coast, will bring great wealth to the...
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The Magic of Travelling Through Europe
Europe is an absolutely ethereal place for wanderers to travel with its insanely diverse cuisines and cultures, rich history and assorted terrain. This continent is astonishingly compact as all of its countries are nicely fitted together like a puzzle as one complementing the other and has perfect infrastructure which makes...
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A Travel Recommendation for Cleveland and Cedar Point, Hershey and Florida
Have you ever heard someone say, travel while you still can ; that’s because it’s true. There are places in our lives that are worth travelling to. Three of these are Hershey, Pennsylvania ; Cleveland and Cedar Point in Ohio ; and Florida. These places are worth it because they are fun, but all have different environments....
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The Magic of the Bubbleman at Garfield Park
Bubbleman I live in the quiet neighborhood of South Pasadena.  It is very nice, and everyone knows each other because of the town’s relatively small population of nearly 26,000 people.  There are also many trees in our neighborhood, which is nice because every day, when I get tired, I would just stare at the trees and list...
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Why You Should Visit Atlanta
Visit Atlanta, It’s Great! Georgia is a wondrous state in the great country, the United States of America. Among the crown jewel cities of Georgia is Atlanta. Atlanta has an amazing culture. There is fantastic excitement, wonderful adventures to be had in Atlanta. Atlanta also has an excellent cuisine. You should visit Atl...
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An Analysis of Reenactment as a Form of Dark Tourism
I don't believe reenactment to be a form of Dark Tourism. Reenactment is entertainment for both those watching and performing. This could be said for the participants in The Dungeon attraction in England, but that is predominantly focused on death and disfigurement. Reenactments are predominantly focused on history and its...
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A Summary of My Exciting Trip in Germany, Italy, England and Japan
I have been a tourist four times in my life. As discussed in my previous writing assignment, I don't consider it tourism unless a sense of naïve wonder and desire to gain a greater knowledge or experience is present, so I am not counting the yearly treks to New Jersey my family makes for purposes of seeing family as tourism...
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The Definition of Tourism and How to Be a Proper Tourist
The most immediately obvious facet of what it means to be a tourist is that one has to be engaged in travel to some degree. All tourism is travel, but not all travel is tourism. Inherent to the concept of tourism is the word "tour", what Webster's Dictionary describes as "an activity in which you go through a place…in order...
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A Discussion on the Different Reasons People Travel to Different Places
Traveling is an essential activity for a human. It enables us to move from one location to another in search of items of need, for pleasure or adventure. This movement involved different modes; they include foot, road, air, rail, and water. All these modes have their medium to move people or language from source to destinat...
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A Cultural Perspective on International Tourism
International Tourism-Cultural Perspective Introduction Tourism has for many decades been regarded as among the most valuable sectors within many economies globally. Besides being a fast growing and highly beneficial industry, the growing mutual relationship between tourism and culture has not passed the global attention,...
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Chris McCandless Should Not Be Remembered Only for His Death
Chris McCandless was an extreme adventurer as well as an intellect. He gained fame after his story became national news after his dead body was found in the Alaskan bush. Many people became very critical of Chris, saying that he had no prior experience and was just being selfish by causing heartache to his friends and fam...
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A Comparison of United Kingdom and United States in Notes From a Big Country by Bill Bryson
BOOK REVIEW: BILL BRYSON; NOTES FROM A BIG COUNTRY If you ever wanted to know how would an American, who has spent last twenty years of his life on another continent, behave when he comes home after all that time, then “Notes from a big country” is a great book for you. Bill Bryson explains his advantages and dis...
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