What if Alice in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Was Disabled?

This is a unique essay where the author analyzes Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from the perspective of Alice being disabled. The author has cerebral palsy and chooses scenes from the book to show how it may be possible that Alice struggles with the same condition. Examples in the story that the author felt might portray Alice's physical challenges are the Caucus Race (which seemed relatable to adapted sports), Alice struggling to hold the Duchess' pig-baby, Alice struggling to hold her flamingo, and Alice seemingly constantly tumbling down stairs. The author also highlights examples where Alice's intelligence is overlooked (the Caterpillar telling Alice that her poem rendition was incorrect, the Duchess ignoring her knowledge about Earth's rotation, the Mad Hatter mocking her by telling a joke he has no answer for), which the author feels is a problem for disabled people. In the end, the author summarizes that the story is Alice dreaming of all the things she could do if she was non-disabled and dealing with all of the struggles in an ableism-centered world.
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