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The Effects of Europeans in Underdeveloped Countries in Guns, Germs and Steel and Diamond in the Rough
In the show “Guns, Germs, and Steel,” Diamond visits New Guinea and discovers that without the aid of such things as foreign germs and guns, the Europeans would never have taken over the Americas. In fact it would have been the other way around. However, the Ice Age produced the effect of killing off many of the Native Amer...
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A Research on the Mexican American History
Critical Reflection Paper #1 Though out these past weeks of school we have been learning about different things that have to do with Mexican American History. Some of those things we’ve been learning about are different images on google describing words like, “Mexican”, “Chicano”, and “Hispanic”. We have also been learning...
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The Evolution of the American Dream Throughout History
“To say the American Dream is attainable is misleading and dishonest. In its purist form and perhaps at one time, this dream may have been attainable. But society and its obsession with materialism and getting ahead for the sake of selfish benefit has put an end to that.” --Judith Shulevitz Many, like blogger Judith Shulev...
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The Positive and Negative Impacts of Christopher Columbus on the Americas
Christopher Columbus has been both a positive and negative impact on the Americas with his exploration. With this given impact, Columbus should be viewed as a terrible man by today’s world. Columbus, even though he brought new things to both the Americas and Europe, he has done treacherous things to do so. Christop...
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A Report on the Battle of Shiloh, a Major Battle in the Western Theater of the American Civil War
The battle of shiloh was an incredibly cruel and bloody day, and this could not be achieved by any common strategy. Both the North/Union and the South/Confederacy had incredibly exceptional strategies, but we will focus on the South/Confederacy for the time being. A North/Union confederate patrol found a poise of a Southern...
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A History of the Booming Economy of the 1950's That Transformed the Lives of Many Americans
"A booming, broad based prosperity made the 1950s a period of economic abundance without historical parallel." Explain the developments and circumstances that produced the prosperity and abundance. What role did the government policies play in encouraging economic activity? "A booming, broad based prosperity made the 1950...
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Kent State and Columbine Shootings: Unforgettable Crimes in Human History
Shootings To Remember July 26, 1764 was the date the first published news of Indian warfare had been reported in Virginia. The Indians had been restless after being defeated at Braddock in 1755 and were “killing and scalping pioneer settlers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia,” ever since then (Clump). On that day i...
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America's Revolutionary War as a Definition of a Revolution
The Revolution of Revolutions The term Revolution has been glorified and misused many times
throughout the history of America. It is a term that holds profound
meaning, and should only be applied to events that greatly alter the order
of a specific culture. A perfect example of correctly using Revolution,
would be t...
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The Definition of the Term White Throughout American History
What is White America is a relatively young land when it is compared with the rest of the world. The natural inhabitants of this great land were the native Indians. After the Americas were discovered, European settlers migrated to the land for a chance to step away from British rule. When independence was won and rumors of...
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The Life of the African Descendants in Colonial Latin America
African Descendants in Colonial Latin America The 15th century saw the uprooting of millions of Africans from their continent to be transferred to the foreign and newly discovered American continent. The Africans journey to Latin America was made possible by the Middle Passage, a horrific month-long voyage across the Atlan...
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