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Endangered Species in Vietnam: South China Tiger and Asian Elephant
Endangered Species in Vietnam: South China tiger and Asian elephant There is a variety of animals become critically endangered species all over the world such as Amur Leopard, Black Rhino and Bornean Orangutan. In particularly, in Vietnam, South China tiger and Asian elephant are two species that face the danger of extinc...
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A Report on Whale Sharks
It’s a Whale, It’s a Shark, It’s a Whale Shark! Whale sharks are wonderfully majestic creatures. They are one of the largest non mammalian vertebrates. Rhincodon typus are ovoviviparous, meaning they lay pups rather than laying eggs. These are the largest species of shark and the largest fish in the sea, ranging anywhere b...
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Characteristics and Protection of the Gray Whale
Gray Whale Marine Mammal Paper The Gray Whale is one of the most interesting of the Cetacean family because of it’s unique migration pattern. Also named the Eschrichtius robustus, the Gray Whale is classified as a coastal whale that migrates along the North American Pacific Coast between arctic seas and the lagoons of Baja...
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The Role of Horses in the Shaping of Human Society as a Status Symbol During the Equine Revolution
Throughout history, horses have played pivotal roles in human
transportation, trade, warfare, and countless other utilities. This essay
examines how horses have helped shaped human society as symbols of status
ever since their domestication during the Equine Revolution.. To assist in
my thesis, I will be analyzing the Irani...
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A Description of the Camel and Its Importance in Desert Areas
Kids on the camel There are many animals in the world. Some are big, some are small. The camel is a big animal. It is called the 'ship of the desert'. It is a very important animal of dessert area of the country. It has a short tail and four-long legs. It has one or two hemp. His height is about eight-feet. It can run ve...
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An Analysis of the Environmental Adaptation of Polar Bears
All species of animals have adapted to their environment over the course of time. Owls eyes are adept at seeing in the dark as they are nocturnal. An owl without night vision would not be a very good owl, as he wouldn't be able to catch any prey. Another example is that a butterfly without camouflage would be eaten before i...
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The Veterinary Sheep in The Actor-Enacted: Cumbrian Sheep in 2001
Reading Response #5 In The Actor-Enacted: Cumbrian Sheep in 2001, John Law and Annemarie
Mol examine the different uses and roles the sheep plays in a variety of
societal contexts. The article follows a Cumbrian epizootic in 2001 that
affected the foot and mouth health of sheep. The first societal context in
which La...
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A Research on the History, Worth and Uses of a Pig
The Abolition of the Swine “Fat as a pig”, “Make a pig of ones self”, “Pigging out”, “Eat like a pig”, “Squeal like a pig”, “Sweat like a pig”, “Don’t be pigheaded”, “Men are pigs” (Pig Idiom). Having so many expressions about an animal leads one to some unanswered questions. Throughout time the pig has been worshipped by...
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