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The Desire of the United States to Increase Power and Territory
APUSH- TP on Imperialism The Spanish American War in 1898 against Spain and America stemmed from America’s desire to increase their imperialistic reaches. Although most of the public was behind the US’ intervention in the war, ultimately their intervention wasn’t justified as can be seen by the increased, and sometimes ex...
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The Failed Aspects During the Period of Reconstruction in America
APUSH- TP on Reconstruction After the Civil War the south went through a period of reconstruction where they tried to rebuild their society that now included freedmen. It is a common opinion that reconstruction in the south was a failure, but it was possible for it to have been a successful revolution for the people of th...
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The Life and Work of Robert Raymer
Robert Raymer is an American writer and writing facilitator who
currently lives in Kuching, Sarawak. He's the author of Spirit of Malaysia
(Editions Didier Millet 2011), Tropical Affairs: Episodes from an Expat's
Life in Malaysia (MPH 2009) and Lovers and Strangers Revisited (MPH 2008),
collection of 17 short stories set in...
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From the Perspective of Thomas Jefferson: A Democratic-Republican Statements Concerning Use of Military Force to Put Down the Whiskey Rebellion
From the Perspective of Thomas Jefferson, The Whiskey Rebellion Debate: A Democratic-Republican Political Statement Concerning Use of Military Force to Put Down the Whiskey Rebellion As the founder of the Democratic-Republican Party, I, Thomas Jefferson, oppose the unnecessary use of military force to cease the Whiske...
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The Impact of the Colombian Exchange on the Native Americans, African Slaves, and Europeans
The discovery of the New World by European explorers during the 15th century brought about an ongoing transatlantic exchange of disease, tangible goods, ideas, and ethnic groups and their respective cultures. The Atlantic Ocean became a vehicle for the constant interchange between the Old World and the New World, most often...
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The Early Life and Work of Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt was the most influential wife of U.S history. She showed sympathy for soldiers by making speeches about the ones she saw on her travels. Eleanor has also influenced African American rights. Not only was she a great first lady, she also was the first to become actively involved in political and social issue...
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Slavery and the Failure of the Reconstruction in America
Reconstruction and Redemption Slavery had been an issue in the United States even before the nation gained its independence. Gradually, people realized that it was a serious issue, and the conflict between the Northern abolitionists and the Southern slave owners soon lead to the Civil War in 1861. After the end of the war...
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A Comparison between Two Articles Reporting on the American Revolution and a Modern War
Back in the American Revolution, the Patriots and the British had different ways of reporting the war. The Patriots rarely used newspapers, but instead used broad signs and would nail papers on posts. These signs and posters weren’t changed frequently so the news isn’t always accurate. For both sides, printers had a dangero...
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An Analysis of the RolDid American Revolution Started in 1775
Ray Raphael may not be the first historian to tell us that April 19, 1775, was in fact not the true beginning of the American Revolution, but his claims surely will make you believe that the "shots" in 1775 is in no way, the start of the American Revolution. In the introduction he makes it very clear what The First American...
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The Plague of White Settlers and Its Effects on Hawaii and Its Customs
Despite the island’s best attempts to keep native culture alive and thriving in a manner similar to post-invasion traditions, Hawaii and its customs have been drastically affected by the all-too-familiar plague of white settlers. Where once stood free-spirited religion and fruitful lands is suddenly replaced by political di...
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