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The Three Main Causes of the Fall of the Han, Roman, and Gupta Empires
Fall of the Han, Roman, and Gupta Empires To every good thing comes an end. The Han, Roman, and Gupta empires all experienced their own period of great prosperity and new innovations. The Han created many new inventions such as paper and gunpowder. The Romans expanded its massive territory as they peacefully enjoyed their...
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Social Inequality in Sparta, Athens and Rome
As states develop, it is common for class structures to become more rigidly defined through wealth inequality, often codified through strict laws regarding debt and a harsh and clear distinction between the lifestyles of the wealthy and the common people. Examining the history of Sparta, Athens and Rome around the mid first...
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The Keys to Roman Conquest
The Keys to Roman Conquest The history of Rome, perhaps the most dominating civilization to ever exist on the face of the Earth, traces itself back to rather humble origins. Mythology and tradition often speak of the foundation of Rome as being steeped in glory, with Rome’s destiny being to conquer the world from the very...
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The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire in Ancient History
Over the centuries of human existence, there have been multiple empires that have seized land and assets through brute, but strategic force. Civilizations like the Egyptians, the Macedonians, and more recently the British and the Americans have moved through regions and conquered territories in large-scale battles. As sad...
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Reasons Behind the Han Dynasty's and the Roman Empire's Fall
The Han Dynasty and The Roman Empire were the largest powers in their parts
of the world. The Roman Empire stretched from The British isles to present
day Iraq. The Han Dynasty stretched from The Korean peninsula to present
day Vietnam. Both these Empires fell from internal affairs ,such as lack of
administrative skill, and...
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History of Ancient Greece: Etymology and Meaning of the Word Polis
Short Paper #1 During the Archaic period of Greece, we see numerous changes in both Greek government and society as a whole. We saw many changes in government, art, and social organization. One of the terms used to describe the new and emerging societies is polis, or “city-state.” This term is used to classify the small,...
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A Review of the Ancient Roman History in the Book Pompeii by Robert Harris
I chose to read Pompeii by Robert Harris because of my interest in ancient Roman history. I am fairly familiar with most of the content covered in Pompeii, but it was still a compelling read because I find the insights into Roman life interesting, the fact that it was a fiction book also helped me enjoy it. Pompeii is esse...
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The Romans: A Look at the Most Influential Civilization in the History of Mankind
Influential Civilization Speech From a small Italian town in possibly the 8th century B.C.E, the Roman Empire grew into the most influential civilization in world history. The Romans had one of the longest lasting and most successful empires in world history. Western Civilization owes much to the accomplishments...
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A Depiction of the Battle Between the Greeks and the Persians According to Herodotus
Herodotus Herodotus' histories detail the battle between the Greeks and the
Persians, beginning with a conversation between king Xerxes and a Greek
captive of his named Demeratus. In this conversation, Xerxes asks Demeratus
whether or not he thinks the Greeks will surrender to his army, and
Demeratus explains that wh...
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An Analysis of the Factors Contributing to the Rise of Augustus to Power
Augustus' Rise To Power Octavian, or Augustus as he was called during his rule of Rome,
became the first emperor of Rome. He ruled from 31BC to 14AD when he passed
away[1]. While Augustus did a vast number of great things for Rome, he in
no way restored the republic he claimed to be honoring. This begs the
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