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A Report on a Bees Observation Experiment
Day 1 (Oct 23): On the first day of my observation it was pretty late in the season for the bees. The bees i was supposed to be observing specifically (green painted abdomen) have died by the time I was there to make my observations. The bees present were hatched on the 28th of September so I find it surprising that in just...
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Conveying Biological Concepts on Various Kinds of Insects
Concept 1: The first biological concept that I covered was differentiating between Insects and arachnids. Insects and Arachnids are similar in some ways, however they are very different morphologically. The most obvious difference is that Arachnids have eight legs, versus the six that make insects hexapods (hexa - meaning s...
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The Species in the Tide Pool in Washington States
Introduction: The tide pool located in Washington State consists of various different species (workbook). One group of species is known as the mobile consumer species. This group consists of whelk, chiton, starfish, and the green crab. Another name for a mobile consumer is secondary consumer. This group of consumers utiliz...
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A Study and Experiment on Banana Preferences of Crickets
Abstract:        Do crickets prefer ripe bananas over unripe bananas? Do crickets care about sugar in bananas or do they just want the food? In this experiment, bananas at three different levels of ripeness are compared to one another in order to determine if crickets notice the difference in their sugar content. Unripe ba...
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The Imbalance Caused by the Introduction of Red Lionfish and Devil Firefish in the Atlantic Ecosystem
Native to the south pacific, red lionfish (Pteroisvolitans) and devil firefish (Pterois miles) were accidentally released during the early 90s resulting in their Atlantic invasion. Currently, they have spread through the Atlantic from the Caribbean Sea and as far up the east coast of the United States as Rhode Island (Kimbe...
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The Environmental Changes Faced by Deep Sea Organisms
Adaptations of Deep Sea Organisms to High Pressure What comes to most people’s minds when they think about the ocean are the intertidal zone where land meets water, as well as the epipelagic zone, the top layer of the ocean, where sunlight still reaches. The majority of the ocean is very unfamiliar; it is a cold, dark, f...
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An Experiment on Animal Personality by Using a Test Cricket
Abstract Animal personality is a collection of behaviors exhibited by an individual in a population. Being an individual, we are all unique and behave in various ways. However, due to evolution and genetics, some traits are correlated with others, meaning, that one trait may influence another. Because of this, we believe t...
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The Three Factors Behind the Fish Schooling Behavior
Abstract Fish schooling is a strategy used by fish in order to decrease vulnerability to predators and to increase feeding efficiency (Keenleyside, 1955). It is important to know what releases this schooling behavior, and what factors determine whether or not a fish schools. We determined three factors that influence the s...
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A Study on the Habitat of the Marsh Periwinkle
Introduction- Littoraria irrorata or the marsh periwinkle is an important and indigenous species in the intertidal salt marsh community. (Coen 2005) The gastropod, belonging to Mesogastropoda, fits into a genus of important saltwater snails, due to the fact that it decomposes cordgrass. (Coen 2005). The marsh periwinkle ha...
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A Comparison between the Warlike Termite and the Imported Fire Ant
The planet earth has been around for about five billion years and life has been around for nearly three and a half of that time. Plenty of different lifeforms has sprung from different environments adapting to their surroundings and other stimuli. Insects are arguably one of the most successful groups of creatures to have e...
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