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The Decline in the Population of Red Squirrels and the Proposed Efforts to Preserve Them
The red squirrel is a unique creature. Often, people do not associate the color red with squirrels. Many squirrels are brown or grey, or sometimes black. The scarcity of this particular breed of squirrel is due to where they are located. Red squirrels are not seen as frequently in North America as they are throughout the Un...
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Discouragement of Declawing Animals through a Speech by Dr. Jennifer Conrad, a Wildlife Veterinarian and Founder of the Paw Project
Dr. Jennifer Conrad, a Wildlife Veterinarian and founder of The Paw Project, encourages pet owners and vets around the United States to stop declawing animals, especially cats. Many people, including animal lovers, do not realize that declawing is a surgical procedure in which the animal's toes are amputated at the last joi...
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A Day in the Life of a Cat
I hiss at the boy. Can he not see? I am infuriated. I might just… It was just a casual, balmy day in somewhere that is frigid cool in the winter and pleasant in the summer. I have not quite figured out where I reside. Anyways that is not important, I can visually imagine this moment until the day I pass. I am a laid-back c...
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A History of the Evolution of the American Cocker Spaniel
THESIS STATEMENT: Humans have always looked for company, which is why they tamed grey wolves more than 12,000 years ago; from the grey wolves, the European wolves were developed, and that marked the beginning of the American Cocker Spaniel history. Human’s necessity to have a good companion, and the search to find somethin...
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The Effects of the Breeding to Kennel Club Standards on the Welfare of Dogs
Appearance matters: how has breeding to Kennel Club standards affected the welfare of 'Man's Best Friend'? It is a bizarre society in which we live, where the breeding of dogs for aesthetic and frivolous purposes is tolerated despite the deleterious effects such breeding is having. We are quite literally, killing man’s be...
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The Origin and History of the Beagle
The Beagle was first bred in England for hunting use around 1830. Beagles are thought to be a mix of many now extinct breeds including the Talbot Hound, and the southern hound. Beagles are classified as followed. Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Mammalia Order Carnivora Family Canidate Genus Canis Speci...
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A Study of the Adaptive Behavior of Dogs in Relation to Their Environment
Evolution is a pretty big theory these days. It is the idea that a species can change and adapt to a certain set of circumstances over a period of time. Now on the extreme side of evolution, there lies the theory that human beings evolved from apes way back when. On the not-so-extreme side of the coin is convergent evolutio...
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A Discussion on the Issue of Excessive Barking in Dogs and How it Can Be Turned to Silent Barking
Introduction Excessive barking is a behavioral problem with most dogs. This problem is common with those dogs which are not well trained or fed hence, making them to bark to anything that appears strange to them even if it is harmless. It factual that dogs bark, barking is healthy and good as it sends a signal of unusual t...
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My Desire to be a Veterinarian
Many are up at the crack of dawn some never to see a bed until midnight or possibly the next day, this describes many different careers in our community from doctors to construction workers, however for the soul purpose of this paper and the one which gives me the most rewarding vision of what possibly is in store for my fu...
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Dogs Should Be Kept On a Leash
Love On A Tight Leash: Protecting Dogs For Their Own Good Owners of dogs enjoy seeing their beloved pets run and play freely throughout the backyard, at a spaciou...
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